Princess For centuries a vicious war has raged on between the Necromancers and Vampires Two powerful races who refused to surrender in defeat A half a century ago the Necromancers disappeared from the face o

  • Title: Princess
  • Author: ArielMarie
  • ISBN: 9780996326
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • For centuries, a vicious war has raged on between the Necromancers and Vampires Two powerful races who refused to surrender in defeat A half a century ago, the Necromancers disappeared from the face of the Earth until now.Nadira Olaru, the youngest offspring of the Vampire King has become the target of the re emerging Necromancers The King of the Necromancers has offeFor centuries, a vicious war has raged on between the Necromancers and Vampires Two powerful races who refused to surrender in defeat A half a century ago, the Necromancers disappeared from the face of the Earth until now.Nadira Olaru, the youngest offspring of the Vampire King has become the target of the re emerging Necromancers The King of the Necromancers has offered a peace treaty, an offer he refuses to take no for an answer His one demand Nadira to mate with his son The Dark Shadows, Vampire warriors run by her eldest brother, have been charged with protecting the Vampirian Princess at all cost Zac Cooper, human police detective, never believed in the supernatural world, that is, until he witnessed a dead body walk right out of the morgue Fate brings Zac and Nadira together Twice Nadira knows that Zac is her Fated Mate, but now he is caught in the middle of the war between the Vampires and Necromancers.Nadira is torn, should she be selfish and mate with the love of her life for all eternity Or should she sacrifice their love forever, and let him go, in order to save him

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    1. ArielMarie

      Ariel Marie is an author who loves the paranormal, action and hot steamy romance She combines all three in each and every one of her stories For as long as she can remember, she has loved vampires, shifters and every creature you can think of This even rolls over into her favorite movies She love a good action packed thriller Throw a touch of the supernatural world in it and she s hooked She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio where she currently resides with her husband and three beautiful children Want to know about her and her books Visit her website thearielmarie.

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    1. I've been getting restless and looking around for something different to read for days now, mostly they've been DNF's but this one was a surprise and I enjoyed it way more than I expected. Ok I'll admit my expectations weren't high, a result of far too many bad books in such a short period of time but still this is a good find.Nadira Olaru is a vampire princess, she's the youngest sibling with four very protective older brothers and while she may be a princess she still works as a nurse. Zac Coo [...]

    2. I picked this book up on a whim and I'm definitely regretting it.Bad writing, awful and unoriginal plot and horrible characters. There wasn't a single redeeming quality in it, not even the sex scenes.Those were just ratchet. I hate the word 'pussy' and others like it, which means Ariel Marie lost points there.But apart from that, there was no atmosphere, no sensuality, no passion, no nothing that makes a love scene intense and special. Simply awful.

    3. 5 Stars ! This book was so good. I loved the fact that the female was the vampire and the male was human such a great twist from the normal stories . I loved Nadira. This book does not end on cliff-hanger. I highly recommend for vampires book lovers!! This story was the perfect length also . I hate when books are to long that you get bored with them and this one was not one of those . I can not wait to read the next book and i'm also looking forward to reading more from this author. Loved It !!

    4. I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review. I made no guarantee of a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are my own.From the minute I started reading Princess I was unable to put it down as the author quickly captivated me and aroused my senses. Vivid world building, sexy vampires and humans and evil necromancers everywhere. Full of unexpected twists and turns that are deserving of more than five stars. Did I mention the steamy romance that Ariel Marie has so poignantly put [...]

    5. Wowwhat a exciting read, i could not put this book down, every page had that little twist that made you keep turning the pagesNadira is a Vampire Princess who is the only sister to four very overbearing but loving brothers, through her journey Nadira finds her life mate in Human Zac Cooper, a detective investigating strange deathse necromancers are back and they want Nadira and will stop at nothing to have herter Zac and Nadira give into their desire for each other they along with her brothers w [...]

    6. I love discovering new authors and it is always such a rush when you find an author that writes a damn good story.Ariel Marie was this author, she has created an amazing world with characters that are interesting, an interesting world and a good plotline. I really liked this book, it was well written, it flowed, it had just the right amount of action to keep you glued to the pages. I can't wait for more. I already cannot wait to read Nicu's book, he is one hot alpha male!!!!So why not a 5* ratin [...]

    7. Started reading this story as the author is in a group I am in on facebook. Fell in love with Cooper and Nadira. I like how the story progressed and would recommend this to anyone who likes vampire romance novels.

