Royal Beast

Royal Beast I didn t know about the secret palace in the woods Not until I held a stolen rose from its gardens A tall dark and mysterious man lives within the palace He s known across the kingdom as the royal b

  • Title: Royal Beast
  • Author: Nikki Chase
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I didn t know about the secret palace in the woods Not until I held a stolen rose from its gardens.A tall, dark, and mysterious man lives within the palace He s known across the kingdom as the royal beast They say he s a monster He also happens to be the crown prince.As punishment for my crime, the prince orders me to spend one month as his prisoner But instead of thrI didn t know about the secret palace in the woods Not until I held a stolen rose from its gardens.A tall, dark, and mysterious man lives within the palace He s known across the kingdom as the royal beast They say he s a monster He also happens to be the crown prince.As punishment for my crime, the prince orders me to spend one month as his prisoner But instead of throwing me into the dungeon, he whisks me into his bedchamber The arrogant bastard says he ll make me beg to give up my virginity.I tell him there s no way in hell that s happening, of course He s the freaking crown prince, and I m just a girl from a provincial town in the middle of nowhere We don t belong together That s obvious.But somehow he knows about my dark, secret desires All he has to do is speak in that low, dominant voice, and I melt into a submissive puddle Despite my reservations, I find myself wanting to surrender my virgin body to the prince and my heart, too I really should stay away But being punished has never felt so good.

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    1. Nikki Chase

      I write contemporary romance featuring bad boy heroes and strong, feisty heroines.

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    1. SUMMARYLife’s not a fairy tale, and princes don’t fall for bookish virgins like me.I didn’t know about the secret palace in the woods. Not until I held a stolen rose from its gardens.A tall, dark, and mysterious man lives within the palace. He’s known across the kingdom as the royal beast. They say he’s a monster. He also happens to be the crown prince.As punishment for my crime, the prince orders me to spend one month as his prisoner. But instead of throwing me into the dungeon, he wh [...]

    2. A very modern take on the Beauty & The Beast story complete with BDSM, paparazzi and celebrity gossip. The main character Rosemary is twenty-one, has two other evil sisters and a unwelcomed suitor named Graham who works as a local cop. Rosemary is described as having big doe like eyes and wavy honey brown hair. She lives in Willowdale, a small quite town with no worries or major issues. Rosemary works in a flower shop to help make ends meat at home since her two sisters refuse to work. One n [...]

    3. I am always waiting to see what this author will come up with next, and I'm never disappointed. Her books are steamy, and this one adds a bit of kink, as we find Crown Prince James waiting attending a BDSM club and meeting the sweet, quiet Rosemary. But before he has the chance to really get to know her the way he wants, she disappears. Not to worry. A chance meeting with her father turns the entire story on its head.This one comes with all of the characters you would expect for a modern Beauty [...]

    4. Once upon a time, a handsome Prince lived alone in his hidden, secret palace. Consequences through a bit of mischief brought the beautiful Rose to his palace door. Prince James lost his heart to the sweet maiden. The world sought to interfere with their connection but true love prevailed. One must read to enjoy all the lovely twists and turns! A modern take on a classic fairy tale is delightful and entertaining. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book. Four stars.

    5. I love Beauty & the Beast and this retelling of a sexy Prince who is into BDSM I couldn't wait to read it. I love reading Prince James & Rosemary story especially how they first meet and how the Prince would do anything just too meet Rosemary again. Great story that will have you reading non-stop. I voluntarily reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy of this book

    6. 5 StarsI received this book for my honest review.I loved this book so much. I don't know where the author keeps coming up with these magnificent reads. She creates with heart.Reading this book kept me enthralled from word one and kept me there till the last page was read.Simply amazingHot hot and more hot. Get the icecubes out.Happy Sexy Reading

    7. A dirty retelling of Beauty and the Beast and yet it is more. Prince James is the heir to the throne but he and his mother were sent to a hidden castle so the king could be unfaithful. Prince James has a little darker sexual desires than some since he likes BDSM but he would never abuse a woman. His first sub accused him of abusing and beating her and people believed her. He was forced to stay in the hidden castle so the public opinion would forget about him. Now he hides himself by disguising h [...]

    8. Wow. This book is H-O-T, HOT! I love this dirty twist on a classic fairy tale. This is a beautiful retelling of Beauty and the Beast for adults only. I'll tell you, I'll never look at Chip the same way again! Nikki Chase's attention to detail is amazing. I watched the new Beauty and the Beast the other night and realized she even got the food served at the first dinner in the palace right! I also loved that she took aspects from both the original story and from Disney's version and meshed them t [...]

