Big Strong Bear

Big Strong Bear He s strong he s dangerous and he ll battle through hell itself if it means getting back his mate Cassie is in trouble and the only person that can help her is the last person that she wants to ask

  • Title: Big Strong Bear
  • Author: Terry Bolryder
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 364
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s strong, he s dangerous, and he ll battle through hell itself if it means getting back his mate Cassie is in trouble, and the only person that can help her is the last person that she wants to ask Her ex lover, Hades Sure, he may be tall, huge, handsome, and deadly, but the man she waited for while he served in the Special Forces hasn t been the same since he cameHe s strong, he s dangerous, and he ll battle through hell itself if it means getting back his mate Cassie is in trouble, and the only person that can help her is the last person that she wants to ask Her ex lover, Hades Sure, he may be tall, huge, handsome, and deadly, but the man she waited for while he served in the Special Forces hasn t been the same since he came back, and has done nothing but avoid her ever since Hades got his name in the military for a reason He s accurate, dangerous, and won t hesitate to put you six feet under He has also been avoiding his mate since he got back from the war A dangerous rescue mission left him badly scarred, and he s not sure if she can accept the man he has become Until she knocks on his door late at night, needing his help Protecting Cassie gives Hades the second chance he s been needing to win over his mate forever But the danger chasing Cassie runs deeper than either of them think, and if Hades wants to keep his mate, he s going to have to fight the battle of his life.

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    1. Okay, this was a little ridiculous. This being the third book in the series, I felt like they just combined the storylines of the first two books and came up with this one. Yes, she's a bear too and they didn't just meet and have this whirlwind romance, but the coincidence of her having this bad man chasing after her seemed exactly like the dealio with Ares' mate and then they end up in the same place that the confrontation happened with Zeus' mate. Would it kill the author to come up with some [...]

    2. Ugh what an obnoxious heroine! This girl whined and bitched and ran on assumptions and couldn't even admit when those assumptions were wrong! I loved Hades' character but Cassie ruined it for me, I wanted someone Better for him! Also the book started mid-relationship (was this not meant to be stand alone? I don't care about her enough to go back and read more If it's not) and the whole first chapter was a Great Misunderstanding. Puh-lease. Disappointed for sure. 2 stars for Hades, he's one sexy [...]

    3. Really?I have a hard time with stories about stupid people who refuse to talk about the problem that are keeping them apart. I'd have smacked this guy stupid!

    4. This one has a guy named Hades. Dark hair, grey eyes, and scars all over the place. God I just loved this series. Le SWOON.

    5. This was close to a DNF for me simply because it was too much like the previous books and Hades and Cassie being apart for years simply because they didn't talk is stupid and juvenile. This big misunderstanding was dragged out for too long and I was bored with it.

    6. Holy HOT Hades! This was such a sexy and emotional read! With some action thrown in!I love Hades. He thinks he's lesser of a man because of his wounds, emotional and physical but he's really not. I love how he fights for Cassie. Even though both of them can be completely frustrating at times they were mates and belonged together.I haven't read the first two in the series yet but this one stands-alone fine. I definitely plan on going and reading them soon!

    7. Cute storiesI enjoyed the stories and characters. Kind of light reading for me, but I'd still recommend them for fun reading.

    8. Reviewed at Shifter HavenBig Strong Bear may just break your heart while giving you a powerful story to enjoy. Before Hades went away to the military and his special ops unit he and Cassie were young lovers, mates and had the whole world ahead of them. Then life happened. While on duty Hades was badly injured and the damage was beyond his shifter healing to complete. He’s left with the scars on his body and his soul. When he returned home he avoided his love, his mate feeling no longer perfect [...]

    9. This series was so much fun and the romance so hot I had to read #3 just to find out what happened. Hades was hurt, badly burned when he rescued a man in his squad. He came home physically scared and emotionally too. He shut himself off from everyone even his mate, Cassie. Cassie is a black bear shifter and she know Hades is her mate but he won't talk to her. Then one day she drives by and sees a blonde woman in military dress knock on his door and he answers it and hugs her and lets her in. She [...]

