Great Northern? A Scottish Adventure of Swallows & Amazons

Great Northern A Scottish Adventure of Swallows Amazons Finally Here is the twelfth and final book in Arthur Ransome s acclaimed Swallows and s series People familiar with his earlier work will recognize the pattern children set out on an adventure this

  • Title: Great Northern? A Scottish Adventure of Swallows & Amazons
  • Author: Arthur Ransome
  • ISBN: 9781567922592
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback
  • Finally Here is the twelfth, and final, book in Arthur Ransome s acclaimed Swallows and s series People familiar with his earlier work will recognize the pattern children set out on an adventure this one off the coast of Scotland with a minimum of parental advice and interference Here, the story centers on a desperate race to thwart the efforts of pernicious egFinally Here is the twelfth, and final, book in Arthur Ransome s acclaimed Swallows and s series People familiar with his earlier work will recognize the pattern children set out on an adventure this one off the coast of Scotland with a minimum of parental advice and interference Here, the story centers on a desperate race to thwart the efforts of pernicious egg collectors threatening the survival of a pair of rare birds not previously known to nest in British waters actually, the bird is the handsome North American Great Northern Diver, commonly called a loon.

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      Arthur Michell Ransome was born in Leeds in 1884 and educated in Windermere and Rugby His family spent their summers at Nibthwaite, to the south of Coniston Water.In 1902, Ransome abandoned a chemistry degree to become a publisher s office boy in London He used this precarious existence to practise writing, producing several minor works before Bohemia in London 1907 , a study of London s artistic scene and his first significant book.An interest in folklore, together with a desire to escape an unhappy first marriage, led Ransome to St Petersburg, where he was ideally placed to observe and report on the Russian Revolution He knew many of the leading Bolsheviks, including Lenin, Radek, Trotsky and the latter s secretary, Evgenia Shvelpina These contacts led to persistent but unproven accusations that he spied for both the Bolsheviks and Britain.Ransome married Evgenia and returned to England in 1924 Settling in the Lake District, he spent the late 1920s as a foreign correspondent and highly respected angling columnist for the Manchester Guardian, before settling down to write Swallows and s and its successors.Today Ransome is best known for his Swallows and s series of novels, 1931 1947 All remain in print and have been widely translated.Arthur Ransome died in June 1967 and is buried at Rusland in the Lake District.

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    1. Loon. Loon = Great Northern Diver and that's the centerpiece of the FINAL and TWELFTH volume of the wonderful Swallows and s outdoor juvenile adventure series. Oh, how sad it is to say farewell to the fictional characters whose lives and adventures wrap up in Scotland.The Walkers, the D's, and the Blacketts along with Captain Flint (Nancy and Peggy Blackett's uncle) have one final adventure together, though Dick and his natural history curiosity and scientific knowledge anchor the plot.Dick has [...]

    2. As a child these were my favourite books, I loved stories of adventure and my family holidayed in the English Lake District where these books are set so I knew the places they visited.Whilst on holiday I would imagine meeting the Swallows and s on every lake. At school my friends and I would play Swallows and s. My best friend Sarah and I, being the only ones who were truly obsessed by the books would take charge and we would, of course, be the s. Sarah was always Nancy and I, Peggy. Whichever o [...]

    3. "Here, you look.what's the matter?""Nothing, nothing," said Titty impatiently, scrumpling her handkerchief into a ball. It really was dreadful, the way her eyes would weep when there was nothing whatever to weep aboutquite the contrary.A great end to the series. On this one the Swallows and s, Dick and Dorothea, and Captain Flint are all out to save a rare type of bird from an egg collector in Scotland. And the McGinty tribe think they are up to no good. There were parts that I found a bit monot [...]

    4. I loved this book on so many levels! The writing is excellent as always. I love each and every character to distraction. The plot is full of suspense and surprises. It was wonderful to see Dick, the Ship's Naturalist, finally getting some credit and recognition! It was bittersweet to read this, knowing that it is the last book of the series, and now all the adventures are truly over. I wish the ending had been more drawn out; it ended abruptly, and I could have used at least a paragraph or two m [...]

    5. Well, except for the two more fantasy books in the series (Missy Lee and Peter Duck), we've listened to the entire series, read by the wonderful Alison Larkin. I wish I'd read these as a kid. I would have loved them in a different way from how I love them now, with the shared experience with my 10-year-old son. It would have added another layer. But anyway, to young or old I can recommend the whole series.

    6. This is the final Swallows and s book that Arthur Ransome completed before his death, and it seems fitting that this includes all of the central characters - the Swallows, s, Dick, Dorothea and even Captain Flint.This story takes the actions to the Scottish Highlands, where Dick discovers some nesting birds with eggs, which he believes to be the rare Great Northern diver. They discover that a naturalist, Mr. Jemmerling, has moored his boat nearby, so Dick takes him a hand-drawn picture of the bi [...]

    7. A complete change of scenery and tonality for the final entry into the Swallows and s. This book sees the Swallows, s, Ds and Cptn Flint on their final days of a sailing trip to the Hebrides of Scotland.The book is a masterclass in taking a very simple plotline and unravelling it for four hundred pages. When boiled down very little happens, but it never drags or feels forced. In fact the book ends rather abruptly, which leaves the reader feeling slightly melancholy that this final chapter in the [...]

