Try Not to Breathe

Try Not to Breathe For fans of Gillian Flynn Laura Lippman and Paula Hawkins comes Holly Seddon s arresting fiction debut an engrossing thriller full of page turning twists and turns richly imagined characters and g

  • Title: Try Not to Breathe
  • Author: Holly Seddon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • For fans of Gillian Flynn, Laura Lippman, and Paula Hawkins comes Holly Seddon s arresting fiction debut an engrossing thriller full of page turning twists and turns, richly imagined characters, and gripping psychological suspense Some secrets never die They re just locked away Alex Dale is lost Destructive habits have cost her a marriage and a journalism career AllFor fans of Gillian Flynn, Laura Lippman, and Paula Hawkins comes Holly Seddon s arresting fiction debut an engrossing thriller full of page turning twists and turns, richly imagined characters, and gripping psychological suspense Some secrets never die They re just locked away Alex Dale is lost Destructive habits have cost her a marriage and a journalism career All she has left is her routine a morning run until her body aches, then a few hours of forgettable work before the past grabs hold and drags her down Every day is treading water, every night is drowning Until Alex discovers Amy Stevenson Amy Stevenson, who was just another girl from a nearby town until the day she was found unconscious after a merciless assault Amy Stevenson, who has been in a coma for fifteen years, forgotten by the world Amy Stevenson, who, unbeknownst to her doctors, remains locked inside her body, conscious but paralyzed, reliving the past Soon Alex s routine includes visiting hours at the hospital, then interviews with the original suspects in the attack But what starts as a reporter s story becomes a personal obsession How do you solve a crime when the only witness lived but cannot tell the tale Unable to tear herself away from her attempt to uncover the unspeakable truth, Alex realizes she s not just chasing a story she s seeking salvation Shifting from present to past and back again, Try Not to Breathe unfolds layer by layer until its heart stopping conclusion The result is an utterly immersive, unforgettable debut Advance praise for Try Not to Breathe A razor sharp plot and wonderfully complex characters Not since The Girl on the Train have I been so captivated by a work of suspense New York Times bestselling author Tess Gerritsen A fast paced debut about long buried secrets and tangled truths New York Times bestselling author Kimberly McCreight Engrossing Seddon s storytelling skills are strong The world she s constructed is fascinating and slightly dark Kirkus ReviewsFrom the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Holly Seddon

      Holly Seddon is a full time writer, living in the heart of Amsterdam with her family Holly has written for newspapers, websites and magazines since her early 20s after growing up in the English countryside, obsessed with music and books.Holly became a national and international bestseller with her debut, TRY NOT TO BREATHE, in 2016 and followed it in 2017 with DON T CLOSE YOUR EYES LOVE WILL TEAR US APART will be published in June 2018.

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    1. Try Not to Breathe is Holly Seddon's debut novel. A really good psychological suspense novel that pulled me in right from the start. ***Although I always try my best there may be minor spoilers***Alex Dale is a young journalist whose focus is mostly on trying to maintain her alcoholism. She rides the line between serious drinker and functioning alcoholic. After losing her job and her husband she's barely hanging on.Then Alex comes across Amy Stevenson.While writing an article about a doctor who [...]

    2. I'd like to thank Netgalley for my copy in exchange for an honest and fair review.Well, I'm a bit disappointed as all the hype around this book had me expecting more. I should have learned by now that hype tends to destroy reads for me. Things I liked: many aspects of the plot were very unique and intriguing. I found the idea of a victim of a horrific crime left in a "vegetative state" interesting and a strong theme to build an excellent thriller on. Also, the research of the symptoms of various [...]

    3. Loved this book from start to finish. This psychological thriller is about a journalist, Alex Dale who when visiting a hospital notices a face from the past. A young girl, Amy Stevenson was attacked 15 years ago and the crime was never solved is lying in a hospital bed, the journalist feels a compulsion to seek out the truth. The book shifts from present to past as the story and the truth unfold. Well paced and strong believable characters that had me reading it at every opportunity. An excellen [...]