    8. I received this book as an advanced review copy. While this genre is not my usual reading material I went into it with an open mind knowing quality of writing is what ultimately matters. Let me tell you at the outset, I have been converted. I want more of this genre, and especially more of this series.Nadira is a vampire princess who works as a healer among humans, who are unaware of the existence of vampires. The writer quickly manages to explain this fictional world in the first few pages. You [...]

    9. SNS Rating: 4.66~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~Ariel Marie is an excellent story teller in the fantasy worlds. She uses words skillfully to bring the paranormal world to life, adding action, mystery , adventure and a lovely romance. Cooper is a hunky human detective tracking down a serial killer with connections beyond his imagination. Nadira is a spunky, strong minded vampire princess determined to protect her fated mate, Cooper. Educating the cop into the reality of vampires m [...]

    10. Man, I've been wanting to read this forever. I had it on my TBR list and finally got to it! Yay! Ok negative stuff firstI know, but its gotta be done. :) Character development wasn't great but not too bad. It did seem to be really too simple as far as the story went too fast. I mean Cooper kinda accepted things with no problem the 2nd time around after having his memory erased. Not sure why it would work out the 2nd time and its too easy to believe it was just because of what he saw in the morgu [...]

    11. Kudos to "Princess!"I'm a fan of paranormal stories, but usually am cautious about those that include vampires, thanks to Wesley Snipes and all those "Blade" movies. Blood and gore much? *Shudders*However, "Princess", IMHO, takes another approach.Yes, there is violence. After more than fifty years, the Necromancers are back with a vengeanced must be dealt with. Yes, there is sex, but it isn't pointless or gratuitous. (And it's pretty hot! LOL!) But, for me"Princess" is about relationships. Frien [...]

    12. When the Princess is a vampire, who works at a supernatural hospital, as a healer, there are so many things that can go wrong in her life. However, when something goes right, that's when things start going crazyNadia Olaru is the daughter of the vampire king and a very single minded woman, working as a healer at a supernatural hospital. Zac Cooper is a police detective who has been investigating a number of bodies. Bodies that appear to have suffered no injuries except the extensive loss of bloo [...]

    13. I have read a few other reviews of this book and I’m inclined to agree with them when they say it’s refreshing to see a new take on the vampire-human romance – female vampire meets male human. I don’t know if it’s anything I would have really thought about if I hadn’t read those reviews, but it is very refreshing, and, honestly, just what I was after.Nadira is an awesome character too, full of strengths and weaknesses that are actually shown to us rather than being spelled out to us [...]

    14. I am new to Ariel Marie, therefore I did not know what to expect. However, she did not disappoint me in any way.I love vampire stories that are in present day time with as much realism as can be expected with a mythical creature. Ariel Marie has hit the mark with her version of a race that is always admired through imagination.Princess the dark shadows 1 is based around Nadira, the vampire princess, and her family that is considered of royal society. This first installment is an introduction to [...]

    15. Nadira Olaru is a Princess and a Vampire. She is surrounded by four very over protective older brothers, not to mention the King Vampire her Father. There is a war brewing and Nadira is in the middle of it as the King of the Necromancers wants her to marry his son. While eating with some friends, Nadira sees Zac Cooper, a cop and a human. She feels immediately pulled to him. She feels in her heart that he is her "fated Mate" but if he finds out who she really is he will run. Zac is also pulled t [...]

    16. This is a new author to me and I have to say I enjoyed this story. I am looking forward to part 2. This book reminds me of BDB and Midnight Breed. It has that feel of them. Nadira is the princess of the vampires and works as a nurse. She is very calm and caring. I liked that she maintained who she was throughout the book. She didn't let others fight her battles. She took as well as she gave. Cooper is a cop who wants to crack the case and find peace. He meets Nadira and she takes his breath away [...]

    17. Nadira, the vampire Princess meets detective Cooper while she's at a diner with some of her friends. Cooper happens to be her mate, but what will her family think when they find out that her Fated Mate is a human? How will Cooper react when he learns the girl of his dreams is a vampire? With the necromancers out to get Nadira so she can mate with the necromancer prince Xalax, will Cooper be caught in the cross fire? Will Xalax be successful in getting his betrothed? A war is coming, what side wi [...]