    8. A fine and fitting conclusion to one of the best young adult series ever. Ransome's skill is to capture the magic of childhood adventures with spare, direct prose and deft characterization and plotting. The conservationist message that had become a significant theme of some of the later books in the series here reaches its fruition, as the intrepid Swallows, s, and Ds outwit a ruthless collector of bird eggs and skins. The conclusion is moving, while being delicately underplayed, as all Ransome' [...]

    9. This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.Great Northern? is the twelfth and final book in Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and s series. Once again, the Walkers (John, Susan, Titty, and Roger), the Callums (Dorothea and Dick), and the Blacketts (Nancy and Peggy) all come together for an exciting adventure filled with dangers real and imagined. Captain Flint has taken all three sets of explorers on a trip on a borrowed boat, the Sea Bear, which is just about ready to be returned when Dick [...]

    10. This is only the second Ransome book I have read (following on from reading The Big Six). Having only met two of the characters in the previous book, it was a bit confusing to be introduced to so many other characters all at once. Ransome didn't introduce them properly, and I never really did get to know who they all were or where they were all from. Nor did I get to know much about their characters. In light of that, it was hard to take too much of an interest in them. But having said all that, [...]

    11. I loved this book. I love all of Arthur Ransome's children's books in the Swallows and s series. This is a great book for children and adult lover's of children's literature. As in all the Arthur Ransome books, the kids go off on their own and have adventures. There are adults who get involved in this one, but it is the children who take the decisive actions. The protagonists are children and the antagonists are adults. But not all adults are bad.In Great Northern, the ship's Naturalist, Dick, d [...]

    12. And so we say good-bye this is Dick's story, really, but the others all play their part and it's lovely to see how they have all grown up a bit and get on together. The plot is excellent and Ransome captures the sense of place really well. But it's Dick, crouched uncomfortably in his netted hide, watching the Great Northern Divers for hour after hour, that sticks in the mind.There are lots of loose ends at the finish - we don't find out what the laird did, or what happened with the egg collecto [...]

    13. I found this the least satisfying. Almost as though Ransome had got tired of writing the stories.In this last, although there was a part written story, the Swallows, s and Scarabs reform on a cruising holiday with Captain Flint around the Scottish coast.A bit of a one trick pony about a nasty egg collector attempting to steal the eggs of a protected bird, the Great Northern of the title and them trying to stop him. That's it.I found none of the charisma of the previous books and the characters c [...]

    14. An excellent last book in the Swallows and s series. I read a few of these as a child and they remain firm favourites of mine. I love the details of the sailing and how the children build their own imaginative worlds, always on the search for adventure. As a child, circumstances were such that I couldn't get my hands on the whole series - so I bought the lot a few years ago and have treated myself to one a year. It's a bittersweet moment now, reading the last of the series, but I thoroughly enjo [...]

    15. The last full book in the series, and one of my favourites. Dick's discovery of an unusual bird nesting launches the Swallows and s into an adventure in which the danger - a fame-seeking egg collector with a gun - seems very real. The children doing everything they can to protect the birds and their nest - in the name of Science - still speaks volumes in today's conservation conscious world, and while some may find the kilt-wearing, Gaelic-speaking Scottish locals a little much, there's still ch [...]

    16. I found and read the Swallows and s series in my early 20s. I am only sorry I did not find them earlier. Stories of the family's summer adventures are beautifully written, and encourage responsible and creative living. Self reliance, intelligent reasoning skills, and strong imagination with these children provide an excellent backdrop for this series of books, as well as strong roll-models for any youngsters reading them.

    17. We're so sad to say goodbye to all the great characters we've grown to love in these books. We did skip the more "fantasy" installments (Peter Duck and Missee Lee), so we'll go back and read those, but really this was the end of the great adventures. What a ride! I think these will be a big part of Logan's memories of his childhood.

    18. Oh blast, is this really the last of the Swallows and s? I want more! The S&A and D&D are in fine form again, in this sailing and birding adventure. On a self-congratulatory side note, I was pleased to find I recognized the Great Northern Diver as the Common Loon, based on Ransome's drawings (thanks, Mr. Hubley!).

    19. Twelfth and last of the Swallows & s series--and Captain Flint is back. Set on a Scottish island, with one of those unnecessarily intricate plots Nancy Beckett so loved, this is a good finish to the series--still delightful, but you can tell it is coming close to self-parody.

    20. Dick takes center stage in this wonderful final chapter in the lives (as we know them) of the Swallows, s, and Scarabs (D's). I shall miss these explorers, pirates, artist, writers, and scientist, sailors all.

    21. My favourite Swallows and s adventure, possibly because it is set in my home country! Ransome beautifully captures the remote wildness of the Scottish Highlands and fills it with one of his most exciting adventures. My favourite children's author in my favourite part of the world

    22. I love the whole Swallows & s series! But what I'd really like to do is read them all in order -- I didn't recognize some of the characters nor did I know why they were on this sailing trip. But since I don't have all the books, & they're quite difficult to come by

    23. The last in the fabulous _Swallows and s_ series stars Dick Callum, who identifies a rare bird, the Great Northern Diver, usually a North American bird, which was not known to nest in Scotland before.

    24. This one takes a while to get going, but then it's really really exciting! It's the last completed novel of the series and leaves me very thirsty for more.

    25. Like all the Swallows and s books, this is a charming old-fasioned childrens' adventure story. It's set in the Hebrides and centers around the surprise appearance of a rare bird species.

    26. Another great story. Another adventure. I wonder if at the time the conservation theme and species protection was a novel approach for an author.

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