Demons Eirik Baldurson son of Baldur God of Light failed living as a Mortal He lost the girl of his dreams and nearly got his friends killed Now he s gone to the underworld to meet the mother he s never kn

  • Title: Demons
  • Author: Ednah Walters
  • ISBN: 9781310215810
  • Page: 382
  • Format: ebook
  • Eirik Baldurson son of Baldur, God of Light failed living as a Mortal He lost the girl of his dreams and nearly got his friends killed Now, he s gone to the underworld to meet the mother he s never known Torn between his duty to her and the man he used to be, Eirik struggles to find himself, until a witch appears in his world Feisty and stubborn, she is a reminder of eEirik Baldurson son of Baldur, God of Light failed living as a Mortal He lost the girl of his dreams and nearly got his friends killed Now, he s gone to the underworld to meet the mother he s never known Torn between his duty to her and the man he used to be, Eirik struggles to find himself, until a witch appears in his world Feisty and stubborn, she is a reminder of everything good he left behind.Celestia Devereaux proudly attends a charter high school for gifted teenagers who embrace magic Witches However, she keeps a terrible secret a prediction that she would one day be responsible for massive destruction and death Though Celestia uses her clairvoyant abilities to help people, she worries that it is just a matter of time before she goes over to the dark side.Her world changes when she unexpectedly astral projects to a place she didn t believe existed and meets a tortured man who needs her help Will helping him cause her fears to come true, or will he sacrifice everything to save her

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    1. Ednah Walters

      Her award winning, International Bestselling YA Paranormal Romance Runes Series started with Runes and has a total of 6 books to date The last one, Witches, released in March 2015, was a Readers Choice Awards winner Her most recent addition is Demons, A Runes Companion Novel Eirik Book 1 Demons is the story of Raines best friend and former crush Eirik Seville.Her international bestselling YA Urban Fantasy series, The Guardian Legacy Series, focuses on the Nephilim, children of the fallen angels The series started with Awakened and has a total of 4 books to date The latest Forgotten was released in June 2015.She also writes Contemporary Romance as E.B Walters from The Fitzgerald Family series and Infinitus Billionaires series Whether she s writing about Valkyries, Norns, and Grimnirs, or Guardians, Demons, and Archangels, love, family, and friendship play crucial roles in all her books If you enjoyed reading her books, please consider leaving a review Reviews can make a difference in the ranking of a book To be updated on Runes exclusives, the next book in Eirik s story, giveaways, teasers, and deleted scenes, join her newsletter bit EdnahWNewsletterFor the discussion about the series, join her private page on FB bit EdnahsEliteValkyries or Stop by my website for a visit ednahwaltersOr join the discussion about the series bit FacebookBookGroupsYou can also find her on Tumblr,Pinterest bit EdnaWPinterestInstagram bit EdnahW Instagram

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    1. The story was interesting but a little slow. I found myself bored and ready to put it down numerous times. I would always come back and pick it up again, however, because I really do love the characters of Eriek and Celestia. BIG downer is the total cliff-hanger ending. HATED it! Feels like total manipulation to make me purchase the next. We've waited through the entire book for the two main characters to come together and find happiness and I've already read the rest of the series! Obviously I [...]

    2. This review was originally published on kaitbooktopiaBeginning: Eirik has never met his mother, Goddess Hel, which prompts him to visit her realm also called Hel for the first time. While there he tries to resolve his personal demons. A 17 year old girl Celestria who is a witch astrally projects to him in order to help him. The excitement begins almost immediately in this book. I refuse to give much away so you will have to read and experience it yourself! Characters: The main character is Eirik [...]

    3. I was glued to Demons from start to finish. I loved finally being able to get a glimpse into Eirik Baldurson's life. For six books (even though technically this book comes after Grimnirs) I have been dying to know what happened to Eirik after he left Raine and the gang. Demons completely satisfied my curiosity but also left me greedy and wanting more. Just when I think Ednah's writing can't surprise me she goes and proves me wrong. Her attention to detail and ability to transport her reading to [...]

    4. AMAZING BOOK!!!!I received an ARC of this book for an honest review – I liked it so much I bought the book as well.I love this book! Another awesome story by Ednah Walters. Demons is the next book in the Runes Series. (Runes, Immortals, Grimnirs, Seeress, Souls & Witches) They were all great reads! The main character is Eirik who was in all of the other books and he was a likable character in them. In this book, he became completely incredible. Not only did his hotness level raise a huge a [...]

    5. I just love the Runes series and when I saw that Walters had decided to do a story about Eirik, well there was a lot of girly squealing involved.Eirik, a young God who was raised in the human world. No knowing his real parents he was on the hunt for some much needed answers, so he made the decision to find his mother, the Goddess Hel. Meeting his mother for the first time didn't go to smoothly when he finds himself locked in the dungeon for some sort of training. That's when he meets Celestia, a [...]

