The Snowman

The Snowman Internationally acclaimed crime writer Jo Nesb s antihero police investigator Harry Hole is back in a bone chilling thriller that will take Hole to the brink of insanity Oslo in November The first s

  • Title: The Snowman
  • Author: Jo Nesbø Seán Barrett
  • ISBN: 9781445006307
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Internationally acclaimed crime writer Jo Nesb s antihero police investigator, Harry Hole, is back in a bone chilling thriller that will take Hole to the brink of insanity Oslo in November The first snow of the season has fallen A boy named Jonas wakes in the night to find his mother gone Out his window, in the cold moonlight, he sees the snowman that inexplicably apInternationally acclaimed crime writer Jo Nesb s antihero police investigator, Harry Hole, is back in a bone chilling thriller that will take Hole to the brink of insanity Oslo in November The first snow of the season has fallen A boy named Jonas wakes in the night to find his mother gone Out his window, in the cold moonlight, he sees the snowman that inexplicably appeared in the yard earlier in the day Around its neck is his mother s pink scarf Hole suspects a link between a menacing letter he s received and the disappearance of Jonas s mother and of perhaps a dozen other women, all of whom went missing on the day of a first snowfall As his investigation deepens, something else emerges he is becoming a pawn in an increasingly terrifying game whose rules are devised and constantly revised by the killer.Fiercely suspenseful, its characters brilliantly realized, its atmosphere permeated with evil, The Snowman is the electrifying work of one of the best crime writers of our time.

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    1. Jo Nesbø Seán Barrett

      Jo Nesb is a bestselling Norwegian author and musician He was born in Oslo and grew up in Molde Nesb graduated from the Norwegian School of Economics with a degree in economics Nesb is primarily famous for his crime novels about Detective Harry Hole, but he is also the main vocals and songwriter for the Norwegian rock band Di Derre In 2007 Nesb also released his first children s book, Doktor Proktors Prompepulver.Series Harry Hole Doktor Proktor

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    1. ”Jonas stood up on one of the kitchen chairs and peered out. And, sure enough, there on the lawn in front of the house was a snowman. It was, as his mother had said, big. It’s eyes and mouth were made with pebbles and the nose was a carrot. The snowman had no hat, cap or scarf, and only one arm, a thin twig Jonas guessed had been taken from the hedge. However, there was something odd about the snowman. It was facing the wrong way. He didn’t know why, but it ought to have been looking out o [...]

    2. This is a re-read for me, it is the 7th in the Harry Hole series set in Oslo, Norway. It is now a major film with Michael Fassbender as Harry, I admit to being intrigued to see how this novel translates into this movie! We have the usual gloomy and downbeat portrayal of Norway, its weather and its people. A young boy finds his mother missing and goes outside. There he finds a snowman has appeared, adorned with a scarf belonging to his mother. Oslo police have Harry investigate with his new partn [...]

    3. I was invited to read 'The Snowman ' by the publisher, prior to its release in cinemas in October 2017, and have given an honest review in exchange.As a little girl I used to love the first snowfall of winter, and the fun that accompanied it, like sledging down hills with complete abandon and snowball fights, but best of all was building a snowman. Great effort went into making this little guy look good - a borrowed cap and scarf from dad - a few buttons from mum's sewing box - however, the snow [...]

    4. So I can’t remember if I’m watching TV or maybe I’m listening to some NPR podcast or something, but I hear about this movie called The Snowman directed by the same guy who did Let the Right One In and based on a novel by this Jo Nesbo dude. Hey! Jo Nesbo! I know that name! I’ve seen his books floating around on . I’ve seen people I know, love, and respect reading, loving, and recommending his books. But I found myself in a bit of a dilemma. I started thinking about all the other times [...]

    5. Intense!!! I loved it!!! I really really liked the authors writing style. It was detailed, unique, and very intricate. I was googling stuff left and right. Lol. I can't wait for the movie with Michael Fassbender!! Yum!!

    6. 2 StarsI am just not a Jo Nesbo fan! I'm sorry I tried. I read 'The Bat' thought well that was dull and confusing. Then everyone was saying don't judge the series by the first two novels. Jump ahead it gets soooo good. So I was like, I will jump so far ahead I will go straight for the book they deemed so good that they made it into a bloody movie. And all I can say is a resounding meh! That's right it was meh very meh.The story follows our functioning alcoholic detective Harry Hole. I'm using th [...]

    7. Here's the thing about the recent popularity of Scandinavian writers and if you're a Nordic Thriller aficionado you couldn't care less about the distinction: the novels are depressed, somber, filled with ennui, a lack of humor, with flawed characters if not suffused with a strong tendency towards determinism; in short, whether you're reading Stieg Larsson, Henning Mankell, or Jo Nesbo you are likely reading Literary Naturalism. If you live in Scandinavia you might consider this par for the cours [...]

    8. if this had been the first book i'd read of the series, it would also be the last. 'the other end!' she exclaimed, removing her hands from her face. 'we'll have to begin at the other end. in bergen!''no,' harry whispered with the last air he had left in his lungs. 'bergen's not an end. could you ?'he looked up at her. saw her dark eyes fill with tears."IT'S MY PERIOD,' she whispered.honestly. i'm amazed i bothered to finish. i was completely unable to get lost in the characters or believe they c [...]

    9. Τέλειο. Η υπόθεση εκτυλίσσεται στο πιο κρύο και από το χιούμορ μου Όσλο όπου ο υπεργαμάτος Χάρι Χόλε καλείται να εξιχνιάσει μια σειρά από στυγερά εγκλήματα, ενός παλαβού που σκοτώνει με ένα συγκεκριμένο μοτίβο τα θύματά του. Δεν είναι εύκολο όμως να τον συλλάβει, γιατί αυτό [...]

