The Tawny Scrawny Lion (Little Golden Storybook)

The Tawny Scrawny Lion Little Golden Storybook In the jungle no animal is safe from a lion s appetite But what happens when a small white rabbit is appointed to talk to the lion about this problem Will the rabbit be the lion s next meal Tawny Scra

  • Title: The Tawny Scrawny Lion (Little Golden Storybook)
  • Author: Kathryn Jackson
  • ISBN: 9780307160492
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the jungle no animal is safe from a lion s appetite But what happens when a small white rabbit is appointed to talk to the lion about this problem Will the rabbit be the lion s next meal Tawny Scrawny Lion, with humorous illustrations by the great Gustaf Tenggren, has entertained generations of readers for over 40 years and is sure to delight generations to come.

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      344 Kathryn Jackson
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      Kathryn Jackson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Tawny Scrawny Lion (Little Golden Storybook) book, this is one of the most wanted Kathryn Jackson author readers around the world.

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    1. I saw this book in a toybox at the barber shop today. I'm sure I've read this numerous times to Karen. I couldn't resist the temptation to read it again. I did get some looks. It was worth it.

    2. Now, like many stories of that era featuring "wild animals", the geography is complete nonsense. Lions coexist with bears and kangaroos. Yes, this is annoying. How annoying probably has a direct relationship to whether or not your beloved Mama read you this book when you were little :) And, like many stories of that era, the biology is also a bit skewed - Lions who eat carrot and fish stew will not be happy and plump, they will be even scrawnier because lions are obligate carnivores. Eating meat [...]

    3. There's a page in this book where the lion has been filled with stew, and he's bummed because he's so full he can't eat all the bunnies. So he asks if he can stick around for a while, and the bunnies all hop up on his belly. The picture that goes with this scene - the look on the lion's face - it's perfection. I had the pleasure of reading this to my three-year-old daughter recently, and she enjoyed it almost as much as I did, though she didn't understand that the lion wanted to eat the bunnies [...]

    4. The Tawny Scrawny Lion was a highlight of my childhood. It is a book I loved so much that I have copies of it put up for hopefully future family members some day. It is a great book to read to children and teach them about working within their spectrum of the environment they reside in. The Lion had to slowly come around to eating lots of healthy things to become healthy not just in body but mind.

    5. This has to be one of the best books of all time. Its sweet simpleness catches the reader's attention, starting with the sad condition of the lion, followed by the accepting nature of the rabbit. I found it taught Christlike principles, such as loving others, the Golden Rule, among others. I read this to all my children, & hope you enjoy reading this to yours.

    6. This book was kinda disturbing to me as a kid because I have always hated stories in which animals or inanimate objects depicted as thinking and feeling like people attempt to eat each other or try to avoid getting eaten. To this day I'm disturbed by M&M's commercials and Chik-fil-A ads in which the talking creatures reason with you to make you less inclined to eat them, and I'm disturbed by talking cereal ads and food packaging that says "Eat me!" or "I'm delicious!" So a whole book in whic [...]

    7. Tawny Scrawny Lion is a classic, hilarious, and heartwarming tale of imaginative telling, and the lesson within is as applicable today as it ever was. I remember my parents reading this to us kids before I could read myself, and I still find myself saying "five fat sisters and four fat brothers" to myself whenever I need reminding that my goal lies beyond some obstacle in my way.That's a lesson for life!!

    8. What do I like best about this book? The fact that when I had my daughter, my cousin sent me a box of "hand me down clothes" and included in the box were a couple childrens books, old childrens books, and old childrens books that I had written my name in. This is one of the books. My name is written on the inside cover in childish print. This book was mine. I read it when I was probably 5 or 6 years old. That is why I like this book.

    9. There's a Tamil saying which, loosely translated, says: Will a tiger eat grass even if it's hungry? The traditional answer is of course supposed to be a resounding 'No'. This book, meant to read out to and enjoy with the kids in your life, tells what happens when a tawny scrawny eternally hungry lion meets a family of fat, happy rabbits and is invited to share their carrot stew. Rollicking fun!