    6. I'm not a fan of Celestia. I also didn't know Eirik felt so much about Cora. it was never touched upon in the other books. I've always liked him. Hel is interesting.3/22/16I finished the book and I'm really not getting why everybody gave this book four and five stars. I think it's written decently, but I could not get past my dislike for Celestia. I really wish Hel was incorporated more into the book, I think it would have given this book the kick it so desperately needed. The norns added chaos [...]

    7. I fell in deep when I first read this series, I couldn't put it down until I finished every book I could get my hands on. When I was given the chance to read Demons I could not say no! I personally adore Torin but I felt as though there was more to Eirik, that he had a story that needed to be shared. So when I discovered Ednah was going to write a story all about him I couldn't contain my excitement. After reading it now I could not be more drawn into this world, it was exactly what I was hoping [...]

    8. I received an advanced reading copy in exchange for an honest review.Wow! That's really all I can say. This book is so so so so so so good!!!! I have always been a fan of Eirik but I have always wanted to know more about him. Boy did we learn a lot about him. Loved going into Hel and how she runs her world. Also loved reading about Rhys and some of Echo. It's plain to see how much he hates Echo. Celestia omg!!! I love her so much! She has the best attitude ever! I love how she try's to help ever [...]

    9. This review is from: Demons (Eirik) (Volume 1) I received this ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Well here I am writing my review for Demons which saddens me as this means I have come to the end.Eirik, WOW, he now kinda rocks my world, he is totally badass. When I first met Eirik (from the book of course) he was a nice guy, he was a good friend with Raine (childhood mates) and he liked taking his camera everywhere taking photos. Well the nice guy done gone and grown some, [...]

    10. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Demons by Ednah Walters is the first book in a trilogy about the character Eirik from the Runes series. Book 1 - Demons, Book 2 - Heroes (March 2016) and Book 3 - Gods (June 2016). I would recommend reading at least the first 4 books in the Runes series: Runes, Immortals, Grimners and Seeress before starting Demons since there are references to some events in Seeress.Eirik has never met his mother, Goddess Hel, so he visits her realm also calle [...]

    11. I was given this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.Holy moly! I have been waiting for so long for this book. Even from the middle of the series so far I wanted Eirik to have his own book. I wanted desperately to know what he was going through while he was away and I felt so awful that he seemed to be alone in all of it since Raine has Torin and Cora has Echo. Finally! Finally we get into Eirik’s head and I wasn’t left disappointed. No, I was only left wanting the next book. [...]

    12. I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.This was a great read. I thought the story was interesting. I really enjoyed the Mythology and I found this book similar to Perfekt Order. As they are both about the Norse Gods. I found the characters in this one to be interesting and funny. I really like Celestia. I found her to be a refreshing character and she had a lot of spunk. Erik was a bit of a jerk in the beginning, but I slowly started to love him as well. I was really [...]

    13. Author Ednah Walters has created a masterpiece with Demons. It is an epic adventure, complete with every element needed to produce a brand new fairy tale. There is drama, romance, and creatures big and small.I love the way Walters turns some preconceived notions, from Norse mythology, upside down. She has re-imagined Hel, both the place and the deity. Walters has carefully constructed a whole new world.The story is creative, extremely well told, and such an exciting read.5 Stars! (I wish I could [...]

    14. This was a great urban fantasy with intriguing characters and some awesome norse mythology. I found myself laughing at some of the descriptions and the characters. The world was fun and captivating. I loved how the author described everything. The exceptional writting made this a quick and easy read. I also enjoyed how the pacing flowed smoothly. I didnt want to put it down. However I wish I would have read the Runes series first. Ill probably do that then give this one a reread.

    15. Book Review- Demons by Ednah WaltersEirik is the son of the Goddess of Hel. He is escorted to his mother’s realm by Echo. At the moment he hates Echo for taking Cora. She is the only reason he doesn’t hurt him. When he reaches his mother’s home the first person he meets is his father. The homecoming he receives is surprising. His father warns him that he isn’t safe here. His mother finally joins them demanding Eirik show his true self. He is confused and angers his mother. She places him [...]

    16. I read Demons after #6 of the Ruins series and welcomed the breath of fresh air Eirik and Celestia are a breath of fresh air in a story that felt like it was getting stagnant. I was exhausted of Raine and her whining and dependence on Torrin and loved that Celestia didn't want to be "that" girl. She was feisty and willing to stand her ground. What I loved about Eirik's story in this book was we got glimpses of what had happened in the prior books without a whole backstory or rehashing of events [...]