    4. TRY NOT TO BREATHE the debut novel of British author Holly Seddon, is an outstanding psychological tale of suspense. It is really hard to believe that this is a debut novel, as it is so good. I am sorry I took so long to read this novel, but I recently had eye surgery and was restricted with my activity. This character-driven novel involves the reader right from the beginning…the story of two women that connect and become friends.The first woman, Amy Stevenson, is a hospital patient in a veget [...]

    5. I wish to thank Holly Seddon, Net Galley and Ballantine Books for an advanced copy of Try Not to Breathe in exchange for an unbiased review.Try Not to Breathe, the debut novel of British author Holly Seddon, is an excellent psychological tale of suspense. It follows the story of Alex Dale, a disgraced journalist who is struggling to regain not only her respectability, but also her life, which she essentially lost to the ravages of the bottle. Alex is working on a freelance investigative article [...]

    6. I would never have guessed this was a debut book for author Holly SeddonI'm super impressed!Well thought-out and engaging characters along with a storyline that was fast paced and compelling.More of a who-dunnit than a psychological thriller, but this still kept me on the edge of my seat and guessing along the way. I thought I had the antagonist figured out early on, then oops-I realized I was wrong and settled on my next suspect. That carried me for a bit until I switched gears and decided some [...]

    7. LIVE ALERT US4.5 ★★★★"Killer Secret" StarsGenre: Mystery/ThrillerType: StandalonePOV: First Person – ShiftingPublication Date: February 23rd, 2016“I played tennis again. I played tennis and I won.”This was definitely one of those books where you open it and you just can't put it downyou try to sleep but you can't stop thinking about what is going to happen next, You try to guess who the bloody killer is and finally you reached the end and you can breathe again without even realizi [...]

    8. For fifteen years Amy has lain comatose as a result of a horrific beating, the case never solved. Jake was Amy's boyfriend at the time of the attack. Riddled with guilt and loss, he has had a great deal of difficulty moving forward with his life. Alex is a washed up journalist who is slowly and methodically killing herself with booze. She seizes upon this cold case and begins the slow climb from rock bottom, vowing to find out who is responsible for the crime. The line between consciousness and [...]

    9. Amy is still alive - with a paralyze body - in a hospital bed - fifteen years later.As readers, we have questions about this. For fifteen years a boyfriend - Jacob continues to visit her. A little odd??? ( even 'if' he feels love or guilt). Fifteen years is a long time - when you are only a teenage boy from the start. Alex has experienced more loss in her life than she can handle -and is a heavy daily drinker. At one time she had a successful career as a journalist .but now seems closer to killi [...]

    10. Holly Seddon came up with a great story idea: A news reporter investigates the story of a young woman named Amy she has stumbled upon in a convalescent home. Amy has been in a coma for many years due to a violent act she endured at the age of 15. The person responsible for this crime has never been apprehended and the reporter embarks on a dangerous mission to expose the perp. The reporter, Alex Dale is a drunken, hot mess of a main character in TRY NOT TO BREATHE. This is my second novel to rea [...]

    11. Such an original premise. A young girl is attacked and ends up in a coma. A woman is increasingly falling apart becomes obsessed with the case. They were the same age, the case so highly known at the time. Amy was only 15 when attacked and Alex, 15 years later tries her best to work out what happened all those years ago. Alex is in such a mess of her own, a failed marriage and a terrible alcohol addiction. Can she even maintain focus for a day to work out what went wrong? The internal dialogue o [...]

    12. MY BLOGS: Melissa Martin's Reading ListI cried at the end of this book, but it was a good cry. It was a somewhat happy ending. I can't believe this is the author's debut novel. I loved it so much and it really touched me. Sometimes (or a lot of times) when we are young, we do some really stupid things. Amy did a stupid thing, but she didn't deserve what happened to her. This book tells different points of view. You have Alex, Jacob, Amy, and a little bit from Sue. Alex is was a journalist with a [...]