    10. This book was based on the heroine seeing something then making assumptions based on this one event so it is pretty irritating i read it mostly to find out what had happened to make them separate then i found out and was pretty disappointed. Also the fact shes shifter too and can take care of herself blah irritating. Halfway through i was done. But as a set its a must read or else youll feel like you missed out lol

    11. This is the third story in the Soldier Bears series. Hades and Cassie are both were-bears and fated mates. They both know they are fated mates as they were together and then broke up. To be honest the story line was a bit weak and the interaction between the two main characters was ok. I have to say tying in a portion of the story line from the first book was a good idea.

    12. I want your heart. 5 BEAR PAWS UPYou have it, even when it was broken, you had it. WHOA BABY!!! Now this is one BEARRIFIC story! My heart broke & overflowed with happiness and love right along with Cassie and Hades. I could not wait for Hades' story! The Big Dude looking all hot & dangerous who, from the brief glimpses we saw of him in the other 2 books - Big Bad Bear & Big Sexy Bear - had no idea how to be discreet, delicate in his ways of talking and acting, this Tough Guy imageyou [...]

    13. Book three and what a story. I have loved this series of the Soldier Bears. Each an army into himself and with names to fit their fighting prowess. But this is a romance and Hades has watched, even helped, his two buddies save their mates to get their HEA. What about him? He is the only one who found his mate before going to war, but the only one without a mate when they return.He plans to change that! His gift from saving another from a bomb is terrible scars even his bear could not heal. But h [...]

    14. I think if I had to choose which I liked better of this series it would be Ares' book first, Hades, and then Zeus. Weird how that worked. Hades comes back from serving a broken man/bear. He is scarred and feels Cassie wont want him now. Cassie is a she-bear and is his mate. She tries to see him but he rudely pushes her away and breaks her heart. She also sees something that breaks her even moreother woman going in and leaving his place. She's just utterly brokene feels he rejected her but accept [...]

    15. What does that? How can it feel so good? Every time. Oh my god every woman needs a big sexy bear!This is the last book in the series it's Hades and Cassie's story. Poor Hades is a werebear that nearly lost his life in the army. Hades survived but it left him terribly scarred. Cassie is Hayden's true mate they've known it forever but decided to grow up a little before mating. Cassie's had a rough go since Hades went off to the army her dad has passed leaving her with mounting bills and the bakery [...]

    16. Big Strong Bear by Terry BolryderHoly wow! Where can I get a big strong bear like Hades for myself?! I love this series, they just keep getting better!! Hades has been through hell and back, he survives an explosion that, if it hadn't been for his bear, would have killed him. He is covered in scars as a reminder of what happened and comes home to claim his mate. Cassie is also a bear shifter and has know since they were kids that Hades was her mate. When he returns from the military, he is a dif [...]

    17. Hades in my bed nowWow! This conclusion to the trilogy of the Greek gods bears was awesome. John aka John knew he wanted his mate every since he moved from Richmond as a kid to cassie hometown. He thought she couldn't love a man who was injured and scarred from the war. Lies he tell. She thought he moved on with someone else because he wouldn't let her see him like that but another female. Well, as it turns out it was all a misunderstanding. She ran to Hades when she needed help. He figured even [...]

    18. Cassie and Hades thought everything was set. He would finish his time in the Special Forces and they would be together. When Hades is seriously wounded, he retreats from Cassie. She is really hurt and when he finally comes around she rejects him. She only seeks him out for help against a dangerous man. Hades tries to see this as a second chance but they have to clear up some misunderstandings and keep her safe. I have read two of the books in the series and enjoy seeing these good guys get their [...]

