Poiss, kes seilas tugitoolis üle ookeani

Poiss kes seilas tugitoolis le ookeani Becketi ainus soov on et tema pere oleks terviklik Aga tegelikkuses on isa otsustanud koos Becketi ja tema noorema venna Billyga pimeduses kodust p geneda ja k ik mis neil on maha j tta Kaasa arvat

  • Title: Poiss, kes seilas tugitoolis üle ookeani
  • Author: Lara Williamson
  • ISBN: 9789985338278
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • Becketi ainus soov on, et tema pere oleks terviklik Aga tegelikkuses on isa otsustanud koos Becketi ja tema noorema venna Billyga pimeduses kodust p geneda ja k ik, mis neil on, maha j tta Kaasa arvatud Pearli, kes on olnud poistele ema eest Becketi ja Billy p risema on surnud, ja kui see juhtus, ei saanud Becket emaga isegi h vasti j tta Becketil pole aimugi, miks iBecketi ainus soov on, et tema pere oleks terviklik Aga tegelikkuses on isa otsustanud koos Becketi ja tema noorema venna Billyga pimeduses kodust p geneda ja k ik, mis neil on, maha j tta Kaasa arvatud Pearli, kes on olnud poistele ema eest Becketi ja Billy p risema on surnud, ja kui see juhtus, ei saanud Becket emaga isegi h vasti j tta Becketil pole aimugi, miks isa nii k itub ja kuidas pere taas hte liita, aga koos oma venna Billy, Briani nimelise teo ja he imelise tugitooli abiga asutab ta ennast teekonnale, mille k igus ta kavatseb oma s damesoovi t ide viia Lara Williamsoni s damlik romaan Poiss, kes seilas tugitoolis le ookeani on p nev ja m tlemapanev lugu, mis j udis 2016 aastal ka Briti he olulisema lastekirjanduse auhinna Blue Peteri preemia l ppvalikusse.

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    1. Lara Williamson

      Lara Williamson is currently attached to her computer keyboard in London Before this she studied Fashion Design and was attached to a sewing machine in Northern Ireland Her d but MG novel A BOY CALLED HOPE will come out on March 1st 2014 Meanwhile, she is spelling out exciting words in potato alphabet shapes, looking at Uranus, thinking of zombie dogs and counting the days until she can tell everyone she is a proper author.

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    1. I really liked this book. It was funny in someways and had hints of jokes and humor but also a tragic background with the kid's parents. I loved the contrast. I remember being like Billy. Trying to be bigger than I actually was. 'SNOOP', their spy agency, was really funny. It made me remember of the days where me and my sister would make things up.

    2. (4.5/5)I'm not sure what grabbed my attention first when I saw this book, perhaps it was the enchanting title or perhaps the cover that promised me a heartwarming, endearing story or the synopsis that drew me in immediately. Or perhaps it was all three. All I know was that I was beyond excited for this book and my heightened expectations were met and even exceeded. The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair was part heartbreaking, part whimsical and fully and completely breathtaking.The Boy Who [...]

    3. Originally published on serendipityreviewsLara Williamson writes quiet stories with a BIG VOICE! Her main characters are so unique they practically explode out of the book. In this book we meet Becket Rumsey, whose voice is heartwarming, poignant at times, yet also extremely funny. His brother, Billy and his pet snail, are brilliantly written characters too. You find yourself wanting to hug them all.I absolutely adore the way that Lara writes. In fact, her comical voice is so unique, from now on [...]

    4. This was lent to me by a boy in my class to read over the summer and I'm really glad I have. Probably the funniest book I've read in ages with laugh out loud moments on most pages but dealing with big issues of grief, family relationships and even abusive ones, I will definitely be recommending this to my Y4s next year.

    5. I loved this! I think i preferred A Boy Called Hope, but this is certainly a close second. It's a beautiful book, written with so much humour and innocence. The sense of loss throughout is profound, but not depressing, it's a wonderful story of new beginnings and deals excellently with issue of loss in childhood.

    6. Such a sweet novel of love, hope and friendship in troubled times that shows that sometimes things have to get worse before they get better (I now also want a pet snail!)

    7. The story is told from the point of view of Bennett, who along with his Dad and brother have moved house in the middle of the night, leaving their Dad's girlfriend behind. Bennett and Billy are left confused and bewildered by all the changes (unsurprisingly) so decide to turn detective to find out what is going on. We also follow Bennett as he starts a new school and makes new friends, while dealing with his home life and trying to deal with the fact that his mother died years before. I wasn't e [...]

    8. I can see this is going to be a really sweet read but not at all what I'm in mood for at the moment. Leaving until I'm in better reading frame of mind.

    9. Becket Rumsey is a smart, creative and sensitive boy who loves his brother Billy and father. He struggles to find a way to say goodbye to his mother, who sadly passed away when his brother was born. Suddenly one night the three of them run away in the middle of the night leaving dad's girlfriend behind. Lara Wilson has found a way to make this story relate for both young teens and adults. A lovely reflection about the importance of not underestimating children's capacities to deal with serious p [...]

