The Case of the Postponed Murder

The Case of the Postponed Murder When Mae Farr becomes the presumed stalking victim of wealthy playboy Penn Wentworth she asks Perry for help Wentworth say he merely wants her for forging his name on a check Farr claims he just want

  • Title: The Case of the Postponed Murder
  • Author: Erle Stanley Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780345392299
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When Mae Farr becomes the presumed stalking victim of wealthy playboy Penn Wentworth, she asks Perry for help Wentworth say he merely wants her for forging his name on a check Farr claims he just wants her Mae is willing to play hardball But fatal gunplay rocks the boat leaving Wentworth dead, Mae a wanted woman, and Perry Mason in troubled waters Original.

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      444 Erle Stanley Gardner
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      Erle Stanley Gardner was an American lawyer and author of detective stories who also published under the pseudonyms A.A Fair, Kyle Corning, Charles M Green, Carleton Kendrake, Charles J Kenny, Les Tillray, and Robert Parr.Innovative and restless in his nature, he was bored by the routine of legal practice, the only part of which he enjoyed was trial work and the development of trial strategy In his spare time, he began to write for pulp magazines, which also fostered the early careers of Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler He created many different series characters for the pulps, including the ingenious Lester Leith, a gentleman thief in the tradition of Raffles, and Ken Corning, a crusading lawyer who was the archetype of his most successful creation, the fictional lawyer and crime solver Perry Mason, about whom he wrote than eighty novels With the success of Perry Mason, he gradually reduced his contributions to the pulp magazines, eventually withdrawing from the medium entirely, except for non fiction articles on travel, Western history, and forensic science.See at enpedia wiki Erle_Sta

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    1. I've been reading Gardner's Perry Mason books for many years. Those who are used to really fine mystery writers (in the literary sense) may find Gardner's writing style a bit dry, and the dialog a bit unrealistic. Nonetheless, I still love the general setting: the characters of Perry, Della, Paul, Lt. Tragg, and Hamilton Berger. That, and the ingenious plots, are why I read Perry Mason.On the whole, the ones written by about 1953 are the best. This is the last one, published in 1973, after Gardn [...]

    2. This is the last published novel. As a disclaimer, I must admit that I have read them all, in order. I think Mr. Gardner, or perhaps Jeanne, had this one published to test the readers as to when it was actually written. I think it has all the hallmarks of having been written in the 1930s or 40s, and simply modernized for a later publication. The clues? Sergeant Holcomb had disappeared in favor of Tragg early in the series. Next, the Justice of the Peace instead of a municipal judge would have be [...]

    3. Why do I get the sneaking suspicion Gardner wrote this over a quiet weekend, perked up on chai and chocolate biscuits?Seriously, the 82nd Perry Mason novel (but my first) is murder by numbers. The dialogue is uninventive, the mystery intriguing but ultimately more of an exercise than a narrative, and things plod along smoothly with the clockwork sound of an expert pulp writer. There's nothing really wrong with it, and I like that Gardner is (very lightly) self-parodic in the denouement scene, wh [...]

    4. (3.7)Once again, Perry pulls out legal tricks and proves his client innocent. Della is goals in this book and Paul's hatred of romance at the end makes me laugh.Recommended 13+ for mentioned attempted assault, language, murder, and mild romance of secondary characters.

    5. Pretty okay mystery. It reminded of another yacht murder and so I wasn't enthusiastic about reading this one.

    6. I enjoyed reading The Case of the Postponed Murder. Is it the best mystery ever? OF course not. I wouldn't even say it is the best Perry Mason mystery that I've ever read. But is it worth the quick time it takes? I think so. If you love the characters Perry Mason, Paul Drake, and Della Street, then you'll most likely enjoy reading this one enough. The mystery begins with a woman visiting Mason's office. The would-be-client is concerned about her sister whom she claims is missing. Mason doesn't t [...]

    7. #82 in the Perry Mason series. This final entry in the series was published with the following note: Publisher's Note: "The manuscript for The Case of the Postponed Murder was one of two full-length Perry Mason novels left in Erle Stanley Gardner's pending file at the time of his death in 1970. Although the work was written a few years earlier and set aside, the publishers believe it was ready for publication. But it should be noted that the author had not done his usual final-draft polishing an [...]

    8. Well the last Perry Mason mystery is somewhat sad. The mystery itself is excellent, with Perry Mason getting into the usual trouble he gets into. We even see the reappearance of Sgt. Holcomb after many years. Unfortunately, ESG did not get the opportunity to write a truly final Mason mystery so this has to do. Lt. Tragg is absent, as is Hamilton Burger.The final chapter almost feels like an ending though. Perry and Della go to see a wedding, hinting to Paul that the wedding may inspire others. T [...]

    9. This is the second Perry Mason story that I have read. While not very believable it was again a lot of fun a breezy read. Just the tonic as I trudged through an unpleasant Conrad story.It is hard to pin down what these books are other than "crime stories" as even though you can spot the killer by the formulaic writing they are not who-dunnits or thrillers. You don't have the extra information or leaps of implausibility that Perry has. so the only question that remains is how well will everything [...]

    10. This Perry Mason story was a bit of a disappointment. It started out pretty slow and was a bit boring; although it did pick up later. The last third was much more interesting; it was ok, but not one I'd read again.

    11. Clearly, by the presence of Sgt. Holcomb, this is a much older novel (it was posthumously published from a draft), but it also was better than some of his later books. I really enjoyed this one.

    12. Another sure footed mystery from one of the Masters. Erle Stanley Gardner makes it looks easy but his full drawn characters reflected then current events in a way that is still a kick today.

    13. Mind Blowing Book, Couldn't just keep the book down. Awesome character building, Twists and turns in the end with Perry Mason touch.

    14. This was a fun read. It was one of the last two Perry Mason books written by the author. It is very typical.

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