Under the Mistletoe Collection

Under the Mistletoe Collection Bestselling series in New Release for Clean Romance Six Award Winning Authors have contributed new stories to A Timeless Romance Anthology Under the Mistletoe Collection Six contemporary novellas a

  • Title: Under the Mistletoe Collection
  • Author: Cindy Roland Anderson Annette Lyon Julie Coulter Bellon Sarah M. Eden Heather B. Moore Jennifer Griffith
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 1 Bestselling series in New Release for Clean Romance Six Award Winning Authors have contributed new stories to A Timeless Romance Anthology Under the Mistletoe Collection Six contemporary novellas, all adding sweet romance to the Christmas season.

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      438 Cindy Roland Anderson Annette Lyon Julie Coulter Bellon Sarah M. Eden Heather B. Moore Jennifer Griffith
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    1. Cindy Roland Anderson Annette Lyon Julie Coulter Bellon Sarah M. Eden Heather B. Moore Jennifer Griffith

      Cindy Roland Anderson Annette Lyon Julie Coulter Bellon Sarah M. Eden Heather B. Moore Jennifer Griffith Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Under the Mistletoe Collection book, this is one of the most wanted Cindy Roland Anderson Annette Lyon Julie Coulter Bellon Sarah M. Eden Heather B. Moore Jennifer Griffith author readers around the world.

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    1. These romantic Christmas stories in Under the Mistletoe will warm your heart and curl your toes. (And my novella isn't half bad if I do say so myself!)The first one is by Cindy Anderson, Forgotten Kisses, where a costume designer comes face to face with her college sweetheart---and he's now a famous movie star. Last time his career came between them, but when her feelings for him are still there, can they have their second chance? Such a fun story.Annette Lyon introduces us to a couple on the ve [...]

    2. I enjoyed reading the 6 short stories in A Timeless Romance Anthology: Under the Mistletoe. Even though they were all based on a Christmas theme, no two were alike. I liked the variety in these romances with a returning war vet, older widows and crushes who hadn't seen each other in years. They were all very well written with great characters.Forgotten Kisses was about Madison who lived with her sister, Jenny, and Jenny's baby who she helped look after. This was a nice, easy read without a lot o [...]

    3. UNDER THE MISTLETOE was such a fun, sweet, and romantic set of novellas! Perfect for holiday reading or anytime of the year when you need a little bit of that feeling of home, family, and love that seems to permeate the holidays. There was plenty of heart here, as well as friendship, family, first romance, and rekindled loveRGOTTEN KISSES by Cindy Roland Anderson. This was an all out entertaining and fun story! The guy has an English accent, is rich and handsome, and then charming as well. The g [...]

    4. When it comes to holiday reading the romance novel is a staple. Let's face it, a horror story or sci-fi just isn't going to capture the magic and wonder of Christmas the way a romance can. But it's also a little like playing Russian Roulette with your brain because lets face it some of them are just terrible. You never know if you're picking up a heart warming story that will tug at your heart strings or a bundled together pile of badly written cliches. With six stories ready to either delight o [...]

    5. The only complaint that I have about this collection is that it ended! I was not prepared for that. I could have kept reading the stories for many more hours.This book is a perfect for the evenings when you need to cuddle up in a blanket and read a good book. The stories are novellas, so you can read a story at a time or dive in until you finish all of them. (I did the diving in option.) They are all centered around the Christmas season, but can be enjoyed any time of year. The stories deal with [...]

    6. Under The Mistletoe was a very entertaining anthology of six romance novellas, which were all set during the Christmas holiday season. Even though all the stories were about second chances for love, there was a really good mix here with each story line being totally different and presenting a wide range of characters, from the young to the middle-aged, childhood friends reuniting, a war veteran, a widow and a couple who is about to divorce. There was something there for everybody. Some were funn [...]

    7. Tis the season for some Christmas romance! This Timeless Romance Collection is so appropriately named "Under the Mistletoe" and all these novellas capture that holiday romance perfectly. I love these novella collections. I have come to know what to expect of them and they just never disappoint.So many of my favorite authors are represented in this collection. I really can't call out a favorite here because each one of these stories made me happy. In this collection you will find the rekindling o [...]

    8. Cute variety of short storiesI love these romance anthologies and the flexibility I have in reading a short story here and there depending on how much time I have. These were cute and fun to read around Christmas time. Although one thought there would be more mistletoe in the stories, I loved the variety of romances in the collection.

