The Skye Sisters

The Skye Sisters The order of this series is as followed Bambino Opium Delirious and what you re about to read The Skye Sisters With this storyI don t know yall I honestly have no way of explaining this Alot of sec

  • Title: The Skye Sisters
  • Author: Desirée
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The order of this series is as followed Bambino, Opium, Delirious, and what you re about to read The Skye Sisters With this storyI don t know yall I honestly have no way of explaining this Alot of secrets are revealed, drama finally reveals itself People aren t who they say they are People get shot Protest are heard Folks marching throughout the streets of AtlaThe order of this series is as followed Bambino, Opium, Delirious, and what you re about to read The Skye Sisters With this storyI don t know yall I honestly have no way of explaining this Alot of secrets are revealed, drama finally reveals itself People aren t who they say they are People get shot Protest are heard Folks marching throughout the streets of Atlanta for justice Violence, and crime break out Young Loso signs his death wish on stage during a live showSomehow these girls Tuesday, Monae, Savannah, and Devyn in the end, remained friends through it all All while these Skye Sistersese dark, rootworking women step foot in Atlanta and unknowingly unleash the inner rage, drama, and secrets of everyone that they come in contact with Supernatural events may or may not occur in this book You ve been warned None of this makes since what I just wrote in the synopsis, but if you re following this series Chances are, you re probably lowkey not even reading this or caring Just downloading, and reading it.

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    1. The Skye Sisters This was a really good book. The Skye Sisters are something else. They are in Atlanta and ready to cause trouble. I love Omni, she has to be my favorite, with Trinity coming in second. I can't wait until Chaos comes out!! Great job Desiree #cafeteria

    2. Y'ALL KNOW THE SHIT BOMB!!! Well !!!!!!! Let me just say I'm so happy I discovered Desiree on Facebook after just being back active on social media. Face book book clubs and all that ? Nah I was cluelessly downloading books from my friends kindle just reading lol , but when I discovered this author? and read her work? Boy I became addicted and intrigued!!! To read something so different and unique. Desiree is in her OWN lane honey and her work is ALWAYS bomb never been disappointed since FTLOAT [...]

    3. Desiree did it again!! This book owes me nothing after reading it! Just an awesome read filled with so much animation. The talent this author has and how she is able to combine so many characters and they each have a story line is amazing. I enjoyed reading this book and piecing together all of the answers to the questions from the last book. I'm also glad that the book didn't end with a cliff hanger instead it is a great transition into the Skye Sisters series. One of my favorite scenes (yes I [...]

    4. Addicting!!! You Won't Be Dissapointed!! Now!!! I have been a fan for a good minute. When Bambino was released and I realized it was about the "other" Carters, I really wasn't interested. After several months of a book fright, I decided to go ahead and start this series. I was expecting to like it since Shiloh is Bae, and I felt it couldn't get any better than that!! I was soooo WRONG!!! This has to be the best series I have read in a long time!!!! I haven't laughed and smiled so hard while read [...]

    5. Black Magic in the ATL SkyesYou never know who's lurking in these streets of Atlanta. Thieves, Journalists, sex traffickers, corrupt politicians.& in some dark places, you may find a sprinkle of hocus pocus. As always Desiree does it again. Come take another ride with her in this intrguing tale. For some the journey is just beginning while others have made it to their destinationEither way, it's a trip you dont want to miss Sidenote: Please read in order. Like from the very beginning! Dont c [...]

    6. I love it!!!Desiree is a true genius. I love how she makes all these characters' stories just flow together. From her very first book until her current novel I have met and became friends with at least 30 different characters. I feel like I live in Atlanta with the Carters running shit and Frank Turner as the mayor. I love how Desiree can transition in the middle of a book from one family's story to another. Each novel quickly become a my favorite. I am in love with the Skye Sisters and I can't [...]

    7. OMG!!!I don't know where to start. This book was good from beginning to end. The Skye Sisters are something else mixed in with the Carter's and you get a whole other breed lol. I am happy for Tuesday. I hated the way Savannah treated her. It was not her fault she was just a child. I knew Loso was going to do Tru like that. Her cousin tried to warn her. I wanna know more about Trinity. She is lost and need her dad. Yayo and Tru fell off but I am glad they got it together. It was so much going on. [...]