    13. 2.5Neresinden tutarsam elimde kalacak, en basit haliyle aktarıyorum:Alkol sebebi ile ayrılan bir çift:Adam yeni yuva kurmuş, çocuk bekliyor mutlu mesut.Bedbaht alkolik kadınsa sürekli eski kocasından medet umuyor, yardım için arayıp duruyor klasik şeyler bidi bidi bidi.Bİ' YETER ARKADAŞLAR. Zor şeyler atlattıktan sonra güçlü, kendi ayakları üzerinde durabilen kadınları kaleme almak bu kadar zor olmamalı. Madem kadın karakteri kaleme alacaksınız hakkını verin; modası [...]

    14. Amy Stevenson was attacked 15 years ago and have ever since been in a coma. No one has been caught for the brutal attack. Alex Dale was once a loving wife, a mother to be and a brilliant journalist. Now she has nothing left. But, then she does an interview with a doctor about coma patients and meets Amy. They are close in age and grew up close by, but they never met. Amy remembers the case and the more she investigates about it the more obsesses is she to solve what happened to Amy. But, how to [...]

    15. As far as psychological thrillers go, this is the best I have read for some time. Try Not to Breathe comes from debut author Holly Seddon. The inspiration for this gripping tale came to Seddon while she was listening to a radio show discuss patients in vegetative states. Amy Stevenson, the main character who is in a coma for the bulk of Try Not to Breathe, formed in Seddon’s mind after listening to this show. Seddon has also conducted extensive research through the Royal Hospital for Neuro-dis [...]

    16. I'd rate this 3.5 stars.Full disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review. Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House/Ballantine for making it available!Here's a question: does anyone else, when they read mysteries, find themselves suspecting everyone, and whenever a new character is introduced you try to determine whether that person is the culprit? I don't believe I'm alone in that behavior, but it's difficult to disengage the "detective" [...]

    17. This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeI liked this one a lot. The story kept me very interested and I really had a hard time putting it down at times. I am not always a fan of multiple points of view but I think that it worked wonderfully in this book. As the book unfolded, I wasn't quite sure where things were going. I had a couple of guesses about who was responsible for what happened to Amy but I wasn't quite sure until it came out in the story. I do love it when I can't figure [...]

    18. Wow!! What a fantastic book! I really enjoyed this one. 'Try Not To Breathe' is Holly Seddon's debut novel and I cannot wait to read her next one (Just discovered I will have to wait until July 2017!).The characters are so captivating and after finishing the novel I still want to know more about them. Alex is a semi-functioning alcoholic and I had no idea how strong this addiction could be. The lengths Alex goes to, to try and live a normal life are really quite disturbing. And Amy, poor Amy she [...]

    19. Try Not to Breathe by Holly Seddon is a well-written and fast moving novel that I thoroughly enjoyed!It's very hard to believe that this was her debut novel - great job!!!

    20. 4.5★sAmy Stevenson was only fifteen years old when it happened; her abduction in 1995 was the talk of the town and headlines in the newspapers for a long time afterwards. But Amy had been found alive much to her family’s delight. That was short-lived though when it was realised that Amy would never be the same again – completely unable to communicate and in a vegetative state, the horror of what had happened was intensified by the fact that Amy’s attacker was never found.Fifteen years la [...]

    21. Posted toThe Literary LawyerPretention vs. Enjoyment - 4 vs. 5 Stars 4 Stars or 5 Stars. 4 Stars or 5 Stars. 4 Stars or 5 Stars. Choosing my rating tends to be an easy choice. The pretentious reviewer in me thought I should go with 4 stars. The down to earth guy who loves a good yarn thought this was worth all 5. In this case, enjoyment won out over pretention and 5 stars rule the day. Plot Summary The story follows Alex, a down and out journalist. Her life is controlled by serious alcohol addic [...]

