Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery

Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery New York Times bestselling author Jenny Colgan dishes up another delightful holiday story about the residents in an idyllic Cornish village who must join forces to save Christmas In the Cornish coasta

  • Title: Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery
  • Author: Jenny Colgan
  • ISBN: 9780062662996
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Jenny Colgan dishes up another delightful holiday story about the residents in an idyllic Cornish village who must join forces to save Christmas.In the Cornish coastal village of Mount Polbearne, the Christmas season has arrived It s a joyous time for family, friends, and feasting as decorations sparkle along the town s winding streets anNew York Times bestselling author Jenny Colgan dishes up another delightful holiday story about the residents in an idyllic Cornish village who must join forces to save Christmas.In the Cornish coastal village of Mount Polbearne, the Christmas season has arrived It s a joyous time for family, friends, and feasting as decorations sparkle along the town s winding streets and shop windows feature buoyant, festive displays And in Polly s Little Beach Street bakery, the aromas of gingerbread cookies and other treats tempt people in from the cold.Though Polly is busy keeping up with the demands of the season, she still makes time for her beekeeper boyfriend, Huckle She s especially happy to be celebrating the holiday this year with him, and can t wait to cuddle up in front of the fireplace with a cup of eggnog on Christmas Eve.But holiday bliss soon gives way to panic when a storm cuts the village off from the mainland Now it will take all of the villagers to work together in order to ensure everyone has a Merry Christmas.

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      Jenny Colgan is the author of numerous bestselling novels, including The Little Shop of Happy Ever After and Summer at the Little Beach Street Bakery , which are also published by Sphere Meet Me at the Cupcake Caf won the 2012 Melissa Nathan Award for Comedy Romance and was a Sunday Times Top Ten bestseller, as was Welcome to Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop of Dreams , which won the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year Award 2013 For about Jenny, visit her website and her Facebook page, or follow her on Twitter.Jenny Colgan has also been published under the name Jenny T Colgan.

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    1. This was a great book to read while snowed in over Christmas light, cute, and festive. I often have trouble connecting with the characters when I don't start from the beginning of a series, but it wasn't really a problem here. Starting from the beginning may have added a little to my enjoyment, but I never felt lost or had to keep going back to remind myself who a character was. They're all quite unique. Of course, one of my favorite parts of the story is the pet puffin, Neil. I just can't resis [...]

    2. Abgebrochen auf Seite 98.Neee, das Buch hat mir so ÜBERHAUPT nicht gefallen, obwohl so, so viele diese Reihe ja zu lieben scheinen. Aber ich fand den Schreibstil fürchterlich und die Geschichte SO flach, dass es mich eher an einen Groschenroman erinnerte.Schade Marmelade.

    3. As much as I am a fan of crime and psychological thrillers, there's something about Jenny Colgan's writing that makes me do a meerkat impression whenever I hear she has a new book coming out and this one was no exception. Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery is a heartwarminly wonderful slice of Christmas and it sees the return to the beautifully described coastal village of Mount Polbearne. Even more exciting was "seeing" one of my favourite characters - Neil the puffin. Yes, ok the othe [...]

    4. Dual review with Swedish first and then English!SWEDISH REVIEWVilken härlig bok. Jag har inte läst de två tidigare böckerna om Polly Waterfords äventyr i Mount Polbearne, men jag längtar efter att göra det. Jag blev faktiskt förvånad över hur allvarlig bokens tema var, självklart fanns det en hel del roliga stunder, men boken tog upp allvarliga frågor som Kerensas STORA hemlighet, samt Pollys egna problem angående en person från hennes förflutna, eller rättare sagt hennes mammas [...]

    5. Sometimes you just want a book that is light and does not require too much mental effort. This book fits that bill. It is a light and frothy feel good read, even though it still manages to cover some deeper issues. It was good to catch up with Polly, who is still running her bakery and living with Neil, the puffin, in the lighthouse she and Huckle have bought. Life is busy in Mount Polbearne and getting busier as Christmas draws nearer. Polly is happy, although she still is resistant to Huckle [...]

    6. I really enjoy this series and am always eager to read more of Neil the puffin! Really lovely to catch up with the characters again too facing the newest challenges in their life. I did race through this as it was so easy to read and fun, although it hasn't been my favourite of the series! Still a wonderfully festive read!

    7. Perhaps if I read the other books in the trilogy I might have enjoyed this a wee bit more? Despite the author's assurances in the beginning that reading the other books isn't necessary; I'd say it might enhance the experience. Partially because I had no connection with any of the characters and a few I was at a loss to see the allure of them? It was a nice story but thankfully a library book.

    8. Completely adorable Christmastime tale about dysfunctional families, romance, finding your passion in life & living with the consequences of your life choices. Polly's a thirty-something baker living in the back of beyond UK. She lives in an old lighthouse with her boyfriend, Huckle, and a puffin named Neil. She provides bread & pastry for the entire village. Everyone loves her. It wasn't always this way She used to live in the city with a normal 9 to 5 job. Her mum is a bit of a recluse [...]

    9. Oh, how I adore this series! This is book 3 and YES, you do have to read the first 2 to fully appreciate this one. If you start here, you rob yourself of the experience of savoring the whole Beach Street story! Loved this one just as much as the others, and the audio was absolute perfection. The accents were excellent and I cracked up every time Reuben talked. If you like sweet English happiness, Jenny Colgan is the author to read. LOVE her books!

    10. With "chick lit" books it's a thin line between fun & frothy and inane. This one was toeing the line for awhile before throwing in the towel and going all-in for inane.

    11. At least the American accent the audio narrator used for the male lead love interest in this one didn't make me want to pull off to the side of the road and throw the CD into the woods.