    10. This was always one of my favorite books when I was very small. There was just something about a lion eating carrot stew that struck me as really funny. It's definitely a classic, and I still love the illustrations as an adult, though the lion looks a bit possessed at times. *shrug*

    11. Great story, mini-example where two actors who seem to be in a zero-sum game are able to change their paradigm into a win-win. Also, is warm and sweet and the pictures and lovely and it's completely wonderful!

    12. This is a great book for kids. I still have my copy over 20 years later and when a friend has a baby I'll order up a copy. It's great for a laugh and gives a different spin on the story of the king of the jungle.

    13. A storybook that has held up through the years of time; I read it as a young girl 40 years ago and read it to my children 20 years ago and now reading it to my granddaughter. Tawny lion chases various animals every day of the week they don't like him because he is always catching them but he is also is very hungry. He goes after a rabbit; but instead of catching and eating him he teaches him how to fish and promises him carrot stew when they get back to his home. In the end he gets his mind off [...]

    14. This is a cute little story about a lion that chases after a number of animals every day of the week but can't seem to get full. The animals tried to reason with Tawny about eating them, but couldn't seem to talk any sense into him. Finally they appoint a rabbit to try to talk some sense into him. They introduce him to carrot soup and his days of chasing other animals are over, he's finally fat and happy.

    15. I read this while drinking because it was my birthday and my mum gave it to me as a gift. Apparently I loved it as a child. Not really sure what it taught me but I did cry at the end?

    16. Super cute- wonderful idea and I really can't wait to read it again to my daughter. Those clever rabbits were beyond adorable!

    17. Lion chases all the animals but never gains weight. They send him home with the rabbit, who feeds him bowls of carrot soup, which fattens him up and he doesn't chase the animals anymore.

    18. In this kids' book, the lion chases rabbits trying to eat them until they convince him it would be better to eat carrot stew.I've never been a fan of books that depict animals as desperate to avoid getting eaten. It disturbs the heck out of me, and reading an entire kids' book about a lion trying to make a meal out of characters depicted as having personalities was quite upsetting. Especially since I knew that no real lions are switching to vegetarian diets because their prey provided an alterna [...]

    19. ** spoiler alert **Ada seekor singa yang selalu kelaparan. Dia sampai punya jadwal harian untuk memangsa satu jenis hewan di tiap harinya. Hewan-hewan buruan menjadi gelisah. Mereka meminta tolong kepada kelinci untuk ngobrol dengan singa, bagaimana caranya agar mereka hidup damai.Singa itu tentu saja senang sewaktu diundang kelinci untuk datang ke rumahnya untuk makan semur wortel. Bukan untuk makan semur wortel tapi untuk menyantap kelinci gendut dan sodara-sodaranya. Nyatanya di rumah mereka, [...]

    20. We have the book with audio CD. The story teller's voice and animal sounds are great. I'd never heard this story. It starts off very disturbingly, about the lion eating all the other animals. Then the other animals trick the fat little rabbit into talking with the lion. The rabbit is smart though and convinces the lion not to eat him by telling him that he can come to his house where there are many other fat rabbits. So they go and then they convert the Tawny Scrawny Lion into a vegetarian with [...]

    21. I was very sensitive as a child. The idea of one animal eating another animal bothered me. So, as a consequence, despite the fantastic artwork, I did not really like this book. Fast-forward thirty or so years and I'm working as a children's librarian. For some reason, our department decided to turn this book into a puppet show. I'm working on the "screenplay" for the puppet show, and I suddenly realize how funny this book actually is. My newly-five-year-old son has a very strong and and strange [...]

    22. The classic story about a hungry lion who won't stop eating the other jungle animals and the clever rabbit who tricks him into filling his belly with stew.It's a pretty standard kids' story: problem, cute animals, simple solution. But I can't help but wonder if there's an implied moral; specifically, that eating vegetarian is better (which is great for some but not for others). (Another might be that doing something is better than sitting around in fear.) I'd love to know more about the history [...]

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