    9. Review Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars.A hot & sexy little tale!I received an Advance Reader Copy for Royal Beast written by Nikki Chase and voluntarily reviewed this book. On a special night, a masqueraded Prince James spies Rosemary at The Dungeon, a sex club at a nearby town. Soon thereafter, Prince James comes to the aid of what he realizes is Rosemary’s father, who commits a crime before he leaves for home. The wily Crown Prince uses this situation to his advantage and invents a feasible e [...]

    10. This is a wonderful love story. The Prince, James has been living on his own in a hidden castle and he meets Rosemary an ordinary young lady at a secret sex club. Their meeting was quick and very memorable for each of them. With a chance encounter with Rosemary's father James comes up with a way to get Rosemary and boy oh boy does he get her. Their relationship starts out rocky but quickly turns into them having true feelings of love. After being together for several weeks Rosemary finds out her [...]

    11. A crown prince who has a peculiar sexual taste and hides it from his subjects.One night, while attending a masked sex club, Prince James is charmed by a girl, and by the white bracelet she wore, he realizes she had no Dom as her owner.He goes on to find out who she was until one day, helping a lost stranger near the estate of his castle, James discovers that the man was the father of the girl he was looking for.Rosemary discovers that because of her, her father would have to be stuck in a castle [...]

    12. I give this book 4 1/2 stars.with that said when I started this book I was not sure where the story line was going but I quickly figured out this was a modern fairy tale version of a story like Beauty and the Beast but with some unexpected twists and turns! Rosemary is a small town girl who loves to read, loves flowers and really loves her fatherwell her sisters she loves but they are very critical of her. Rosemary meets James at a club and is immediately taken by him. Her father runs into some [...]

    13. This is my favorite so far from Nikki Chase about a prince, James, who has been secluded in a secret palace since a scandal with an ex 10 years ago. When he sees a man stealing a rose from a garden, a man who he helped, he tells him the rose is for his youngest daughter, Rosemary. Rosemary is a kind and gentle person so when she recieves a cryptic message that she can replace her father to receive the punishment when he was caught stealing, she doesn't hesitate. Little does she know that the per [...]

    14. Loved Royal Breast. A light, easy read that is sweet and steamy, modern take on Beauty and the Beast. Featuring an evil, scheming stepmother, queen. A pair of mean girl sisters. A very sweet, elderly butler. A Dom Prince, with a sweet side, and the kind hearted girl he falls for. James also know as the "Royal Beast", is the crown prince of a small country. A Dom in the BDSM life style he has lived quietly after is former sub publicly accused him of abuse.Rosemary is the youngest daughter of a ha [...]

    15. I voluntarily read an Advanced Reader Copy of Royal Beast. A modern day version of Beauty and the Beast. It baffled me that a community could have modern day technology (cellphones, internet, tabloids, paparazzi, designer clothing, and BDSM clubs) but the town seemed poor. So I would have liked to have had some more entailed background of the kingdom and it's provinces. With that being considered the book flowed well and told a great story. Prince James and Rosemary's relationship blossomed and [...]

    16. I wasn't sure how this story was going to turn out since it is atwist on an old classic, Beauty and the Beast. But Ms. Chase does a very good job of retelling this story. James is the prince with deliciously hot sexy attributes. But he takes an instant liking and possession to Rosemary. He is very deliberate and intense, a very hot character from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed his character immensely. Rosemary is a delightful, a little naive, young lady. She tries to appease her family and [...]

    17. talk about a good fairy tail but a bit different a hot bdsm one Rosemary is the youngest daughter of a good business man but he is having problems and he goes into the beast garden to get a rose for his daughter while he was out and stole it now he is in trouble with the beast and beauty the daughter Rosemary is going to pay for her fathers crime and she thought he would put her in the dungeon for a month but he takes her to his bed and will do things she has secret thoughts of forever and he kn [...]

    18. A Review of Royal Beast by Nikki ChaseJames and Rosemary - 4.5 starsAn exciting retelling of The Beauty and The Beast, but with more daughters and a lot of kinky fun thrown in. The prince in this story is a Dom and he knows about Rosemary's dirty little secret, that she has gone to a sex club, even though she is a virgin. She finds herself excited to learn more about being a submissive and she actually meets James there, but she doesn't know who he is because of the mask that he was wearing. Ver [...]