    12. This is my very first Jenny Colgan, I have never read any of her other books let alone Little Beach street Bakery series. I simply fell in love with the beautiful cover and got this book on a whim. My first impression on this book was, "I probably should have read the previous books in the series before picking this up." When I bought this book, I thought it was a standalone, I didn't know this is a part of a series. So much so, it actually took me a while, probably halfway through the book, to [...]

    13. This was just as cute as book one, though Huckle was annoying me this time around quite a bit, and the over the top richness of some of the characters still grated on me as much as in book one.But apart from that I still liked the characters, and the story kept me well entertained! Finally lives moves forward again and people still grow and change, both as individuals and couples.

    14. I have loved the character of Polly since meeting her in the first book. This one though was just too much drama and was not enjoyable to read. Am glad for the happy ending though for Polly and Huckle.

    15. Näää alltså, jag vet att det här ska vara mys och gulligull och kakor och varmchoklad (och det är mycket sånt också, som jag önskar att jag kunde ta ut och läsa för sig) men det är så mycket som är fel och cringe och daterat med den här boken. Orkar ej.

    16. I listened to Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery on audio. The book was read by Anne-Marie Piazza, I enjoyed her voices for Polly and Kerenesa. However the voices she used for Huck and Reuben who were American and Southern were so terrible it was funny. I think Audible should of employed an actor for the male parts.That aside I did enjoy this book. For the past two Christmases I have listened to the Rosie Hopkin's Sweetshop series which I enjoyed immensely. Rosie's story ended last chri [...]

    17. This is the third book in the Little Beach Street Bakery trilogy by Jenny Colgan. It can be read as a stand alone with no confusion but it's such a good series that I think you need to read them all!In this book, we go back to Mount Polbearne, a small isolated island in Cornwall, England just as the Christmas season is beginning. Polly is the town baker and is trying to keep up with demand from the townspeople plus spend enough time with her boyfriend Huckle and their pet Puffin Neil. Polly and [...]

    18. Another sweet, charming story about Polly, Huckle, and Neil the Puffin. Polly's discovery about her family and relationship with her Mum added a nice emotional dimension to the tale. I hate to say it, but Kerensa and Reuben are my least favorite thing about this story. However, the rest of it, the lovely little village, the food, the town folk, are all so wonderful I let that duo slide. And I forgive the slightly implausible and saccharine ending. I really want a puffin. And I really love this a [...]

    19. Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery is the third and possibly final (say it isn't so!) book with these characters and set in an adorable Cornish coastal village. I recommend reading Little Beach Street Bakery (my review here) and Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery (my review here) before this one. I do think it is possible to catch up on the story without reading the first two books, but why would you want to? You'll get all of the back stories, the character growth, experience living in a [...]

    20. Vraisemblablement dernier volet de la série de la petite boulangerie, Jenny Colgan conclut avec douceur et tendresse cette aventure . Plus que les intrigues, c’est l’univers chaleureux de Polly, ses amis , Neil et le phare qui font qu’il est agréable de passer du temps avec eux . Le premier reste mon préféré mais ce dernier tome ne démérite pas et c’est intéressant de voir le passé de Polly un peu exploré . Au revoir Mont Polbearne !

    21. Colgan's third trip to Mount Polbearne revisits Polly, Huckle, Neil and the rest of the gang. As always, the bakery goods are so delectably described that they will cause readers to want to bake, even if they've never tried before. At times, the drama is a tad overwrought, much of it avoidable with simple communication. Yet the ending brings a sigh of happiness, and things turn out well for all involved (as they typically do in these tales). Knowing there's a happily-ever-after just makes the bo [...]

    22. Christmas at the Little Beach Street Bakery is an adorable, delightful, light book to read.It's the third story in the series starting with Little Beach Street Bakery and Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery. You could read this on it's own but it would be a shame to miss out on Little Beach Street Bakery and Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery where it all began. I've read the whole Puffin series now! Such a cute story.You'll hear all about Polly, the Baker and Huckle and his honey along with [...]

    23. This is the third book in the Little Beach Street Bakery trilogy and again we catch up with Polly, Huckle and the puffin Neil along with all the other characters of Mount Polbearne at Christmas. What I call a 'fluffy' read for this time of year and Jenny Colgan finishes (possibly, who knows) the series off lovely. It's always comforting reading one of her books.

    24. Hooray for Jenny Colgan, and baking, and puffins, and love. I just want to be her friend, and I adore these amazing warm romantic books. 14+*Please note: this review is meant as a recommendation only. Please do not use it in any marketing material, online or in print, without asking permission from me first. Thank you!*

    25. I had not read this author before.I liked this book a lot. Enjoyable fun holiday read. The ending was predictable but had a twist to it. I'll be reading more of Colgan's books.I loved Neil.

    26. A favorite from the start, the series is about Polly and her reclaiming her life and chasing her dream as a bread maker, and with what the author mentions as the last in the series, this book couldn’t have packed more punch, answers or drama into the mix. Polly and Huckle have bought the old lighthouse, and are making do with the draughty windows and endless stairs on the remote Cornish Island. She’s feeling more a part of the community, but the pressure to earn more in the slow season as on [...]

    27. I adore Jenny Colgan' books. They're feel-good, heart-warming escapist reading and they never disappoint. I'm always eager to read Colgan's newest book. The latest North American release is Christmas at Little Beach Street Bakery.If you're already a Jenny Colgan fan, you'll be delighted to know that this is the third book in the Little Beach trilogy. Now, you don't have to have read previous books in this series to enjoy this latest - but you'd appreciate the story more if you had.I adore the (i [...]

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