رحلاتي في العالم

  • Title: رحلاتي في العالم
  • Author: Nawal El-Saadawi نوال السعداوي
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  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
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      352 Nawal El-Saadawi نوال السعداوي
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    About “Nawal El-Saadawi نوال السعداوي”

    1. Nawal El-Saadawi نوال السعداوي

      Nawal El Saadawi Arabic was born in 1931, in a small village outside Cairo Unusually, she and her brothers and sisters were educated together, and she graduated from the University of Cairo Medical School in 1955, specializing in psychiatry For two years, she practiced as a medical doctor, both at the university and in her native Tahla.From 1963 until 1972, Saadawi worked as Director General for Public Health Education for the Egyptian government During this time, she also studied at Columbia University in New York, where she received her Master of Public Health degree in 1966 Her first novel Memoirs of a Woman Doctor was published in Cairo in 1958 In 1972, however, she lost her job in the Egyptian government as a result of political pressure The magazine, Health, which she had founded and edited for than three years, was closed down.From 1973 to 1978 Saadawi worked at the High Institute of Literature and Science It was at this time that she began to write, in works of fiction and non fiction, the books on the oppression of Arab women for which she has become famous Her most famous novel, Woman at Point Zero was published in Beirut in 1973 It was followed in 1976 by God Dies by the Nile and in 1977 by The Hidden Face of Eve Women in the Arab World.In 1981 Nawal El Saadawi publicly criticized the one party rule of President Anwar Sadat, and was subsequently arrested and imprisoned She was released one month after his assassination In 1982, she established the Arab Women s Solidarity Association, which was outlawed in 1991 When, in 1988, her name appeared on a fundamentalist death list, she and her second husband, Sherif Hetata, fled to the USA, where she taught at Duke University and Washington State University She returned to Egypt in 1996.In 2004 she presented herself as a candidate for the presidential elections in Egypt, with a platform of human rights, democracy and greater freedom for women In July 2005, however, she was forced to withdraw her candidacy in the face of ongoing government persecution.Nawal El Saadawi has achieved widespread international recognition for her work She holds honorary doctorates from the universities of York, Illinois at Chicago, St Andrews and Tromso Her many prizes and awards include the Great Minds of the Twentieth Century Prize, awarded by the American Biographical Institute in 2003, the North South Prize from the Council of Europe and the Premi Internacional Catalunya in 2004 Her books have been translated into over 28 languages worldwide They are taught in universities across the world.She now works as a writer, psychiatrist and activist Her most recent novel, entitled Al Riwaya was published in Cairo in 2004.

    180 thoughts on “رحلاتي في العالم”

    1. For me the best part of this collection of travel stories came from the character of their author: an Egyptian woman who studied and became a doctor during the Nasser years and has a series of opportunities to travel. Through her travels we learn about her outlook on the world. An early naive enthusiasm for the Soviet Union, the injustices of women's lives from childhood train journeys when she would have to surrender the window seat to her younger brother, the horrified disgust of an austere, e [...]

    2. ما يميز هذا الكتاب عن معظم كتب أدب الرحلات هو مفهوم السياحة عند نوال السعداوي فالسياحة بالنسبة لها لا تعني ركوب الطائرات والسكن في الفنادق الفخمة ولا حتي مشاهدة الآثار ولكن السياحة في رأيها هي التجول علي الأقدام في الشوارع والحواري المتربة واكتشاف الإنسان في أي مكان وبالذا [...]

    3. قبل شهور كنت أشعر بالأسف فهذا الكتاب غير متوفر إلكترونيا ولكن ها أنا قرأته ورقيا بعدما وجدته في معرض الكتاب بالدار البيضاء رحلاتي في العالم هو كتاب مقالي، عبارة عن مذكرات تروي فيها نوال السعداوي عن رحلاتها في مختلف دول العالم والسبب يعود لعملها كأستاذة جامعية في أمريكا بالا [...]

    4. أكن تقدير من نوع خاص لدكتورة نوال السعداوي بصلابتها وقوتها ، نوع ناتج عن تمسكها بما هي عليه واعتزازها الشديد بنفسها وبأفكارها وجرأتها على المواجهة ونيل حقها.رحلاتـ(ي)في العالمإضافة ياء التخصيص تدل على كون كل رحلة من تلك الرحلات تجربة فريدة لها ، بإثبات شيء ما او اكتساب آخر أ [...]

    5. كتاب جميل جداً وممتع للغاية استمتعت بحب الكاتبة للمغامرة والاستطلاع والرغبة الشديدة للمعرفة ومزج كلام السياسة بالسياحة بالتاريخ بحكايا النساء وحكايا الكتاب . في الحقيقة لم أتمكن من ان اترك الكتاب جلست بالبيت يومين متتالين لإنهائه وفصول الكتاب غنية بالتفاصيل والأحداث والم [...]

    6. عرفني هذا الكتاب على جانب آخر من حياة الدكتورة نوال السعداوي، و منظورها الخاص للأشياء، الذي يتجلى واضحا في التفاصيل التي اتقطتها خلال رحلاتها، فالسياحة بالنسبة لها لا تعني ركوب الطائرات و الفنادق الفخمة، ولد اا حتى مشاهدة الآثار، اكن السياحة تعنى في المقام الأول بالإنسان، [...]

    7. "Di masa kanak-kanak, tanah air adalah tempat curahan kasih saying. Dada ibu saya yang hangat. Merebaknya bau susu. Tangan ayah saya yang memeluk saya di malam yang dingin. Suara nenek saya di malam-malam musim panas ketika menyampaikan dongeng monster dan hantu laut. Aroma roti dan seledri serta buah kaktus. Jeriken di atas kepala Fatima, sepupu saya, yang penuh air dari Sungai Nil. Gelombang-gelombang laut di Aleksandria. Dan teriakan para mahasiswa di jalan-jalan: Mundurlah sang Raja!" (hlm 3 [...]

    8. تمكنت من قراءة هذا الكتاب منذ زمن بعيد،ولم اتأخر في العودة لاستعارته واعادة قراءته.رغم اختلافنا مع الافكار المتطرفة والغريبة لنوال السعداويإلا أن هذا الكتاب مميز

    9. أنهيته في يوم، شعرت وكأني أرافقها في كل لحظة، لم أعرف أنها عاشت متواضعة هكذا، عظيمة أقل ما يقال

    10. I read the Indonesian versionPerjalananku Mengelilingi Dunia. It still a nice book. To see the parts of the world which Nawal already seen. And to be honest, it gives me a slight information that there wouldn't be any ideal world. I experienced that West is not always better than East. I understand that this term simply related with political power in this world.But, this book reminds me again and againHow the socio-economic and even religion, sometimes, be parts of the politic interest.Unfortun [...]

    11. Teknik penulisan Nawal El Saadawi memang menarik, ia dengan lancarnya bercerita tentang kesetaraan gender dan penindasan di negara sendiri dan dengan pemikiran independennya ia yakin akan ada REVOLUSI.

    12. Very good inspiring book especially from an Arabic lady with all this courage to see the good and the bad side of this world and to have such an adventures spirits. Moreover, to be able to write it down in such a nice book.

    13. Teknik penulisan Nawal El Saadawi memang menarik, ia dengan lancarnya bercerita tentang kesetaraan gender dan penindasan di negara sendiri dan dengan pemikiran independennya ia yakin akan ada REVOLUSI.

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