    22. I loved this book from the very first page It got me hooked & i kept turning the pages, Holly Seddon is an accomplished writer with a lot of promise.This book is set in Kent Amy Stevenson is a young 15 year old girl who has a boyfriend Jake & her best friends Becky & Jenny they have a secret that they are hiding about Amy but wont tell.Suddenly Amy is attacked in a park & left for dead she ends up in hospital in a comatose state unable to talk about who attacked her then Alex who [...]

    23. She's earned chops at other forms of writing, but this is the author's first at-bat with a novel. And by golly, she's hit a home run with the bases loaded. Put another way, WOW!The book begins in England in 1995 with a peek into the life of 15-year-old Amy Stevenson - a young girl with a few good friends, a mother and stepfather she adores (well, most of the time - she's 15, after all), a sweet boyfriend - and a big secret. Fast-forward 15 years and we see Amy again; this time, we learn she's be [...]

    24. **4.5 stars**Try Not To Breathe was a wonderfully engaging and intense story – one to watch in early 2016 I have a feeling it is going to be a huge hitAmy had a secret – and her secret nearly killed her. Years later Alex Dale is fighting a losing battle with alcoholism and trying to reboot her journalistic career. Whilst on a story about vegetative and locked in patients she stumbles across a case she remembers well and decides it is time to try and find justice for Amy. Amy meanwhile is not [...]

    25. fictionophile.wordpress/2First off I have to say that this character driven novel contains all the twists, secrets, guilt, misery, and mystery inherent in all of the best psychological thrillers available today. It does NOT read like the debut novel it is. Well done Holly Seddon!Simplistically this is the story of two damaged women who become friends.The first, Amy Stevenson, is very damaged indeed. She is a hospital patient in a vegetative state. Fifteen years ago when she was only fifteen year [...]

    26. This story revolves around two view points, Alex and Amy's. Alex is a journalist who likes to drink a lot, but is still capable of functioning at work. She is visiting a hospice to research coma victims when she sees a girl that she recognises as Amy Stevenson. Amy has been lying in a coma for 15 years after suffering a brutal attack, the culprit yet to be found. Alex becomes fascinated with Amy's story, she visits regularly, holding Amy's hand, talking to her and in her own way, develops a bond [...]

    27. :: 6 Marvelous Stars ::I received an ARC of this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review. THANK YOU!This book will be available on February 23rd 2016. You can preorder it NOW! WOW. This book is amazing. Fans of mystery, thrillers, and suspense NEED to read this book. I was literally hooked from page one. I was gripping my kindle for dear life. And I constantly felt a need to know what was going to happen next. I absolutely loved this book. For a debut, it’s utterly perfect. I haven [...]

    28. I really enjoyed this novel - fascinating story and very well written. The point of view from Amy was so well done and the author's imagery is superb:"It's hard to describe how I feel at the moment. I guess it's like being stuck very far down a well, being able to see a bit of sunlight out of the top, but being too far from it to be heard. I feel warm, cocooned but separated."The portrayal of Alex's struggle with alcoholism felt authentic. Was reminiscent of Rachel in The Girl On The Train - dea [...]

    29. Try Not to Breathe by Holly Seddon is a 2016 Ballantine Books publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Often times I roll my eyes at the cliché’s like “stunning debut”, because it’s been applied to so many sub-par books that are attempting to latch onto a popular trend. Currently, the psychological thriller is all the rage, and this book has been likened to the work of Tana French and Paula Hawkins, which is somethin [...]

    30. I am not a big fan of comparing books and especially lumping psychological thrillers together under the next "Girl on a Train" genre which is how this book is being hyped. The only similarities I found were several unreliable narrators and 1 barely functioning alcoholic. Taking all that into account. I loved this book. I was gripped from the start to to very end and devoured it within 2 days (even waking at 4am this morning to read more). With short chapters it was a case of Oh just one more cha [...]

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