    17. I love Ednah Walters portrayal of Hel, Hella, the halls the souls and everything in this book.To save his friends on earth Eirik goes willingly to meet his parents. He may be in Hel, but he didn't quite expect to be thrown into a dungeon and starved till he can release his 'true form'.Celestia is a teenage witch- and proud of it. She uses her gift of astral projection save lives- she sees something bad happening and uses her astral form to save them, or reports details back to her father (chief [...]

    18. ***Review in English at the bottom***Und sie hat es wieder geschafft! Wieder einmal hat mich Ednah Walters mit ihrem neuen Buch in den Bann gezogen und an meinen eReader gefesselt!In diesem Buch, das auch für sich allein gelesen werden kann, geht es um Eirik, den Sohn Baldurs, der zwar unter Sterblichen aufgewachsen ist, nun aber in die Unterwelt gegangen ist, um seine Mutter kennenzulernen. Wer die anderen Bücher der Runes-Reihe kennt, ist Eirik schon des Öfteren begegnet, immerhin ist er al [...]

    19. I really enjoyed Eiriks book it was good to see things from the supposed evil side of the story I loved the characters and was happy the Eirik finally found a girl

    20. I loved this book! Eirik is such a great guy, and he finally gets his life figured out! It's a little crazy at first, but it all works out!

    21. Demons are fun Looking at this from eirik and Celeste s story to there friends raine and Cora this has been an amazing journey can't wait to see where it leads

    22. I've been dieing for this to come out in audio format for a while and I'm so glad it's finally out. It's as great as I thought it would be. I can't wait for the next one!

    23. Same world construct as the Runes novels, but more focus on Eirik who has a good but minor role in earlier books. Worth reading.

    24. ***I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.***We met Eirik in Runes. He was Raines best friend since forever. He fell in love with Cora and as we know from those books, he’s Hel and Baldur’s son, and he had to go to Hel’s Hall in order to get to know his mother. That’s where this story starts. But before I continue……STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!!Erase EVERYTHING you think you know about Eirik, because it’s DEAD wrong. I loved his [...]

    25. 4 stars. Walters indicates that the best time to read Eirik’s books is after either Grimnirs (Runes #3) or Witches (Runes #6). Demons is a little slower than most of the Runes books, mainly because there is a lot of exposition.Plot:After spending time in Asgard and getting to know his grandfather Odin, Eirik travels to the underworld to meet his father and mother. Celestia, a witch who has visions, sees that Eirik is in trouble and goes to rescue him. Characters:In the Runes series, Eirik was [...]

    26. *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*Ok let me just tell you a little something about Ednah Walters. She is a riveting author who writes on engrossing, adventurous and sexy characters. She keeps you wanting more. I can definitely go on and on with praises for Ednah Walters.One of those characters that she writes on is Eirik. Eirik has been in the Runes series since the beginning when he grew up with Raine and her family since they were very young. Eirik was a character who was a b [...]

    27. *ARC provided for honest review*I found this book very addictive and captivating. This is the first time I've read Ednah Walters work but it will not be the last. When the reader first meets Eirik Baldurson, the son of Baldur, he is entering Hel. Eirik believes this is the appropriate place for him and is eager to meet his mother who rules Hel. Unfortunately for Eirik, his mother has different ideas and he finds himself in a dire situation quickly. Celestia Devereaux's world changes when she ast [...]

    28. Eirik Baldurson — son of Baldur, God of Light — failed living as a Mortal. He lost the girl of his dreams and nearly got his friends killed. Now, he's gone to the underworld to meet the mother he’s never known. Torn between his duty to her and the man he used to be, Eirik struggles to find himself, until a witch appears in his world. Feisty and stubborn, she is a reminder of everything good he left behind.Celestia Devereaux proudly attends a charter high school for “gifted” teenagers w [...]

    29. *I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review*Holy Hel, Ednah Walters has written another fantastic Norse YA book! This one revolves around Eirik, who we first met in past Runes books as a sweet, boy-next-door type, slightly broody and crushed after his love rejected him for someone else while he’s otherwise occupied learning about his new-found Asgardian relatives. Now we follow him into Hel to meet the mother he never know… who just so happens to be the goddess Hel herself. Sounds li [...]

    30. ** I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review**I had been dying to read this book and find out what Eirik has been up to in between his mysterious interactions with the gang in The Runes Novels and Demons did not disappoint me at all. There was so very much that I loved about this book. First, getting a look into enemy territory. We got a small glimpse of #TeamHel from Echo in Grimnirs and Souls, but not nearly to the extent that we get it in Demons. It is always interesting [...]

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