The Wind Blew

The Wind Blew The wind blew and blew and blew It blew so hard it took everything with it Mr White s umbrella Priscilla s balloon the twins scarves even the wig on the judge s head But just when the wind was ab

  • Title: The Wind Blew
  • Author: Pat Hutchins
  • ISBN: 9780808589617
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The wind blew, and blew and blew It blew so hard, it took everything with it Mr White s umbrella, Priscilla s balloon, the twins scarves, even the wig on the judge s head But just when the wind was about to carry everything out to sea, it changed its mind

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    1. Pat Hutchins

      Pat Hutchins is an English illustrator and writer of children s books.She won the 1974 Kate Greenaway Medal from the Library Association, recognising the year s best children s book illustration by a British subject The work was The Wind Blew, a picture book in rhyme which she also wrote It shows how a crowd of people anxiously chase their belongings in the wind.

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    1. The Wind Blew is about different aged people and their things as it shows the effects of the wind blowing. The elder man has an umbrella which was blown away from the wind. The little girl had a balloon and the wind took that one too. The wind took a hat and kite up in the air. It tossed a shirt up to the sky. The wind also blew the judge's wig, the letters from the post man and the flag from the flag pole. In the end, the wind stopped and the things came back down, but then the wind started aga [...]

    2. Summary: The wind seems like have a mind of it's own in this story. Everyone involved is having their things swept away into the air, and then all of a sudden, it falls back down. The wind continues on it's journey.Evaluation: I gave this book a 3.8. The pictures in the story were wonderful and the facial expressions of the people in the story added to the mood, which was great! The text was easy to follow. I just personally did not find it very entertaining.Teaching Idea: I would use this as a [...]

    3. Summary: This book talks about the wind. The wind kept blowing and blowing and it was taking everything with it. However, once it was about to take everything it had gathered to the sea, it changed it's mind.Evaluation: I liked this book. I think it was a good book and I know children would enjoy to listen or read it. It rhymes which also makes it more enjoyable for the children. Teaching Idea: I would use this book when teaching cause and effect. We would talk about the cause's and the effect's [...]

    4. This is a fun read aloud book for preschoolers and a useful beginner reader book, but it wasn’t that great, in my opinion.The premise of the wind taking everything away and into the air (and then what happened) was good. But, while the story is fun to read aloud, the rhyme doesn’t quite work in a place or two. And while the illustrations are colorful and fun to match up with what the wind is doing at any particular time, and I think many children will enjoy doing that and will like the color [...]

    5. Summary: This book discusses characteristics of the wind as it blows through a small town. The wind takes away almost every object that it possibly can. It shows readers how forces of nature can impact our lives and take away things such as hats, brooms, scarves and more. During the end of the story, the wind is on a path to the sea and to take all of those items to the sea. However, it throws readers for a loop when the wind takes a different path.Evaluation: I gave this book a 5. I think this [...]

    6. Summary: The book tells the story of wind taking many things into the sky and moving items around. The winds takes away majority of the things in the small town.Evaluation: This book is good for younger grades to teach about weather. "The Wind Blew" has good illustrations and vocabulary terms for younger children. I also think the book would be amusing for young readers, allowing them to imagine the story in their minds. Teaching: This book could used to teach multiple concepts but, I would use [...]

    7. This rhyming picture book is lighthearted, yet conveys the strength and power of the wind. The wind gathers everything in sight as the book continues, until it scatters everyone’s belongings all around, truly portraying how the wind affects us on a windy day. This book could have had a more relevant ending. Rather than introducing a new character on a boat, the author could have tied in one of the possessions that the wind had taken at the beginning of the story in order to make the story feel [...]

    8. The Wind Blew was a story about how the wind can blow objects away and into the sky. Throughout the story, a judge's wig and a Mr. White's umbrella were taken by the wind and the people did not think they were going to get their items back. Eventually the wind stopped and the people collected their objects and all was well in the world. This story was a fun read and explained some characteristics of the wind children need to know about, and a lot of children would be able to relate to this story [...]

    9. Summary: "The Wind Blew" is a book that revolves around the wind. The wind kept blowing and blowing and taking everything with it, until, the wind changed its mind! Evaluation: I rate this book as a 4. I love how the images throughout the book are colorful and vibrant. This book also has a little bit of humor to it, which I believe students would love. Teaching Idea: "The Wind Blew" would be a great book to use for lessons covering sequencing of events and recall. After reading this book, the te [...]