    9. These anthologies just keep getting better. I loved this selection of Christmas/holiday themed stories, and how the authors didn't worry about adding some danger into the romantic tales. It gave these brief reads a dash or reality. Even the one story I found predictable was still thoroughly enjoyable. This is a great curl up on the sofa with a throw and some hot cocoa read.

    10. In the enchanting novella FORGOTTEN KISSES by Cindy Roland Anderson, costume designer Madison Taylor has no love lost when the male lead playing Sir Lancelot in a TV series is fired. She couldn’t stand working with him anyway. But when she discovers who his replacement is, her heart nearly stops. Caleb Matthews is one of the hottest male actors ever… and not to mention Madison’s former boyfriend. When things got too serious between them, everything fell apart. And now, Madison must play ni [...]

    11. Another Timeless Romance winner. I read this book when it first came out but when it came out in audiobook I snatched it up. Just what I wanted as we head into the holiday season. So many fun stories. A few were instalove, but others were not.4.5 stars

    12. All right - I am a very big fan of this series. I love it and I have found wonderful authors through reading their sweet novellas. That being said, this isn't my favorite of the anthologies, but I still enjoyed most of it. Let me break it down for youRGOTTEN KISSES by Cindy Roland was delightful! I really enjoyed her take on the after-effects of misunderstandings and love gone wrong. Poor Madison Taylor is working her tail off to keep her little family going and finding herself working with her [...]

    13. Forgotten Kisses by Cindy Roland AndersonWhen the male lead playing Sir Lancelot is fired, his costume designer Madison Taylor, couldn’t be more thrilled until she hears who his replacement is. Caleb Matthews, aka her ex-fiance is stepping in to take the roll and Madison isn’t too excited to be working closely with the man that she lost her heart to. Trying to pay the bills while helping her sister who is a single mom and her baby niece, Madison doesn’t have an option but to work alongside [...]

    14. I love all the Timeless Romance Collections. They are always clean and well written. I love getting introduced to new writers this way. I know that Heather, Sarah and Annette will give us a great collection and this one is no exception. The first story, “Forgotten Kisses” is about Madison, a Hollywood costume designer navigating love amidst all the tabloids and Hollywood fun. I really liked how Caleb and Madison had to learn to trust each other and not rely on what they hear or read. The cha [...]

    15. After reading this anthology, I am so ready for the Hallmark Christmas movies to begin!Forgotten Kisses - by Cindy Roland AndersonI think this one was my favorite! Madison Taylor is a costume designer for the lead character on the weekly TV series "Forgotten Camelot." When the guy who plays the lead ends up in jail, he is replaced by the British actor Caleb Matthews - the same Caleb Matthews who Madison was engaged to, and who she vowed to never speak to again. The daughter of an actor who was a [...]

    16. ~MY REVIEW~As is the case with most of the Timeless Romance Anthologies, I enjoyed the clean romantic love stories in these 6 novellas. And as a bonus, they all include kisses under the mistletoe! So romantic! :D I enjoyed the 4 middle novellas the most.The Last Christmas by Annette Lyon is a touching story about a marriage on the verge of divorce and how finally communicating with each other brings about a change that just might bring about a Christmas miracle!Truth or Dare by Julie Coulter Bel [...]

    17. FORGOTTEN KISSESI liked this one. It was fluffier than average but still very sweet. I liked that there wasn’t much drama and everyone acts the way you want them to without screaming at the book. That’s no fun. Why are they always British?? It’s never some great guy from Finland, or something. Ah well. THE LAST CHRISTMASThis one was great. Not all love stories are young love stories or new love stories. The only thing I hated about the whole thing was the girls both getting engaged on the [...]

    18. It's hard to rate a book with a collection of several novellas in it. However, overall, I'd give it 5 stars :) Forgotten Kisses was a sweet re-kindled romance kind of story. Really enjoyed it. The Last Christmas was a bit heavier with divorce looming in a relationship. It was very poignant as all of those who have been married have most likely had hardships akin to what the story portrayed. So, this one seemed so genuine to me. Truth or Dare was a cute story, but seemed like it ended too abruptl [...]