    10. Told from the perspective of Becket, the reader is kept guessing about why his father has mysteriously moved them from what he and his brother Billy considered a happy home. Realistically written in the child's voice with a child's thought processes, the actions of Becket and Billy are believable and (sometimes) hilarious. The brotherly bond was lovely, too.This book covers a topic that is rarely addressed in children's literature (Spoiler Alert): spousal abuse when the abuser is the female in t [...]

    11. Cleverly crafted tale of loss, redemption, and love. The voice of eleven year old Beckett Rumsey is engaging as he and younger brother, Billy, deal with the loss of their mother, and the recent departure of Dad's girlfriend, Pearl. There are many moments of laughter and tears in a quite subtly complex tale. Relevant for Years 7-8.

    12. Thoroughly enjoyable read. Beckett, and his younger brother Billy are trying to cope with life without their dead mother. Poignantly told, with lots of humour, and in spite of all sorts of problems with school and dad's girlfriend Pearl, the happy ending does eventually happen. Paper cranes and butterflies are also essential parts of the story.

    13. What a great book to show children that, if you look a little deeper, nobody is 'normal' and everybody has a story to tell, even if they don't want to tell it. The special relationship between Beckett and his brother Billy is heart-warming as is the protective way the boys feel about their dad. I am really glad I read this book and will be recommending it to my Year 6 students.

    14. This book conveys my reasons for loving children literature, no matter what my age number is.The story is sweet and lovely with witty jokes to complete this amazing work. I enjoy very much reading this book for it's not only readable with normal things that happen to a family but also its wise life lessons for all ages readers.

    15. An absolutely lovely read! Heartwarming, funny and with endearing characters. Lara Williamson tackles topics that are hard to process throughout childhood with understanding and kindness. Any one of her books are a delight to read!

    16. Funny and heartbreakingly sad at the same time, this book was wonderful. Brian the snail may be my fav character ever!

    17. It's a very nice and simple story about family , goodbye and new beginning. Becket is the real rolemodel of a good brother. There is something special within it's simple story which teach us that goodbye is not always the end.

    18. So what did I think?I’d been eagerly awaiting Lara Williamson’s new book The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair, having thoroughly loved A Boy Called Hope, and was really interested to see where Lara would go next. In a lot of ways there are similar themes between the two, although they are very different stories. They both portray working class families with warmth and humour in the face of adversity; and deal with the aftermath of emotions and confusion that children feel as they inte [...]

    19. I was pleased that we picked this book after thoroughly enjoying Lara Williamson’s debut. I was especially intrigued by the title. Although there are some similarities between this book and Lara’s debut they are different stories with different but wonderful characters. The Boy Who Sailed The Ocean In An Armchair is about emotions. It’s about bereavement and difficult family situations.The story starts with brothers Becket and Billy trying to work out why their Dad has left his long term g [...]

    20. I’m always a bit sad when a year of Beth and Chrissi do Kid-Lit comes to an end as we enjoy it so much! For the final book of the year we chose The Boy Who Sailed The Ocean In An Armchair, partially because of the brilliant title and partially because of the great reviews on GoodReads. Apart from that, we really didn’t know much about it. It was only when I read the “about the author” part at the epilogue of the book that I realised that this was the author who also wrote the book A Boy [...]

    21. Sensitive treatment of a difficult subject: Modern family are frequently complex with single parents, separations, divorces, remarriages and many other combinations and variations in between. For adults this is a testing time, but for children of all ages, it’s often incomprehensible.In “The Boy Who Sailed the Ocean in an Armchair”, the author Lara Williamson, follows the lives of the brothers Billy and Becket Rumsey. With no mother their father is doing his best to give them a family life [...]

    22. A lovely story about two young boys coping with the loss of their mum. The voice of Beckett Rumsey the narrator and POV character of the book is so clear and quirky, and the tone is sad an humorous at the same time. I particularly love Lara Williamson's unique and funny similies which are so individual to her characters and add so much to the voice. Billy, Becket's little brother, is a fun character too, and the way Beckett cares and looks out for him throughout the story is so endearing. They b [...]

    23. Thank you to my eldest for letting me borrow this off her shelf - having run out of new books to read myself! As a parent, this beautiful and beautifully written book about two brothers, their dad and their set-out-to-sea family brought me a real mix of emotions. The story of their journey is written straight from the heart and - often very funny haha - thoughts of, 11 year old Becket. I don't like to write too much about the story as it takes away from your own discovery, but all I say is, i th [...]

    24. Both funny and movingI read this to my year five class this year and we absolutely loved it. They could identify with the school parts and the friendship problems, and I think it helped quite a few of them to realise that there are others (albeit fictional characters) in situations similar to themselves. It ticks all the emotional boxes - thrilling, upsetting, tense, with a huge dose of humour to lighten it. Some parts were hilarious and the children went home talking to their parents about the [...]

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