    8. The Skye is the LimitAs always Desiree never disappoints. Leaving us readers like addicts waiting impatiently for our next fix. These sisters are everything I expected and more, love, bickering, a tinge of jealously and the things all sisters are with the mysteriousness that makes me want to get to know them even better. I love the mind of Desiree how she can come up with all these characters, keep them different and entertaining is out of this world. I'm hooked anything she writes I'll definite [...]

    9. In love with Junie CARTER, still, and NEVEAH Skye's love. The author's description is on point with these Atlanta guys.Jason FREEMAN and Diega aka Tuesday CARTER are a trip!His brother, Tucker FREEMAN and OMINAYA Skye, what?!Next, there is Devyn TURNER and DeMarco CARTER with their ride or die relationship.Paris, poor a$$, with Savannah FREEMAN, rich a$$, is having his baby, yeah.Monae and Stacey TURNER are an interesting couple.Caroline and her sister TRINITY Skye are tough. Maybe Andre will so [...]

    10. Always Amazed.Man! This book had everything in it. Love. Drama. Sex. Action. Political Issues. Racial Issues. Division. Togetherness. It was literally everything!! Desiree's imagination and ability to weave a story together is beyond words. Just super dope man. The witch aspect gives the story a dark side, some suspense. The full of pife charecters make things light and funny. The human trafficking aspect brings about a sense of awareness. Awareness to a topic that is always swept under the rug. [...]

    11. Amazing as usual!!What can I say?!! Desiree's pen game is off the charts. I'm born and raised in Atlanta, and when I'm reading, I feel like I can go find these characters and see these things happening for real. She always tells a believable story and make you completely relate to every character. She always leaves you feigning for the next release. I enjoyed reading about how the Skye sisters ended up intertwined with everyone else, although initially they were against everyone. This book was f [...]

    12. 👏👏👏👏AWESOME😍😍😍😍Desiree GIRRRRLLLL.YOU Did it AGAIN!!👊 I am Sooooo ready for 'Chaos' because 'The Skye Sisters' was THE Bomb!💯💯 I read the synopsis and you stated, "I don't know y'all-I hope U enjoy"well let Me say it NOW, "As with ALL the other series (ALL The Carter books, Opium, Delirious, ETC.) this was Absolutely 1 of your Best writings, thus far"!👌 I thoroughly Enjoyed it & was (Sadly😞) completely finished reading within a day and 1/2. was just tha [...]

    13. The Skye SisterNooooooo I'm finally finished reading all of Desiree books! This one is my favorite one! I love Trinity and her crazy self. The porch seen with her and Uno is the funniest scene ever! I can't wait to see how Ominaya and Tucker get together. I want Moe with Gunner but they need to grow first. My baby girl Tuesday is RICH BIHHHHH!!! Lol! I'm so happy she got the ending she deserved. Her and Jason are too cute together. I hated Shelby old butt and Savannah had her moments. Paris and [...]

    14. Wow! DESIREE GRANGER IS THE TRUTH! This book was good from beginning to end! I couldn't put it down at all! If I didn't have to sleep I would have finished it some time this morning! Wow! I'm sad and happy at the same time, I hate to see this book end! I loved loved loved it!!!!!!!!! I wish she could write a book every week! I felt like I was watching a movie! Her books can easily b turned into movies!!!! Wow! Idk how to even find another book that even compares to this! Im going to b stuck for [...]

    15. Beginning to end REThis book is sooooo good from the beginning to the end that I want to slap somebody for real! It's like this author just pulls you into these characters and these scenes are so real and believable. I love her writing style and how she tells the stories and the way she connects the characters is simply great writing skills. I don't like to give away the story sooooo you'll just have to read it for yourself and PLEASE start from the beginning of her books so you won't be lost. C [...]

    16. Desiree has done it againI enjoyed getting to know these Skye sisters a little more and already cannot wait to get to know them a little better. Hoping the little glimpse of the future sisterhood between Tuesday, Devin, Savannah, Monae and the newest characters and other daughter of Frank Francesca was real. So want to read about the weddings and see their babies born. That dang Omnin she better stop her madness messing with Tucker. And I see Siren is still a skank. Oh and Tuesday talking to Chr [...]