    19. I absolutely loved each and every one of these stories!!! I should know better than to start a Timeless Romance collection at bedtime because I can't read just one story and then at 3 am my husband rolls over and reminds me that I do need a little sleep to function the next day :) Two of these novellas really stood out to me as the ones I connected with the most. The Last Christmas by Annette Lyon brought tears to my eyes- even though I don't normally go for the struggling marriage theme- it was [...]

    20. I love these anthologies! Under the Mistletoe definitely got me into the holiday spirit! I really loved all of the stories. They were sweet, and funny in turn, and pulled at my heartstrings. Last Christmas by Annette Lyon was particularly tender. After years of feeling like her needs are not being met, Medith has filed for divorce. She just wants to have one more happy Christmas with their grown daughters first. Eric hadn't realized that Merideth was unhappy, but now he has one more chance to ge [...]

    21. Under the Mistletoe is the most recent collection from A Timeless Romance Anthology featuring novellas with Christmas themes by Cindy Roland Anderson, Julie Coulter Bellon, Jennifer Griffith, Annette Lyon, Sarah M. Eden and Heather B. Moore. If you enjoy romance mixed with the anticipation of the holiday season, you will like Under the Mistletoe.Each author creates a unique plot, with plenty of excitement, twists, and turns. From anticipated love to unexpected love, Under the Mistletoe showcases [...]

    22. An excellent way to read a very short Christmas story during the busy holiday season, and this book will not disappoint! You can guess that they all have a bit of mistletoe attached, but how it is used and by whom you need to read!I have been savoring each of these stories and they do not let you down, you just want more from each of them. Maybe a peek into the future, and that is not going to happen, but our minds can play them out.There is something here for everyone, and we don’t all like t [...]

    23. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. I had a bit of a harder time rating this book. Although I loved a few of the stories, there were also a couple that I thought were quite ridiculous. All of them were written very well though and even the ones that I thought were ridiculous, I still enjoyed reading - just thought the story line was comical and would not see that kind of thing happening in the real world. I enjoyed that, even though there were 6 stories, they were all [...]

    24. So this collection of stories was double the awesomeness for this reader! I love these anthologies and I love Christmas, so I was so excited to read these short stories! I really loved the diversity in the stories; no two were the same, all were unique. I especially loved that they were not your typical romance, they had characters with distinct circumstances, whether they were a single parent, a returned war vet or high school crushes gone wrong. Each one put me in the Christmas spirit and had [...]

    25. I just can't go wrong with these Timeless Romance collections! I love the short stories by some of my favorite authors. I love how they're all different, yet tied by a central theme (in this case, Christmas!). I love how they encompass relationships at all levels. In this collection, there are stories about first meetings as you might expect, but also stories about a married couple on the verge of divorce, neighbors with grown children (both widowed), and childhood friends who haven't seen each [...]

    26. This is a wonderful anthology. I love the various authors. The first one is a modern day story of people working in the television industry. And a very big misunderstanding between an aspiring actor and the woman who loved him. I loved Truth or Dare was well done. The story of two people searching for meaning and the will to move forward. The young man who has lost part of himself not only physically but emotionally. And the young woman who is looking for her way in life. The Holiday Bucket List [...]

    27. Under the Mistletoe is yet another Timeless Romance Anthology, an awesome of 6 stores. These stories include:Forgotten Kisses by Cindy Roland AndersonIn the Last Christmas by Annette LyonTruth or Dare by Julie Coulter BellonHoliday Bucket List by Sarah M. EdenChristmas Every Day by Heather B. MooreFirst (and Last) Christmas Date by Jennifer Griffith I absolutely enjoyed these Holiday stories. Especially, Sarah M Eden's and Heather B Moore's. I highly recommend this collection to get a reader rea [...]

    28. Between 3 1/2 and 4.The first three stories were cute, I liked them. Then I really liked the 4th story by Sarah Eden and I loved, loved the 5th story, by Heather Moore. Really loved it. The last story was a hot mess and I didn't like it. It was all over the place, very confusing writing style. The author is not clear, she has a very rambling voice and that, unfortunately, doesn't help the characters or the story line. If you like Christmas stories that are cute and fast reads, ignore the last on [...]

    29. I enjoyed the mix of contemporary romances during Christmas: a Hollywood star, love rekindled in marriage, a recovering veteran who reunites with a good friend, and a second date gone hilariously wrong. I liked each story.

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