    19. Yeah !! Our awesome ex-soldiers, Ares, Hades and Zeus are getting in some action here !!! Great action, sweet sexy loving, and deep lovable characters make this story worthwhile. Hades (John) ahs always loved his mate Cassie, but after the war and his scars, he avoids her. Cassie is now in need of help, and shows up on his doorstep. They have had misunderstandings, but both are still in live. He tries to fix her loan shark problem with Zeus and Ares helping. Plot twists and action are keeping th [...]

    20. Lovely story but I wanted more depth.The reason I gave this book three stars is because th he story was great but I just wanted more meat on the bones from it. Classier and Hedes had history, it would have been better if we had been told that history in the preface before the main story begun therefore, giving the reader more background to their love story. Nevertheless , the story was very good, I like the Soldier Bears and I think the series can carry on as I'd like to hear more about each fam [...]

    21. Awesome Addition to the Series by Terry BolryderHades/John definitely deserves to get his own HEA. So incredibly sweet how they finally get everything straightened out about past misconceptions they both had only to have trouble from the past interfere with their finally getting together. Great having all of the guys from the previous books and their mates joining in on wrapping up the storyline with satisfying conclusion. I'm recommending that you will want to get all their stories and will be [...]

    22. I could not wait to read Hades' story, especially when he mentioned in Ares book that he'd already found his mate. I was so frustrated by the communication barrier between Cassie and Hades (John) I gave the book a 4. I not saying I didn't love the book but they were perfect for each other and in a "no blame" voice, they should have got it together before Cassie got desperate. Men are always pains when it comes to physical injury lol. Overall, a nice neat ending to the Soldier Boys trilogy. Keep [...]

    23. Still cant get over the name Hades, espically since there all named after the Greek gods. Hades Story was very different from most shifter storys as Hades had actually had a mate until one incidence happen while he was in the army. Now he has to fight to repair the damage of the past to the one who matters. Cassie is hurting from what she believes was the ultimate betrayal from hades. She has no one to run to except hades but she isnt so forgiving and doesnt want to be near him.Alot can happen i [...]

    24. I loved HadesI have been wanting to read Hades story since he was first introduced in the first book in the series. He seemed a lonely and tortured soul and I wanted to know why and hoped he found happiness. This book was all I hoped it would be. But Hades was not the only lonely tortured soul. Cassie had demons her own, both real and imagined. Great story. And so wonderful to see the other two couples in the prior books play a part in this story.

    25. An enjoyable seriesI love these soldier bears, they always have each others' backs and boy do they protect their mates!!!! It is a fun read. Major alpha male doing everything he can while protecting his mate. In this story, not only does Hades need to protect his mate, but he also has to win her back. If only he can figure out what he did wrong, while keeping her alive. Action, passion, humor, great combination for a story. Very enjoyable

    26. Hades is battle hard and scarred from war. He feels that he is less of a man and that no woman would want him especially his mate.Cassie well I just wanted to smack her. She was mad a Hades but wouldn't talk to him about it assumed that he cheated and of course made it difficult for him with mixed signals.She comes to Hades for help with a loan shark and witht he help of his friends are able to end the threat.They do get a HEA once the talking begins.

    27. Scarred SoldierHades and Cassie went through so much , separately and together. So much changed both of their lives that left them separated. Hades a scarred soldier bear shifter who lost his mate and did not understand why. Cassie a hometown baker who felt rejected by the one man she loved could not live with what she witnessed. Now she is in danger and the one man she can't be with is the only man who can protect her.Good story.

    28. Hot as hell for Hades!Wow! What a good ending to this series! Love that even out of the service they are still brothers in arms and they have each others backs! Interesting story with Cassie and Hades. One of the biggest killers or love and relationships is miscommunicationCassie is seriously badass running into a hairy situation but must say, Hades delivered on the badass hot scale too!! In the end Cassie gets her badass scary bear! Good book, good author, good series!!

    29. Not my favoriteI've read other books by this author and liked them. Especially the Hart boys !!! This one was too much agony about fretting over who "done" what . The altercation scenes were over in a flash. Not so with all the agony and moaning and not getting to the heart of the problem.

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