Pigmalione Una fioraia procace e volgarotta viene educata per scommessa da un professore di fonetica e diventa simile a una principessa ma perde gran parte della sua spontaneit e del suo fascino Una delle opere

  • Title: Pigmalione
  • Author: George Bernard Shaw Francesco Saba Sardi
  • ISBN: 9788804368342
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Una fioraia procace e volgarotta viene educata per scommessa da un professore di fonetica e diventa simile a una principessa, ma perde gran parte della sua spontaneit e del suo fascino Una delle opere pi famose di Shaw.

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      178 George Bernard Shaw Francesco Saba Sardi
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    1. George Bernard Shaw Francesco Saba Sardi

      George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, socialist, and a co founder of the London School of Economics Although his first profitable writing was music and literary criticism, in which capacity he wrote many highly articulate pieces of journalism, his main talent was for drama Over the course of his life he wrote than 60 plays Nearly all his plays address prevailing social problems, but each also includes a vein of comedy that makes their stark themes palatable In these works Shaw examined education, marriage, religion, government, health care, and class privilege.An ardent socialist, Shaw was angered by what he perceived to be the exploitation of the working class He wrote many brochures and speeches for the Fabian Society He became an accomplished orator in the furtherance of its causes, which included gaining equal rights for men and women, alleviating abuses of the working class, rescinding private ownership of productive land, and promoting healthy lifestyles For a short time he was active in local politics, serving on the London County Council.In 1898, Shaw married Charlotte Payne Townshend, a fellow Fabian, whom he survived They settled in Ayot St Lawrence in a house now called Shaw s Corner He is the only person to have been awarded both a Nobel Prize for Literature 1925 and an Oscar 1938 The former for his contributions to literature and the latter for his work on the film Pygmalion adaptation of his play of the same name Shaw wanted to refuse his Nobel Prize outright, as he had no desire for public honours, but he accepted it at his wife s behest She considered it a tribute to Ireland He did reject the monetary award, requesting it be used to finance translation of Swedish books to English.Shaw died at Shaw s Corner, aged 94, from chronic health problems exacerbated by injuries incurred by falling.

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    1. Reposting in honor of George Bernard Shaw's birthday, July 26. I am writing this review to honor my grandmother who recently passed away. I lost track of the number of times we listened to the soundtrack of My Fair Lady either in her car, her apartment, or my house growing up. To me Eliza Doolittle, Henry Higgins, and Colonel Pickering are as much the actors who played them as they are are the memories I created with my grandmother and great aunt while watching the movie or listening to its time [...]

    2. "Eliza has no use for the foolish romantic tradition that all women love to be mastered, if not actually bullied and beaten,"¹ says G.B.Shaw in the afterword to his famous play.¹By the way, I think this quote should be memorized and repeated on the daily basis by the contemporary authors, especially in the YA genre, who attempt to create female characters. Really. Maybe I can start a campaign encouraging authors' awareness of this quote. HmmmmThis was one of the first plays I've ever read, and [...]

    3. This is fun to read out loud in crazy English accents while stomping around your apartment. The neighbors might not like it but screw 'em.

    4. A lot of my reading at the moment seems to revolve around the relationship between art and artist, creator and creation.Reading other reviews on "Pygmalion", I realise how strange my approach to it was, and how disappointed I was at first because my expectations were not met. I chose it as part of a reading challenge I set myself a couple of years ago - to read all Nobel Laureates in literature. The title appealed to me, and I was thrilled to explore a modernist's take on the ancient myth of Pyg [...]

    5. Pygmalion was an ancient Greek legend, who was a sculptor and a king. He fell in love with his own ivory statue of his own ideal woman. He prayed. In response to his prayer, the Goddess gave life to the statue and then the king married it. This much of information was sufficient for me to know why the title of this book was chosen by G.B. Shaw, Pygmalion. I very much liked the character of Mr. Higgins in the play. He is a professor and scientist of phonetics and very confident about his knowledg [...]

    6. I was surprisedis is not a love story. I only vaguely remember the musical, and the outcome I envisioned is not what happens in the play.I remember Eliza Dolittle as a poor flower girl, and the bet between two upper class gentlemen to turn a street "guttersnipe" into a proper lady, but not the horribly chauvinistic treatment she receives or the choices she makes in the end.Totally enjoyed it!

    7. SPOILER!!A fountainhead of inspiration for countless projects, Pygmalion is actually not about love, and, this being a Shaw play, is all about social classes, manners and, what? phonetics. Also about humanity—about the power-play inherent in all types of relationships. Higgins, undeniably a gay man completely up to give the Betty a total overhaul, is not loveable, not even likeable. He's a tyrant—but he is written o-so-well, with British wit to spare. He is the prototypical academic—a soci [...]

