Chancers: Addiction, Prison, Recovery, Love: One Couple's Memoir

Chancers Addiction Prison Recovery Love One Couple s Memoir In this powerful dual memoir a reporter and a photographer tell their gripping story of falling in love the heroin habit that drove them apart and the unlikely way a criminal conviction brought the

  • Title: Chancers: Addiction, Prison, Recovery, Love: One Couple's Memoir
  • Author: Susan Stellin Graham Macindoe
  • ISBN: 9781101882757
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • In this powerful dual memoir, a reporter and a photographer tell their gripping story of falling in love, the heroin habit that drove them apart, and the unlikely way a criminal conviction brought them back together When Susan Stellin asked Graham MacIndoe to shoot her author photo for an upcoming travel book, she barely knew him except for a few weekends with mutual frIn this powerful dual memoir, a reporter and a photographer tell their gripping story of falling in love, the heroin habit that drove them apart, and the unlikely way a criminal conviction brought them back together When Susan Stellin asked Graham MacIndoe to shoot her author photo for an upcoming travel book, she barely knew him except for a few weekends with mutual friends at a summer house in Montauk He was a gregarious, divorced Scotsman who had recently gotten sober she was an independent New Yorker who decided to take a chance on a rough around the edges guy But their relationship was soon tested when Susan discovered that Graham still had a drug habit he was hiding From their harrowing portrayal of the ravages of addiction to the stunning chain of events that led to Graham s arrest and imprisonment at Rikers Island, Chancers unfolds in alternating chapters that offer two perspectives on a relationship that ultimately endures against long odds Susan follows Graham down the rabbit hole of the American criminal justice system, determined to keep him from becoming another casualty of the war on drugs Graham gives a stark, riveting description of his slide from brownstone Brooklyn to a prison cell, his gut wrenching efforts to get clean, and his fight to avoid getting exiled far away from his son and the life he built over twenty years Beautifully written, brutally honest, yet filled with suspense and hope, Chancers will resonate with anyone who has been touched by the heartache of addiction, the nightmare of incarceration, or the tough choice of leaving or staying with someone who is struggling on the road to recovery By sharing their story, Susan and Graham show the value of talking about topics many of us are too scared to address.

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    1. Susan Stellin Graham Macindoe

      Susan Stellin is freelance reporter who has contributed to The New York Times and other publications for than 15 years In 2014, she and her partner Graham MacIndoe were awarded a fellowship from The Alicia Patterson Foundation for their project American Exile Previously she worked as an editor at The Times and at CNET in San Francisco Susan has a B.A in political science from Stanford University and spent two years after college teaching English and writing in Buenos Aires, Argentina She grew up in Michigan and lives in Brooklyn.

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    1. 3.5I’m greedy for juice, and a memoir about addiction should have plenty. We have prison juice and junkie juice, yum! But then we also have a Girl Scout trying to earn her humanitarian badge, which is pretty damn juiceless, no matter how you slice it.This book is unique and clever—it’s a two-person memoir, with alternating chapters for each. The Scottish photographer druggie, Graham, tells his story, and the journalist rescuer, Susan, tells hers. I loved the somewhat suspenseful beginning: [...]

    2. I found reading Chancers mesmerizing, despite the niggling voices at the back of my mind as I read it. Chancers is a two person memoir written by Susan Stellin and Graham MacIndoe. Susan is a journalist and Graham is Scottish and a photographer living in New York. They had a relatively brief relationship approximately 10 years ago, which ended badly when Susan discovered that Graham was a crack and heroin addict -- and a consummate liar as addicts often are. A few years later, Susan finds out th [...]

    3. While I appreciate a memoir on addiction that shows it can target anyone, regardless of class or social standing, this one didn't fully grab me. Graham is a photographer, Susan a journalist. Susan has left their relationship due to Graham's using, but re-enters his life years later when she discovers he is in serious trouble. Her decision to help against all odds is the focus of this book.The events are told in alternating voices between Graham and Susan, but often felt as if one person was doin [...]

