George R.R. Martin's Doorways

George R R Martin s Doorways Shares ISBN Dr Thomas Mason had a regular life with a regular job and a regular girlfriend Until one night zapped from somewhere else a mysterious young woman named Cat ends up in the E

  • Title: George R.R. Martin's Doorways
  • Author: George R.R. Martin Stefano Martino Charlie Kirchoff Alfredo Rodríguez Shawn Lee Neil Uyetake
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
  • Shares ISBN 1600109160.Dr Thomas Mason had a regular life, with a regular job, and a regular girlfriend Until one night, zapped from somewhere else, a mysterious young woman named Cat ends up in the E.R Pursued by the government and twisted creatures from her own world, Cat inadvertantly embroils Tom in her quest for freedom Which takes him to alternative Earths he nevShares ISBN 1600109160.Dr Thomas Mason had a regular life, with a regular job, and a regular girlfriend Until one night, zapped from somewhere else, a mysterious young woman named Cat ends up in the E.R Pursued by the government and twisted creatures from her own world, Cat inadvertantly embroils Tom in her quest for freedom Which takes him to alternative Earths he never imagined and which he may never get back from

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      316 George R.R. Martin Stefano Martino Charlie Kirchoff Alfredo Rodríguez Shawn Lee Neil Uyetake
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    1. George R.R. Martin Stefano Martino Charlie Kirchoff Alfredo Rodríguez Shawn Lee Neil Uyetake

      George R.R Martin was born September 20, 1948, in Bayonne, New Jersey His father was Raymond Collins Martin, a longshoreman, and his mother was Margaret Brady Martin He has two sisters, Darleen Martin Lapinski and Janet Martin Patten Martin attended Mary Jane Donohoe School and Marist High School He began writing very young, selling monster stories to other neighborhood children for pennies, dramatic readings included Later he became a comic book fan and collector in high school, and began to write fiction for comic fanzines amateur fan magazines Martin s first professional sale was made in 1970 at age 21 The Hero, sold to Galaxy, published in February, 1971 issue Other sales followed In 1970 Martin received a B.S in Journalism from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, graduating summa cum laude He went on to complete a M.S in Journalism in 1971, also from Northwestern As a conscientious objector, Martin did alternative service 1972 1974 with VISTA, attached to Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation He also directed chess tournaments for the Continental Chess Association from 1973 1976, and was a Journalism instructor at Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa, from 1976 1978 He wrote part time throughout the 1970s while working as a VISTA Volunteer, chess director, and teacher In 1975 he married Gale Burnick They divorced in 1979, with no children Martin became a full time writer in 1979 He was writer in residence at Clarke College from 1978 79 Moving on to Hollywood, Martin signed on as a story editor for Twilight Zone at CBS Television in 1986 In 1987 Martin became an Executive Story Consultant for Beauty and the Beast at CBS In 1988 he became a Producer for Beauty and the Beast, then in 1989 moved up to Co Supervising Producer He was Executive Producer for Doorways, a pilot which he wrote for Columbia Pictures Television, which was filmed during 1992 93 Martin s present home is Santa Fe, New Mexico He is a member of Science Fiction Fantasy Writers of America he was South Central Regional Director 1977 1979, and Vice President 1996 1998 , and of Writers Guild of America, West uscmillan author george

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    1. From the foreward we learn that George R. Martin was greenlighted to create a television pilot and series based upon this story, and that he spent about a year on this project, only to see it cancelled through the combination of timing and staff changes at the network. So it has the elements of a television series. We meet the characters -- a human-looking character on the run. check. bounty hunters chasing her. check. the stand-in for the target reader. check. A scenario where each episode they [...]

    2. The best part was the foreword, which says a lot about the book itself. The two pages where Martin describes how this story fit into (and alternately changed where he went with) his life is a fascinating, albeit brief study of how this man came to write winners and losers and then came into his own with the Game of Thrones epic. And then you read "Doorways." Wow, it's bad. It's too simple for such a bright mind, and while you can see how some 1990's big wigs fell in love with the story for TV, i [...]

    3. Rather disappointing. The artwork is so-so as is the story, whose chief weakness is that I never quite believed how the hapless Dr. Mason got roped into traveling with Cat.