    19. Having been a huge fan of fairytales while growing up, I have been excited to see the trend in adult romance/erotica give us some grown-up versions to take us from our realities.Royal Beast did not disappoint!While capturing on some highlights from the childhood tale, she took them and made it into a dark and sensual romantic storyline with plot twists and frustrating turns with a modern day theme and a beautiful detail painted picture that kept me intrigued throughout!I am surprised and excited [...]

    20. I enjoyed this modern take on Beauty and the Beast but did have to suspend disbelief at times.The plot is well known so it was up to the setting and characters to make this story stand out in a crowded marketis must be the fifth rewrite of Beauty and the Beast that I've read in the last two months alone.Nikki Chase did not disappointe addition of BDSM elements is a neat twist.The characters are well written and their development is well charted, particularly the "fame hungry" sisters.The only th [...]

    21. **I received this ARC in exchange for an honest voluntary review** This is very different than Nikki's other books. A dark BDSM twist on Beauty & the Beast. Had a good premise going but I never really felt the love connection between Prince James & Rosemary until the near end & even then I didn't really feel it. Good character developments though. There's also a couple contradictions in there that just didn't make sense, like Rosemary being able to read emails on her phone deep in th [...]

    22. I received an ARC for voluntarily reviewing Royal Beast by Nikki ChaseOMG Nikki has done it again. This book is so HOT.Would you go and take the punishment for your father to keep him from ruin for stealing a rose from the royal garden for you? Even if you knew that the prince was known as a beast and has been accused of abusing his last girlfriend? Rosemary agrees to stay for one month with Prince James in exchange for him not prosecuting her father for stealing a rose. Can they keep it to just [...]

    23. I loved this fairy tale based take on Beauty & the Beast, with a darker bend to it. I thought James was a good twisted beast prince. When he meets Rosemary at a secretive BDSM club, it puts her in his path, and James can't help but act on his feelings, even though he had reservations about his actions.This story had plenty of steam and angst, and unsavory characters to round out the fairy tale cast. It was hot and steamy, and very enjoyable. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of t [...]

    24. What happens when a Prince falls for a commoner? What happens when both are into BDSM? Pick this story up for the answers and one hot story. Prince James and Rosemary are a perfect match. Rosemary takes her father's place for a crime that he committed. Both don't know how to handle the feelings that are popping up. This story has some intense scenes that will leave you begging for more. If you want a love story with some BDSM thrown in , pick this up.I voluntarily received a copy for my honest r [...]

    25. Where do I begin? I don't know how she did it , but Nikki Chase managed to turn the classic Beauty and the Beast story into a beautiful modern fairy tale. While adding modern elements to the story she also kept bits and pieces of the classic. There are also a few original ideas added, Everything combined to create a wonderful story, it may have just been me but at times I kept having snippets of songs from a certain movie soundtrack pop into my head I couldn't put this book down. I highly recomm [...]

    26. Beauty & the Beast with a dark twist! I love Nikki Chase's work!!! She never disappoints! I love James as the alpha male who knows what he wants. And he wants Rosemary! Rosemary from the beginning, was a character that I adored. Her love for her family meant more than her freedom. Rosemary & James together was just something else! I enjoyed the interactions between the two of them! I can't wait to read more from Nikki Chase! ***I received an ARC from the author. I reviewed this book volu [...]

    27. This is not the fairy tale your momma used to tell you! This dark and steamy version of a classic fairy tale is well-written with great characters - some you'll love and some you'll love to hate. James fits the beast character perfectly with his overbearing, dominant nature and heart of gold underneath it all. Rosemary is everything he could want in a submissive and more. I loved the dialogue between these two as James often finds himself on the less than dominant side of the conversation. With [...]

    28. This is a Cinderella story with a BDSM component. James is a prince. Rosemary is a commoner. He sees her in the BDSM club and knows he has to have her. When her father owes James, he decides to take his payment from Rosemary. Neither expected to have the feelings that they do for each other. Can they make a go at a relationship with the pressures that they are getting from both sides. This was a cute fast read. I requested a review copy for my opinions on the storyline.

    29. Royal Beast is a wonderful romance/BDSM themed book. Rosemary is such a sweet girl looking after her family which includes her father and two sisters. When her father is caught by the prince picking roses from the kingdoms garden he is punished. James, finding out that Quentin's daughter Rosemary is the one he saw at the BDSM club he owns he makes a deal with him. So begins a month of submission by Rosemary.

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