    4. I've read several memoirs about addiction but what makes Chancers different is that it alternates between the viewpoints of the addict, Graham Macindoe and his girlfriend, Susan Stellin. Stellin, a reporter, met Macindoe, a photographer, in Montauk, NY but it was nearly three years later when she asked him to photograph her professionally for the travel book she had just written. Several months later, the two reconnect and begin an almost accidental relationship. However, Graham is hiding from S [...]

    5. One couple's memoir of their relationship that survived the brutal grip of addiction, "Chancers: Addiction Prison Recovery Love" recalled by author Susan Stellin and Scottish-American photographer Graham MacIndoe. Truly a heartwarming story of the redemption and power of love to triumph over the harshest conditions and adversities.This unlikely couple reconnected through a photo shoot, several years after meeting through mutual friends. Despite Graham being twice divorced, this didn't set off al [...]

    6. I won this book as a giveaway on and I'm so happy that I finally got the chance to finish it! I am a recovering alcoholic so I love any memoir type book about alcoholism/addiction. I love how this book gives the perspective of both Graham and Susan. Both viewpoints are so important with this disease because the addicts perception is SO skewed when they are "in" the disease. We don't realize what we are putting other people through and this is a great example of that. I really liked this book a [...]

    7. Admire the authors' courage in telling this difficult story and how open and honest they were. A he said/she said, alternating chapters, but not opposing views of the same story, just different perspectives of the same story. The story does belong to both of them and the reader really benefits from their having chosen this approach. The writing style seems to reflect her influence as a journalist, very informative, this happened and then this happened and then this happened. Nothing wrong with t [...]

    8. I have more books in my pile of books to be read then I want to admit to. Yet when I ran across, CHANCERS: ADDICTION, PRISON, RECOVERY, LOVE: ONE COUPLE’S MEMOIR by SUSAN STELLIN AND GRAHAM MACINDOE, I ordered it. That it is a memoir and had the word prison is what drew me in. When Susan Stellin asked Graham MacIndoe to shoot her author photo for an upcoming travel book, she couldn’t have imagined in her wildest dreams the journey it would lead her on. I’m not sure what I expected when I o [...]

    9. I won this book through a Giveaway from Bdreads. Thanks so much for the opportunity to read this amazing book. It's probably not a book I would pick out to read but once I started, I found it very hard to put down. This is a powerful dual memoir , a reporter and a photographer from NY, who tell their gripping story of falling in love, the heroin habit that drove them apart and the unlikely way a criminal conviction brought them back together. You can't help but become involved in their struggle [...]

    10. Easily one of the most powerful memoirs about addiction I have ever read. Raw, gripping, and emotional, this memoir is told from two perspectives; from the addict and the concerned girlfriend. Addiction has such a stigma, it's the elephant that's in the room and no one ever wants to talk about but Susan and Graham do a powerful job of bringing their hard journey to life. Trying to help a loved one through addiction takes more willpower and love than most people can handle. Reading this memoir br [...]

    11. This book is so hard to review - parts of it I loved and other parts - not so much.I have always said that people who write memoirs are brave, putting it all out there must be so scary. I was engrossed, for most of the story. Susan's point of view was the one I felt drawn to. Well told, excellent writing and at times, difficult to read because it shows just how smart women can be dumb when it comes to love!As for Graham - all I kept wanting to say to him (and continue to want to say) is: grow up [...]

    12. Intriguing memoir between two people who learn the value of the words, "I love you."SUSAN shares an honest look into the experience of having someone you love addicted to drugs. GRAHAM gives a harsh account of the reality of what drugs can do to one’s life. This is a descriptive account through addictions, experiencing withdrawals, prison, and the system we count on to be just.It is also a story of the immigration system and its horrible treatment of men and women who might be facing deportati [...]