    17. Another Hit!!Always a hit!!! I have not read one book by this author that does not leave me captivated, engaged and entertained. She is unlike any author out right now. Her storylines are unique and characters are well developed and relatable. I love how the series have intertwined and created their own little Atlanta!! The Skye Sisters have definitely taken it to a whole other level!!

    18. And another hit!The story just kept getting better and better! I truly enjoyed reading about those Skye Sisters. I think Trinity is my favorite with Omni a close second. Tucker does not know who he's messing with. Glad to see issues resolved with Diega. I want Moe to be happy with herself first, she needs to be single for a minute! Trudy and Loso, couldn't stand her for some reason. Jason, Jason, Jason smh. Crazy families. Free Yakobi!! Let's get Chaos started!!

    19. InterestingIt just seemed like a lot was going on in the book. Trying to keep up with all the different people and their stories is a lot. It probably didn't help that I started with this book. I understand there are other before it. Maybe you can understand it more. It doesn't go into their Rottweiler background enough. I found myself wanting to know more about their abilities. The writer hit on something just needs to find a true plot and stick with it

    20. Love it😍I must say the book was great! I love how everyone came together & put they difference aside I was #teamMoe&Stacey from the last book. They situationship was sooo cute, I would love if Stacey is the one she ended up with @ the end However Jason grew on me in this book cause I wasn't really a fan of his. #TeamOmni&Tucker. Can't wait for Chaos to come out next!!! Great job Desiree👏👏

    21. Amazing!Desiree is an amazing story teller. I swear I felt every single emotion while reading this book. I was rolling 😂 at the dance scene and when Junie found out about the pregnancy. I loved how the stories ended leading up to the Skye sisters takeover. Now I need for Moe and Gunner to be together so Trudy can be with Stacey and Omni to be with Tucker. Omni and Trinity are my girls now. Ready for Chaos in Atlanta!!Great job!

    22. YoriJoI have been a fan of this author for a minute Desiree books never fail me and the Carter series has to be one of my favorites.The author has a personal touch with each and every one of The Cafeteria Mates. If you like to read, and want to be entertain start reading, the first book of this Cater Saga "for the love of ATL"

    23. FireAmazing. I am never disappointed with you desiree. This was a solid wrap up. I like the way it ended. What the heck did yayo do to get 6 months? Please answer that in your blog. Or in chaos. Also how trudy ended up with you know who. And can stacey have some more closure. I like Junie and navaeh together. Siren reminds me of a spoiled little brat.

    24. Loved the sisters!!!I loved Trinity and Omni. Can't wait to learn more about Caroline. Jason and Tuesday are still my favorite couple but I like Stacey and More together too. Love the different bonds and friendships in the book. The characters are so relatable. I could just see the scenes playing out in my head. Another great story by Desiree. Keep em coming. #cafeteria

    25. ApplauseGREAT read , definitely a page turner. I loved the way Desiree draws you in and makes you feel like your there watching these Skye sister's do their hoodoo lol. "Throw the cross on the porch", lmbo and than you leave your own house, lol I would have did the same. Waiting impatiently for the next.

    26. Honey That 🔴 be shiningMan, why I love all these couples.I just can't get wit Tru mess a**!Rings, babies, LOVE!!!!And a unpected sister like no other.All these people been through.Keep people out ur business n life is great!I will say though, Frank loved him some Tuesday man, yes sick

    27. Another one This book was just as good as the previous stories. I love that there is so many characters with different story lines that keep the story going. My favorite part from this book was the club scene because everyone was there. Except one person I'm not going to say who but I wonder where they were and if they were mentioned a little later. Keep up the good work.

    28. WonderfulDesiree, you are a genius. You have me totally hooked, from writing about the Carter and Freeman families. I liked how you have woven the Turner's and the Skye sisters into the story. I am mixed with so much happiness reading these good and bomb azz books you write. All page turner.

    29. She did it again!I loved the Skye Sisters!!!! Desiree did not disappoint with this one as usual. I can't wait for Chaos. This book has her usual twists and turns that leave you with your jaw dropped wanting more. I love Desiree and her writing style. Just read the book I promise you won't be disappointed.

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