    4. In 1991, George R.R. Martin was the showrunner for Doorways, an hour-long science fiction drama about two characters with the ability to traverse alternate universes. A pilot was filmed and six additional scripts were written, but the show never got picked up. Twenty years later, IDW Publishing decided to adapt the pilot script into this four-issue comic book series. This graphic novel did not catch on any better than the old tv pilot. The idea was to eventually adapt Martin's unused scripts, th [...]

    5. A story of an interdimensional traveling girl who is trying to escape from the Dark Lords through portals called Doorways. She stumbles into the present where she meets a doctor. They have an adventure. An interesting story, but not terrific.

    6. It was ok. I read it in one sitting. Meaning, I didn’t put it down for a day and forget about it like I normally do with Hoopla loans.

    7. Way back when, before The Song of Ice and Fire series, bestselling author George R. R Martin was a big guy in Hollywood, working on the new Twilight Zone series, as well as a writer for the Beauty and the Beast TV series. Doorways is the show that very much almost, but ultimately never was. The pilot was filmed and in the process of final editing, but was never given a slot for airing . . . disappearing into the vault of dead shows. Martin still feels sad and very attached to this story, as he i [...]

    8. I received a sneak peak up the upcoming graphic novel George R. R. Martin's Doorways from NetGalley, as a free Advanced Reader's Copy. I am a huge fan of Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, so I jumped at this. Let me start by saying that I only received the first part of this, and this review covers only that. I enjoyed it. The art and coloring was good (comic book quality good, not Rembrandt, of course). The panels flowed well into each other, never leaving me wondering which was next. The brief gl [...]

    9. I'm not a big fantasy reader. I tend towards historical fiction and sci fi, but I've recently discovered George RR Martin's "Game of Thrones" series and I've been absolutely blown away by the scope, drama, stories and, most importantly, the characters. In looking for more Martin, I came across "Doorways", published by IDW. This comic delivers Martin and fantasy fans a story originally developed for tv in the 90's.The first issue of four introduces Cat who appears rather Terminator-like in a stre [...]

    10. I disegni non mi entusiasmano, ma li preferisco senza dubbio a quelli di Tommy Patterson e del suo A Game of Thrones, anche se ora sto aspettando la pubblicazione del quarto volume per comprarlo. All’inizio mi è sembrato che la storia di Doorways procedesse un po’ a scatti, che non avesse abbastanza fluidità. Limiti della sceneggiatura? Adattamento non perfetto? Troppo poco spazio dedicato a spiegare la situazione? Quest’ultimo punto è certamente vero, infatti quando il contesto è più [...]

    11. Although I don't read too many graphic novels, I did read quite a few comics when I was a kid. I don't know if it was because the story for Doorways was originally intended for a television series, or if George R.R. Martin's story-telling skills raised the level a bit, or if I'm just slowly becoming more excepting of this medium as an actual graphic novel instead of just a comic book, but I enjoyed my experience with Doorways more than I have with any graphic novel that I've read to this point. [...]

    12. Ever since I started reading Martin’s “A Song of Ice & Fire” series (aka, “Game of Thrones”), I’ve had a soft spot in my heart for the dude. And his storytelling skills have only been honed over time, and translate well into comic form. “Doorways” just backs that feeling up, 100%.This one-off comic seems a bit like “Witchblade” with all of the girls with metal limbs walking around, but it’s definitely nowhere near that series when it comes to plot. I kind of hope there [...]

    13. I'm tempted to rate this a single star, but that seems a bit too harsh. But be warned: this is the comic version of a TV pilot Martin wrote in the early 1990s for a major network, and thus is filled with all the standard elements of a sci-fi/fantasy series from that era (girl on the run, bounty hunters, a "regular" guy gets involved,) and the concept looks a lot like Sliders: the doorways of the title refers to how they travel between alternate versions of Earth, a "doorway" that appears at a ce [...]

    14. This was originally the idea for a TV show but to be honest it isn't that great of a story so I doubt it would have done brilliantly as a show.I am a big fan of George R R Martin, he is a bamf of fantasy but this just wasn't really that good, kind of like 5th Element meets Sliders but in a really boring way. The characters are okay, a bit predictable and boring nothing really stands out about them. The artwork is not the best but it's okay.I found there were far too many crash bang wallop scenes [...]

    15. Unlike the preceding screenplay in “Dreamsongs”, the Twilight Zone screenplay, “Doorways” is much more of an original Martin invention, rather than something beholden to a television show of the past. The pilot screenplay depicted here was actually shot, in 1992, but was not picked up. The story reeks of early 90s science-fiction conventions, which is sometimes enjoyable, and sometimes a tad groan-inducing. There are no interesting subversions here, and no great characterisation (as a pi [...]