    13. While this is a story written by my cousin, I found it captivating because of it's unfamiliarity and canyon-wide disconnect to my own and my family's life. A random story of two people who struggled, failed, lost and loved. Very proud of you Susan and Graham! An inspirational journey! Thank you for sharing this deep part of your life with us.

    14. actual rating 2.75 Actually ended quite liking this. Especially the end. The whole premise was interesting and quite educational.*I received a digital edition of this by Netgalley for an honest review*read my full review on my blog ------>>> pagesoverpages/

    15. I decided to read and review this title because I anticipated that it would be, by and large, a depiction and critique of the American prison system and Homeland Security. As it happens, that is really only a small part of this memoir, which focuses more on the couple’s relationship and the way that addiction warps and undermines trust and affection. Nevertheless, I found it really compelling, and so thank you Net Galley and Random House Ballantine for the opportunity to read and review free a [...]

    16. I requested this book several *cough* months ago As I may have mentioned at some point, I was really busy for a spell, and even if I got to read, I certainly couldn't find the time to blog and write reviews, much less anything that anyone else would want to read.I'm still really busy these days, but I'm finding ways to make time for reading and blogging and such. So, when I finally went in and downloaded my Netgalley shelf, I had truthfully forgotten what this book was about and why I requested [...]

    17. Chancers are people who take the leap, risk the safety of their everyday box, do something new. Sometimes the results are fabulous, sometimes they are not.but you tried. And, then, there are consequences"Chancers" is all about one couple's experiences, not just of the items in the title but also of the legal system and Immigration. If this couple weren't a journalist and a photographer, white, with friends and funds, this not only would be a different story but would not get told. Think about wh [...]

    18. Amazing bookSo open and honest. I love the way the story is told from both the main people's points of view. I believe it is so important for people to be open about things like addiction, prison, and immigration issues. Thank you Susan and Graham for writing this book and opening your lives to us, your readers.

    19. I won this book in a giveaway. It is a very interesting read with good flow. The authors tackle an incredibly sensitive subject of addiction, offering the reader 2-person accounts that are refreshingly honest, delving deeply into the complex psyche of the addict and a person that loves them. I recommend this book to any reader ages 18+.

    20. This was an interesting book about a couple and the oddyssey of their relationship, complicated by his addiction and eventual immigration problems (he was a green card holder from Scotland). I enjoyed the way the book was written, with alternating chapters by each of the couple written from their perspective. I had a harder time with the man's story, especially since he was almost a stereotype of an addict-- totally in denial, lying and cheating, eventually totally self-absorbed and selfish. Her [...]

    21. This is a touching story. It is also very topical with respect to American presidential politics in 2016. I read most of this book the day after the election and I could not help but wonder how many more people might be faced with both untreated drug addictions and the hell of Immigration and Customs Enforcement if our new president initiates some of his "promises." I would recommend anyone who feels strongly about being tough on drug addicts and misdemeanor legal "aliens" to take the time to pe [...]

    22. I hated this book. 100 pages in all I could think was that she's a weak, whiny enabler and he's an obnoxious prick. I skimmed through the ending and left the book on the beach

    23. I rarely give a book one star, but this was a real stinker. Instead of writing the story, there are huge blocks of transcripts of emails between the couple that will put you to sleep. The story is a whiny explanation of why someone would stay with a drug addict. It is a train wreck and not interesting at all.

    24. A back-and-forth commentary by a 30-something couple coping with the monkey on his back. I found their letters and emails tedious and was somewhat surprised that she didn't give up on him. True love, I guess. Good luck with that.

    25. I loved to hear both voices, both perspectives. I am very appreciative to have been given the chance to read this memoir.

    26. Story of a user and a loserBoring but accurate portrayal of manipulating and arrogant photographer and well-meaning but gullible writer. His stunning recovery is impressive and her unflappable support is a bit baffling but all in all it's a fairly interesting story.

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