Sherbrooke Twins

Sherbrooke Twins Bestselling author Catherine Coulter s beloved Bride series continues with Jason and James Sherbrooke handsome identical twins looking for love

  • Title: Sherbrooke Twins
  • Author: Catherine Coulter
  • ISBN: 9785558607048
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bestselling author Catherine Coulter s beloved Bride series continues with Jason and James Sherbrooke, handsome identical twins looking for love.

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    1. Catherine Coulter

      Catherine Coulter Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sherbrooke Twins book, this is one of the most wanted Catherine Coulter author readers around the world.

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    1. If you don't like romance novels but you want a chuckle now and again, this book is for you. Well, at least I think Coulter was tongue-in-cheek with most of her dialogue. I listened to the CD version and found it to be good company. Now I "have" to go back and start at the beginning of the series!

    2. The greatest thing about this series is seeing previous characters in the current books. I liked this one more than the 1st three books in the series. I've also read Tysen's story, The Scottish Bride which is my favorite of the original bloodline. These books are easy to read and I finished them fairly fast. This one featured the twins of the oldest brother, Douglas Sherbrooke, who was featured in the first book of the series, The Sherbrooke Bride. They are all grown up, and while the story is m [...]

    3. I read this one out of order, and it was a relief to get back into what I'd consider Coulter's stronger stories. (The one set partially in Jamaica was a huge disappointment.) I don't know what it is about Sherbrooke and Sherbrooke-affiliated men (to include Colin Kinross in "The Heiress Bride") bungling their womens' first experiences with lovemaking, but this seems to be a pattern-- and one I'm not sure I particularly care for as a reader. Bungle it, OK. Come back and basically rape your new wi [...]

    4. I enjoyed this installment in the Sherbrooke saga. The mystery kept me guessing until the end. The Sherbrookes are a very likable family, with James and Jason, the twins, fitting right in. I also enjoyed the character of Corrie, a tomboy after my own heart.

    5. The ghost of the Virgin Bride is visiting the Sherbrooke family members to warn of danger to Douglas Sherbrooke, Earl of Northcliffe. Although Douglas prefers to pretend that the ghost doesn't exist, even he must admit something is going on after he is shot. His twin sons, now fully grown, are determined to prevent any further attempts on their beloved father's life and begin searching for the person behind the attempts. In addition, James and Jason must also endure the rigors of the Little Seas [...]

    6. EDITED: Zero rating intended. I stopped shortly after the below review. I could not stay with the book; could not engage with the characters or the story.***On page 74. Struggling to stay with this and not sure I'll finish. I'm ready to give it up soon if something doesn't change.There is a lot of action, going to and fro - and characters. Loads of characters. Too many characters and far, far too much head-hopping. From James to Douglas to Willicomb to James to Corrie. Really, do I need to know [...]

    7. This is the first Catherine Coulter novel I've read and I'm not really looking forward to reading her other works. At last I finished this already, I forced myself since it's been months since I started it and I read other books aside from it. I'm one to finish what I started and I did just that. The pace was a little slow, there were a lot of sub-stories and some humor was the saving grace. I didn't like the twins that much but I liked Corrie's character a lot. She's an innocent tomboy who's re [...]

    8. This was a disappointing venture back into the lives of Alexandra and Douglas Sherbrooke's family. The Sherbrooke Twins, Jason and James, themselves were fairly flat characters while the ladies, Corrie and Judith, were so-so. Alex, Douglas, and their faithful manservant, Willcombe, stole the show whenever they were on the page. The intrigue surrounding the attempts on Douglas' life were thrilling enough, which left me wanting more excitement and less parlor room and ball scenes. Any external or [...]

    9. as Douglas and Alexandra Sherbrooke Earl and Lady of Northcliffe, twins grow to be young men they are just as beautiful as their Aunt Melissande, and not at all like their father, the earl, which riles him to no end. they Get presents and bake goods and all the attention of every young lady and their mother in hopes of marriage. the one young lady no one thought about was their neighbor young Corrie Tybourne-Barrett, a brat he's known since she was three years old. while As twins no one can tell [...]