    18. I received this copy against an honest review.Has i opened the book i immediately entered a world of Vampires,Zombies and much more.Has you read,the book just swallows you into the mysteries of the world that surrounds us humans. Vampires are at war against the Necromencers and the prize is Nadira Princess of the Vampires. Her Family and Newly Mate Zach are ready to do anything in their powers to protect Nadira.You can't help but feel and go trough all the emotions that go through her has a vamp [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review. First off I am a fan of Ariel Marie so this review may be a bit biased. I read her first book "Power of the Fae" and I enjoyed her storytelling immensely! The books do hold some R rated action but if you can deal with that you should definitely look into reading books written by Mrs. Marie! What I got from this book was a whirlwind of a story! I will not give anything away but it seems that the next book in this series will pick [...]

    20. Princess was amazing. I have no regrets of reading this book because of the fact that there was a tantalizing romance and you are going to fall in with Nadira and put Zac Cooper onto your book boyfriends list. That brings me to my next point, have you seen the shirt that is HABB (Husbands Against Book Boyfriends), yeahhhhhhh, try to take a stand against book lovers and their book boyfriends. ;) In all honesty, I thought that this book was going to drive me to fall in love with the supernatural e [...]

    21. This was a awesome book. Ariel Marie did it again I loved her Power of the Fae and Fight For the Fae books so I really wanted to read this one also. I got it from Ariel for a honest review and it didn't disappoint. Nadira and Cooper were a great couple to read and I loved Nadira's brothers and the way they tried to keep her away from him. But Fate got them together anyway. I loved how Nadira fought the Versi for Cooper while Xalak had him hostage. I hope her human friend Anika will be one of her [...]

    22. 3.5 starsAfter having read a lot of vampire books over the past few years I wasn’t really planning on reading another one until I read the description of Princess. I really like the idea of a badass royal vampire family in a war with necromancers, and the princess of the vampires in love with a hot human detective. Unfortunately, I fear my expectations were too high. I loved that Nadira was a quite strong female lead butI feel like I didn’t really get to know Cooper as well as I would have l [...]

    23. Wow!!!! This book was awesome. This is my first book by Ariel Marie. WILL DEFINITELY NOT BE MY LAST. The story flows perfectly off these pages. She gives us this neat little paranormal world where creatures that go bump in night are real. I fell in love with our main couple and it's kinda insta love but it totally works! I can't wait til we get the next book I can already tell this is a favorited that gorgeous cover??!! Totally Rocks!!! Enjoy!

    24. Excellent story!!!!Ariel Marie is a very talented author. I read this booklast night. Once I started I didn't stop until it was finished! True born vampires, necromancer's and fatedmates what more could you ask for? The next book in the series!!!! Definitely can't wait to read Toma's story!Buy Princess today, you won't be sorry!!!!

    25. Nadira, a vampire Princess who´s just find out her mate is Human; plus she´s the youngest and only girl of her over protective siblingsAnd Cooper, just a normal and human Cop working on a new case of unexplainable deathsG I enjoyed the story ´cause its so exiting, so sexy, and the last scene with the King and Queen damn cute

    26. Absolutely loved Princess!!! Read it in the middle of the night and finished it within a couple hours. Couldn't put it down. Started reading Toma because I was hooked!! Teague and Phaelyn come out this weekend. So excited. Highly recommend this series #ArielMarie

    27. Hot Vampire WorldI love how Author Ariel Marie brings her characters to life. How she integrates the Human into the Paranormal and vice versa. This fast-footed story leaves the reader begging for more!This author brings it when it comes to Hot new Vampire Romance. The heat between Nadira and Cooper brings a whole new level to Spicy!! 🌶 🌶 I recommend this series to any Paranormal Romance lover looking to bite into some knew reading material.I know I am looking forward to Nadira's brothers f [...]

    28. *Spoiler Alert*This book just so happens to be in the genre that I love and write myself! My opinion may be biased, but that's only if you do not also like PNR. I loved the characters in this book. They were well developed, although Nadira does have quite a few brothers. It was sometimes hard to keep up with all of them, but I did pretty well I think. The story line was original. It has been a while since I have read a PNR with necromancers involved. I was so relieved when Cooper didn't care tha [...]

    29. Nadira Olaru is a nurse in a paranormal hospital, she also is a vampire princess. Having 4 older brothers who are a touch over-protective isn’t much fun for her. When she meets Cooper, a human detective, she knows that he is her chosen one, but how will her brothers react. Adding to the problem her brothers are part of The Dark Shadows, a group who protect vampires and humans and when dead bodies start turning up all over the city Cooper and her brothers have to work together to find out who i [...]

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