    16. Adapted from the pilot of a failed TV show this is a pretty cool little comic about parallel dimensions. The story is quite familiar: a fugitive from another world being pursued by dark forces and caught in the wake is a normal guy just trying to do the right thing. What's sad is that on it's own the story feels very incomplete, if the TV show had been picked up or if more comics were produced then they could really get some mileage out of the characters and the whole parallel worlds setting. As [...]

    17. I think there would be a lot of potential to this story. Originally, it sounds like he intended this to be a TV show back in the day, and things in the business conspired to prevent this from happening. However, had this happened, perhaps a Song of Ice and Fire would not have, and to us in this world, that seems like a better choice. Of course, walking through one of the "doorways" could take us to a parallel Earth where Doorways is huge and Song of Ice and Fire is turned into a short comic book [...]

    18. Not knowing much about George R R Martin or being a comic reader, I didn't know what to expect from this first installment of the Doorways graphic novel. I was pleasantly surprised.Firstly, the artwork is excellent. The flow of the comic is great.I do like a good sci-fi story and this didn't disappoint. In fact, I am very interested to get myself a copy of the other installments now.I love a good strong female sci-fi character and Cat certainly fit the part. The bad guys looked really bad - the [...]

    19. Sliders beat Geroge RR Martin to the punch but the concept of a monstrous entity pursuing you across worlds is still exciting. I think the best part of this book is the introduction letter by RR Martin himself where he says he wouldn't be the American Tolkien if things had turned out the way he wanted it to at the time. I also discover he's responsible for some of my favorite TV shows as a kid, so one of these days I'll try to throw myself under the wheels of his magnum opus.

    20. I wasn't expecting to like this as much as I did. Great concept, interesting characters and powers. I think it's important to read the preface. In it, Martin talks about how Doorways was originally a script for TV. So if you look at the comic as an episodical story, it leaves a lot of good mystery that could be revealed in later episodes. Could've been a fun tv show. But very happy with Game of Thrones.

    21. Hrm, well, Doorways wasn't bad. Anyone that knows me would know I picked this up solely for its connection to George R. R. Martin. Martin's masterful character development is not really apparent in this work though - probably because the story was meant to play out over many episodes of a show, not in a brief graphic novel. The book hints at the potential for an interesting and engaging story, but doesn't quite flesh it out. Meh.

    22. I was thrilled that this was amazing. Having recently endured the HORRIBLE graphic novelization of Game of Thrones, this was a risk. The comics are based on screenplays that GRRM wrote for a television series which never aired. I hope they will make more of these, super cool concept, interesting characters, good art. Nicely done. DO NOT skip the intro by GRRM.

    23. This is a really good graphic novel; it's an adaptation of a pilot for a potential television series that Martin wrote several years ago. The plot is simple and straight-forward but very well-paced. The art is very pleasing and of a very high-calibre. Martin provides an interesting introduction that really enhances the volume; I hope that there will be a follow-up.

    24. This might seems odd to day, but I actually liked the screenplay version of this better. Credit to the author for predating Sliders, which seems to borrow the main mechanic of this plot. Probably worth a read for a Martin diehard, but as of now this is an unfinished story (unlikely to be completed given the other little project GRRM has going on) so casual fans may want to skip this one.

    25. The art of this book was good, and story was action packed. But it seemed incomplete, the final scene finished in a rush, and there wasn't a proper conclusion. I like the stories which have a good conclusion and overall nice story. I wish there was a sequel to this where everything will be properly done. 3 stars for the artwork. :)

    26. Very interesting, good art, but I felt a bit lost. It is a good enough story to track down another volume and try to figure it out, though. If you like stories of parallel universes and alternate histories, then this is a good choice.

    27. Not a bad comics volume. The story is to be continued. Buffy and Sliders (GRRM's teleplay was written before Sliders) put together. Lots of silent panels. Slim hard cover volume, like Ellison's book. Read in 40 minutes. Based on George R. R. Martin's aborted tv pilot.

    28. Fun romp, although a little cliched now (not as much when it was first written in 1990). Very quick read. It's easy to want more. The writing is George Martin a little better than mediocre. Four stars because the art is so magnificent.

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