    8. If you happen to be the Wayans Brothers and are stuck for ideas about where your next racist, sexist, gratuituously offensive comedy is going to come from, have you considered doing a gender- and color-reversed version of Pygmalion? I feel it has real potential. My first thought is to reunite Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher from Guess Who. Mac, in drag, plays Henrietta, a black linguist who bets her friend Picky (Oprah) that she can turn preppy white-boy Kutcher into a bro' within six weeks. Here' [...]

    9. #9 of my 2018 Shaw ProjectMany people consider this to be Shaw's best play. I'm not among them (nor is Major Barbara for that matter). With that being said, I adore this script. I do feel it is among Shaw's most accessible works. The basis for the much beloved, happily-ever-after Lerner & Lowe musical, George Bernard Shaw’s 1913 play Pygmalion takes a much firmer tack on questions of class distinctions and female independence. Those themes, so dear to Shaw’s progressive heart, end up rat [...]

    10. This is the last book I will finish in 2012 as there are only 6 hours remaining in my day. It is certainly a fitting book (or rather play inside a book) to end the year on. For Pygmalion is a story about new beginnings and about transformation. What better book to symbolise the changing of the year, I say!The classic musical My Fair Lady is perhaps my favourite musical film that I have seen. The acting is superb, the plotting excellent and all the music serves to add to the humorous feel of the [...]

    11. My vision of Eliza Doolittle will always be Audrey Hepburn from the 1964 movie My Fair Lady. But eight years earlier (1956) Julie Andrews nailed her portrayal of Eliza in the Broadway production of the musical. Of course both of these award winning productions were based on George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion. In the first London stage production Eliza was performed by Mrs. Patrick Campbell, Shaw having written it with her in mind because of their unrequited love affair. I enjoyed reading the p [...]

    12. 4/5 stars“I sold flowers. I didn't sell myself. Now you've made a lady of me I'm not fit to sell anything else.”Oh, I loved this play! It is hilarious, wildly entertaining and is also profound in its criticisms of class structure and traditional gender roles. If you have no idea what Pygmalion is, it is based of a Greek myth of the same name. Now, I'm lazy, and can't be bothered paraphrasing the myth to you or even researching it in detail for myself. Pygmalion is more commonly associated wi [...]

    13. Una lectura que no tenía planeada en estos días. Por suerte, el desvío de los planes salió genial.Pigmaliónes una obra de teatro distinta, que hace foco en un tema que no se aborda en estos días y que se lee rapidísimo porque divierte. Así de sencillo. Cuento un poco el argumento, aunque ya muchos deben conocerlo por las versiones cinematográficas: un especialista en fonética (Henry Higgins) se encuentra casualmente con una vendedora de flores (Eliza Doolittle) cuya boca es, sin más n [...]

    14. One of George Bernard Shaw’s most beloved plays, Pygmalion is the work on which the subsequent musical comedy, My Fair Lady, is based. But the two works have important differences. Shaw’s work is far less sentimental and is throughout more ambiguous, especially in its ending. Furthermore, in order that it might be readable, the accents of the various characters are not attempted in the text, except at the very beginning (primarily to show that it would be unreadable if attempted). Those read [...]

    15. দিতাম না, পাঁচ তারা আমি কখনোই দিতাম না, এই নাটক পড়ে পাঁচ তারা দেবো, এই সিদ্ধান্তে মন কখনোই সায় দিতো না, যদি না শেষে ঐ এরপর কী হইলো জুড়ে দেয়া না থাকত।মাত্র পাঁচ দৃশ্যের নাটক (শ-য়ের নাটকে দৃশ্য দেখত [...]

    16. Hear a Yorkshireman, or worse, Hear a Cornishman converse, I'd rather hear a choir singing flat.Chickens cackling in a barn Just like this one! Eliza Garn! Henry I ask you, sir, what sort of word is that? It's "Aoooow" and "Garn" that keep her in her place. Not her wretched clothes and dirty face.Why can't the English teach their children how to speak? This verbal class distinction by now should be antique. If you spoke as she does, sir, Instead of the way you do, Why, you might be selling flowe [...]

    17. Reading the play out loud made me laugh a lot!!! It is smartly funny!!!It is a good piece for the one who is planning to change his or her life radically.

    18. Do any of us understand what we are doing? If we did, would we ever do it? كاش بخش آخر رو نمينوشت. ياد داده چه جوري بايد ميخوندي، انتظار داشته چجوري فكر كني، فلان خط فلان حرف رو زده بوده بعدا ازش فلان جا استفاده كرده انگار يه منتقد تفسير كرده، توضيح داده! :-/

    19. المسرحية رائعة بها كوميديا من نوع خاص احببتهأولا عن اسم المسرحية : "بيجماليون" وهو بطل اسطورة يونانية قديمةكان (بجماليون) نحّات عظيم يكره النساء، لذلك أخذ على نفسه عهدا بألا يتزوج او يفكر في النساء وقرر ان يهب حياته لفنه الذي ابدع فيه، فصنع تمثال من العاج يمثل امرأة جميلة، ول [...]

