Feathers in the Fire

Feathers in the Fire Every once in a while circumstance traps a group of people in a pattern of tragedy and violence from which they struggle vainly to fight free Thus it was with the Master of Cock Shield Farm Angus Mc

  • Title: Feathers in the Fire
  • Author: Catherine Cookson
  • ISBN: 9780356039329
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every once in a while, circumstance traps a group of people in a pattern of tragedy and violence from which they struggle vainly to fight free Thus it was with the Master of Cock Shield Farm, Angus McBain, a man too easily tempted to sin, and those in and around his household.

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    1. Catherine Cookson

      Catherine Cookson was born in Tyne Dock, the illegitimate daughter of a poverty stricken woman, Kate, who Catherine believed was her older sister Catherine began work in service but eventually moved south to Hastings, where she met and married Tom Cookson, a local grammar school master Although she was originally acclaimed as a regional writer her novel The Round Tower won the Winifred Holtby Award for the best regional novel of 1968 her readership quickly spread throughout the world, and her many best selling novels established her as one of the most popular contemporary woman novelist She received an OBE in 1985, was created a Dame of the British Empire in 1993, and was appointed an Honorary Fellow of St Hilda s College, Oxford, in 1997 For many years she lived near Newcastle upon Tyne.

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    1. Are you the type who reads "Frankenstein" and feels sorry for the monster? I admit that I do just a bit. Maybe that's why I love this book so much.I first read this 10 years ago in 2004 and wanted to reread it to see if it still squeezed my guts. It did. *sigh* I just love this book. No, it's not your feel good, fluffy, life-is-wonderful kind of book. Its raw and even coarse in a couple of places but the story is just un.putwn.able.So the master of the manor isn't quite so pious as he would like [...]

    2. Tho forty years old, this novel still has the capacity to wow. Cookson really outdid herself with this one. Not only is there the usual Cookson scandals, love triangles, and "upstart" stories, but this novel also explores what can happen if a handicap is not handled properly, with love, patience, and care. It can destroy a family as well as the emotional well being of the one with the handicap. Cookson, with an Alfred Hitchcock style, introduces us to a family in 1880s England that is having som [...]

    3. This is a book that I read nearly 40 years ago and have no memory of what the story was about, but I can say that this book led me to a lifelong love of Catherine Cookson's novels.Pregnant and ill in bed with a stomach bug, my neighbour lent me Feathers In the Fire to while away the time. She didn't realise what a great favour she was doing for me. I was totally hooked!I'd never even heard of Catherine Cookson at that time, but since then I have read countless books of hers and she has to be one [...]

    4. Really enjoyed this lusty lark of a book. The characters were so real and I got into it, big time. Read this in the foothills of Idaho on a vacation and it was the perfect read. I think this book really is about Molly and forgiveness. She is a gifted writer to be sure.

    5. Love Catherine Cookson. Read this while on holiday in Northern Ireland which made it even more delicious! Ta-rah!

    6. I was assigned this book in sixth grade. I had to do a book report on it. This would have been about thirty years ago but I have never forgotten this book. Either the story or the memorable characters. It was one of the first 'grown up' books I ever read but my teacher knew I had a voracious love for reading and knew I could handle it. It's an emotionally wrenching book that will stay with you long after the last page.

    7. Catherine cooksonAnother fantastic book by Catherine Cookson. This along with "The Dwelling Place", are so far, my favorites.I love this era and it is so easy to enter that world.

    8. I first read this book in the early 70's, and it's always stuck in my head! Took me awhile to find it again but so worth it! Great book!

    9. At 14 years of age I felt so grown-up because my mother allowed me to read an "adult" novel! I don't remember much of this book except that I loved it and one shocking scene.I can't remember the other Catherine Cookson novels I read and my taste in reading has changed quite a bit, but I loved them when I was younger.

    10. I read all of Catherine Cookson's books some years ago and enjoyed them immensley. I recently re-read all of them and find that on a second look I found them all so very predictable, and was rather disappointed. However I'm sure that it is my tastes that have changed not the calibre of her story telling.

    11. Dog Walking mp3Read By: George Hagan Running Time: 12:25Description - The gradual disintegration of the McBain family and their once-prosperous Tyneside farm in the latter half of the 19th century, and the lives of those families who worked there.

    12. actually STARTED to read and stopped. It is not a feel good book, and at this time I do not feel like continuing. Decided I will NOT try again. I read for pleasure and this book did not give me that but instead a heavy heart.

    13. It's been a long time since I read this book, but was so impressed with this author. The thing that stands out in my mind was the extreme hardships the people went through in old country Britain during the dark ages. I want to pick up her books again.

    14. Just arrived from UK through BM.This is my first book by Catherine Cookson, a real masterpiece; I must read more books by this author.

    15. Taught me a lot about Welsh life and enjoyed the learning as many of my ancestors were Welsh. Second book I read by Cookson

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