    10. Summary:This book is about the wind. The wind would blow, and blow, and blow so more. This wind would also take everything with it. But, one day, the wind changed it's mind!Evaluation:I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars because the book has a good plot and the illustrations are bright and vibrant. I think students would enjoy this book a lot.Teaching Point:This book would be great to use for a lesson on sequencing or also for recalling events. There are many events that happen in the book, so it w [...]

    11. Good book on where the wind can carry items away in a large gust of wind. There were several items that were blown away like a newspaper, a wig, an umbrella, etc. At the end the gust stops and all the items come back down. Good book for preschool through 1st grade.

    12. This simple picture book shows how the wind will pick up whatever it likes, like mail or a scarf, and set it down on a whim.

    13. The wind blew things up and away on a very windy day. Rhyming story with nicely complementary illustrations.

    14. This is a quick, easy read, and with stories about wind are in short supply, it was a keeper. The story is simple, and I wasn't a huge fan of the art, but the kids liked it, and that's something.

    15. Cute story about the wind. Might be a good one to use during a severe storm to make it a little less scary. We used this as a 'find the object' book.

    16. This book is cute and likeable. I listened to the book online ( youtu/jGEUGoEgRWA ) and she had the cutest voice and commentary.

    17. Read-Aloud Revival Recommendation for May Picture Books. Cute, quick story. Set in Britain; what's not to love about that?

    18. This book tells how the wind blew many different things away. It has a lot of rhyming words to help beginning readers.

    19. The illustrations were lovely. The text was was average. Some of the rhymes were stretching it a bit. I wouldn't use it for a mentor text. It could make a quick read for filling a few minutes of time.

    20. A wonderful, cumulative tale which builds on many devices that Hutchins uses in Rosie's Walk. Each page is a double-page spread with the characters beginning on the verso (left) and gradually, as the tension builds towards the recto (right). Hutchins is an absolute master of the picturebook and I love how there is a constant hint at what is to come in each double-page spread. Her illustrations are bright and engaging with the white sky allowing us to focus on the landscape and the windswept tree [...]

    21. This story was very entertaining to read because of all the different things the wind blew away. This story is about the people of a small town and what happens to them and their belongings when a rough wind comes through town. It is a good story to read to children to entertaint them but also to show them what the wind can do to different things. This book has rhyming in it which is good to introduce to children but also keeps them interested in the story.Learning Experience: After reading the [...]

    22. This book won the Kate Greenway Medal for its illustrations. It's about the wind and how it kept blowing items away from people never seeming satisfied with all that it had already took. After blowing so many items away, it finally stopped which caused the items to drop, and then the wind blew away at sea.I'm not so sure I understand the purpose of this book. The illustrations do a great job exaggerating how strong the wind can blow. I think younger kids would enjoy this book and be curious as t [...]

    23. Hutchins, Pat. (1974). The Wind Blew. New York: Aladdin Paperbacks. Poetry Kate Greenaway Medal This book is a poetry book with a simple pair of rhyming words on each page. The book is about a strong wind that is blowing through the town and taking everyone's things and blowing them in the air. Finally, the wind releases the things and blows off into the sea. The drawings are simple but children would enjoy looking at all of the people chasing after there belongings that the wind took. This woul [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book and the way that the interaction with the wind brought the characters together. However, I found the ending very odd and had to read the last few pages a few times before I really got it. And I imagine that if I had a hard time understanding what was happening at the end, that kids would have an even harder time with it. I would recommend this book to kids in pre-school and early elementary (3 years old-1st grade). I might use it to begin a unit or lesson on wind or to think [...]

    25. I've used this book to teach preschoolers and kindergarteners about how the wind pushes items differently. The wording is short (anyone who reads to young children has run into way-too-wordy books), the pictures give great foreshadowing, and you get to introduce unusual objects like 'hankies'. When I read this book, children test how different materials are moved by air with a fan. Then, they select items to design a sail for a sail-car. Love this book!!

    26. This is a good book about what happens on a windy day. This book talks about what type of things might fly away on a windy day (i.e. balloon, hat, kite, laundry, etc.) It is also a great book for kindergarten children to respond to (i.e. draw your favorite part or something in the middle of the story).

    27. This is a short story about how the wind swept many of the towns people's items away. This could be a great way to integrate science into a lesson with reading. The ending is kind of boring, but the illustrations are very colorful.

    28. This went over fairly well with the story time crowd, since I have a youngish audience and one parent who came it late read it to her daughter. However, it doesn't always rhyme which throws me off when I read it.

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