    20. I really don't know why Pygmalion is still called a romance. I mean, Shaw himself was very dissapointed at the fact that his socialistic drama became a success as a romance. Shaw wanted to liberate his play from the traditional conventions of a romance, that's why he reversed the romantic story by giving a different end, marking Eliza's emancipation and independence. If this was a typical love story, the two protagonists would have been married at the end. But Shaw implies that Mr. Higgings will [...]

    21. “You certainly are a pretty pair of babies, playing with your live doll.”I have seen “My Fair Lady” more times than I can count. I never get tired of it. Whether it’s school and community productions, Audrey Hepburn or Julia Roberts, it’s just a wonderful show.But until now, I’d never read it. And of course, this trumps them all. Pygmalion is only my second book of his, but I can say with confidence that I just love reading George Bernard Shaw. This is a captivating play about rela [...]

    22. This play is the first one that I've read in a very long time. Although I am familiar with My Fair Lady, and I have seen the play a number of times, I had never readPygmalion. I enjoyed the play very much, even though it is a much crueler story than I had anticipated. It's premise is that two men make a bet as to whether they can take a street urchin named Eliza Doolittle and change her to point where society deems her as royalty. After they win, the girl is tossed out into the street with all h [...]

    23. Me he llevado una sorpresa. Hace tropocientos años que ví la pelicula de My Fair Lady con Audrey Hepburn, pero creo recordar que no fue esto lo que me vendieron. XdddTanto es así que me he quedado descolocada y aún no sé si me ha gustado o no, por eso le pongo tres estrellas, bueno realmente 3,5.El caso es que ha habido cosillas que me han molestado y el profesor Higgins me ha parecido odioso y pedante, pero en cambio el final me ha encantado (view spoiler)[veo más lógico que Eliza y Higg [...]

    24. Όταν ήμουν μικρή μία απο τις ταινίες που παιζόταν πάντα στην τηλεόραση στις γιορτές των Χριστουγέννων ,ήταν το "Ωραία μου κυρία" και δεν την έχανα ποτέ μια που ήταν απο τις αγαπημένες μου.Φέτος είπα να διαβάσω επιτέλους και το θεατρικό έργο στο οποίο βασίστηκε η ταινία και ν [...]

    25. Saçma sapan olmadıkları müddetçe romantik komedi türünde film izlemeyi çok severim. My Fair Lady de izlemekten çok keyif aldığım filmlerdendir. Hal böyle olunca Bernard Shaw'un "Dört Oyun" ismiyle yayımlanan kitabının ikinci oyunu olan Pygmalion'a başlarken oldukça heyecanlıydım. Oyunu okumaktan da en az filmi izlemek kadar zevk aldım. Filmle mukayese edecek olursam film, daha çok seyirciyi çekebilmek için olsa gerek, romantizm sosu daha bol bir film. Oyun bu yönüyle b [...]

    26. Me encanto me encanto me encanto.Todo el ensayo/prefacio sobre la lengua inglesa y la fonética de Shaw. La introducción del Profesor Grene. La obra en sí. Es increíble.Reseña completa próximamente

    27. Shaw's Masterpiece16 April 2010 Pygmalion, in my opinion, is Shaw's piece de resistance (if that is how you spell it). It is a masterpiece. While I can simply leave it at that I am compelled to say a lot more about this play, but first, the plot. Two English gentlemen (and when I read this book I wondered if it was implied that they were homosexual) bet as to whether they can take a street urchin and turn her into a lady by teaching her how to speak proper English. They do and the experiment is [...]

    28. “My Fair Lady” is one of my very favorite musicals. I have avoided reading anything by GBS because I don’t care for his political views and because he was critical of Shakespeare. I actually enjoyed reading this play. It was very close to the “My Fair Lady” script, probably because Shaw also wrote the screenplay. (He was the first person to win both a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award.) The ending of “My Fair Lady” has always been a little unsettling for me. The mythical Pygmalion w [...]

    29. George Bernard Shaw's play Pygmalion is a story based on two completely different people and their primary wants. Eliza Doolittle is a flower girl, who has always wanted to be accepted in society and be loved. Henry Higgins is a linguistics professor, who has no respect for women and his main goal is to prove his knowledge to others and make them aware of his existence. Henry Higgins takes Eliza off the streets in order to give her what it is she wants; teaching her the English language and ways [...]

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