    10. A historical romance book involving a sweet and innocent girl,Corey that is raised by an aunt. I listened to this book in the car. As I am reflecting on it, the story jumped around a little and I am still having a hard time putting everything together. Corey ends up marrying her childhood friend. I would give it a PG-13 rating as the wedding night was pretty descriptive in the events that happened. Towards the end of the book, it took a turn and there was a little suspense as the fiance of one o [...]

    11. I enjoy Historical Romance. I have read many books by Catherine Coulter. I enjoy other authors as well. I have truly enjoyed the books I have read of the Sherbrooke family. I have read: The Hellion Bride, The Sherbrooke Bride, The Scottish Bride and Lyon's Gate. I wish I knew the names of the books I have missed in between those I have read, in consecutive order. I have found myself enamored of the Sherbrooke family and would love to have those missing books so that I may reread the entire serie [...]

    12. One of my favoriteswhat's not to like with two "beautifully handsome" men as the heroesins! This story concentrates on James, the eldest, and the heir. It was fun, it was poignant, and intriguing. I love a good mystery. I love the Sherbrooke family and I love Catherine Coulter's style of writing about them. It is almost like she is a fly on the wall. She captures their very essence. Luckily I have the next one in the series in my possession. I can continue to the end of the saga without the inte [...]

    13. I had an idea how the book was gonna go because I have already Read the book to the last of this Series, and It was STILL AMAZING! The suspence kept you on the edge of your seat, of course the Romantic love making always keeps your attention. The ending of this book did hint that there was gonna be another book afterwards.(Lyons Gate) It had a good plot, some lines of the book were funny. Then Friends become true lovers, always gotta love the happy endings. This is a good read.

    14. This was a fun book with the second generation of Sherbrookes. The mischievous twins, Jason and James are grown up and breaking hearts. Their good looks (based on the description and my imagination) pretty much gets them anything they want. This story is also with a mystery brought on by their father's past. It was interesting and the outcome was not unexpected. Another good book in the series.

    15. What could possibly be better than the hottest twins ever?!? I loved Jason and James. Corrie was amazing and gave back as well as she got. I loved the banter between her and James and the way Jason would stand off to the side knowing his brother was a goner. With a slightly bittersweet ending, I am excited to read about Jason and how he deals with everything that happened in this book. Plus we get to see James and Jessie Wyndham!!!!

    16. Corrie has forever followed James around-only James, never his twin Jason. The little waif was the only one who could ever tell them apart, and who would have guessed she developed more than just neighborly feelings for JamesBut theres a big problem--someone who held a grudge for nearly thirty years is out to kill James and his father. This is one of my favorite books by Catherine.

    17. All these supposedly non randy boys on their honeymoons all turn out to be randy boys. Can't they control themselves just a little bit they are the ones that is supposed to have experience which is a joke! Great love story and mystery with this book and just love Corey for James a perfect childhood match. Now on to find out what happens with Jason.

    18. Coulter's Sherbrooke series is a great read. These regency romances are beyond the pap of the usual regency romance. Her characters are funny and warm. There's always an adventure, a treasured a family ghost or two, although paranormal is not the focus of her stories.

    19. I like the twins, this story kept me interested and one part actually surprised me. I've only read one other Sherbrooke book (#1 I think), I'll probably add Lyon's Gate to my TBR pile to see how the twins turn out.

    20. I was so looking forward to the book but then I read it and was disappointed. The one naggin question I had was what happened to the daughter that is mentioned in The Courtship? Anyway the book was okay but not one I would reread.

    21. 10 hourspretty balanced between male and female psycheshas women who are evil, and ones who are heroic--both kinds shoot gunssome (silly ) jackoff material and a well disquised sexual spanking for the timid

    22. Grade: C-The two main characters having known each other for their wholes lives and all of a sudden start to regard each other differently. It could have been fun to enjoy the development of the character as they go from friends to lovers, but only the friendship part was worth reading.

    23. Love reading about the Sherbrooke's they are wonderful characters with a great story to tell. This continues the story with Douglas and Alex's twin boys now older and thinking about their future but meanwhile Douglas is shot at and they need to figure out who would want him dead

    24. This was the first of the bride/Catherine Coulter books I've read. The regency books she wrote are about the best.

    25. Still enjoying the sherbrooke series. The romantic mystery combination is good. characters are developing throughout the series. Looking forward to rest of the series.

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