    10. Good introduction to the Harry Hole series!I'm glad I read this book and I'll be starting at the beginning of the series. I did not care for Harry Hole by the middle of the book but then his character was better for me by the end. I have a feeling this is due to not knowing his backstory, why he battles alcoholism, why he's a lone wolf and some of the personal demons he struggles with. Once I get more information about his character, I'm sure I'm going to love this guy.So my advice is to start a [...]

    11. Although Nesbo is apparently a household name abroad- especially in his native Norway- he is just starting to receive acclaim in the States. His reputation appears to be well-deserved.Admittedly, I did have to work a little to get into the book at first. The Snowman is the seventh Harry Hole novel, so I felt a bit like I was overhearing the middle of a conversation. I also had somewhat of a learning curve to overcome when it came to the landscape, characters, and the political structure of the N [...]

    12. I can promise you one thing; my days of making snowmen are over. No more! The British winter isn’t far away and if one of my neighbours decides to build a snowman in our quiet, secluded street, I’m booking the first flight to Barbados and running! I’m not kidding; this is one hell of a creepy crime thriller! – They don’t have snow in Barbados do they?UPDATE:Full review and Movie Tie In Post on BlogTwo days ago I entered the world of the snowman and within seven pages I know I was hooke [...]

    13. !!لقد التقيت بكاتب على درجة من الأحترافية التى لم التقيها قبلاًرجل الثلج هو قاتل متسلسل يقتل النساء المتزوجات واللاتي لديهن أطفال لابد وأن هناك شيئاً مشتركاً بينهن جميعاً ؟ قد لاتُبالي بالكشف عن القاتل أمام عبقرية " المحقق هارى" والذي يتمتع بذكاء خارق من حيث ترابط الأحداث وا [...]

    14. PERCHÉ SPARISCONO QUELLI CHE TORNANO Se non avessi visto il trailer del film uscito in questi giorni, che mette insieme Michael Fassbender protagonista e Tomas Alfredson regista, un’abbinata da brividi, probabilmente non avrei letto questo romanzo.Tanto più che ho scoperto essere la settima avventura del commissario Harry Hole, nel frattempo arrivate a undici.E invece, l’ho preso, iniziato, e letto. In quarantotto ore. Cioè, divorato: ho letto sette/otto ore al giorno. Meno male che era u [...]

    15. This is the seventh entry in Jo Nesbo's series featuring Norwegian Police Inspector Harry Hole, and it may be the best thus far. Hole, for those who haven't made his acquaintance, is a maverick who prefers to work alone and to play by his own rules. He struggles with alcohol; his personal life is a mess, and, as a practical matter, he lives for his job.Early in his career, Harry gained some fame, or notoriety as the case may be, for catching a serial killer while he was detailed to a case in Aus [...]

    16. Seek help, Nesbo. You are sick.Somewhat higher ratio of detective work to fluff in this book. A sidekick here knows her business. Very linear writing style (or translation), far better than the mess of book #1 The Bat, but very pedestrian and flat. One very good scene of detectives at work, then more fluff and cliche. And less than 20% in, there is a very unpleasant murder, described in FIRST PERSON victim's detail, brutal and unrelenting, and presented as titillation and gratuitous sick violenc [...]

    17. This is my first Jo Nesbø novel, but it won’t be my last.I’ve wanted to read Nesbø for years, and the fact that this book – considered one of his best – is currently being made into a film, starring Michael Fassbender as the jaded, alcoholic Oslo detective Harry Hole, was a selling point. I bought a three-eBook bundle for $4.99 (including Harry Hole books 7-9), and am so glad I went that route. It helped immensely to be able to search people and place names in seconds. Not being Norweg [...]

    18. This might have been worth three stars, because I quite enjoyed it, but I’ve been stingy and given it just two, because of the disproportionate number of five star ratings it has, which I don’t think it deserves. It’s not a bad read by any means, the story is engaging, gripping at times, and genuinely creepy in places. But it’s far too long, so many red herrings it became tedious, and there were some utterly pointless non-sequiturs (eg the mould man, or was I missing some subtle referenc [...]

    19. Δεν θα πρωτοτυπήσω, με κράτησε από την αρχή μέχρι το τέλος με την καταιγιστική του δράση και τις συνεχείς ανατροπές. Πολύ ενδιαφέρον πορτρέτο του Χάρi Χόλε, δεν γράφω τίποτε άλλο με τον κίνδυνο τυχόν spoilers. Άκρως κινηματογραφικό βιβλίο που ευελπιστώ στην μεταφορά του να αντα [...]

    20. The Snowman is a blizzard of cliches, a swirling maelstrom of silly nightmares and a great mound of nonsense. It's a serial-killer murder-mystery where the narration shifts so much and the details are handed out so inconsistently you feel like the author is leading you around by the nose. The red-herrings are numerous and obvious (multiple times, the police become convinced they've caught the killer; the back-slapping is so strenuous I'm surprised there aren't more injuries) and the depictions o [...]

    21. Όταν στην μέση περίπου του βιβλίου κατάλαβα τον δολοφόνο, ενοχλήθηκα κάπως. Μετά όμως σκέφτηκα ότι μπορεί τον Nesbo να μην τον ενδιαφέρει ο αιφνιδιασμός του αναγνώστη.Οπότε χαλάρωσα και απόλαυσα πράγματι ένα πολύ καλό αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα. Ο Χάρι Χόλε γίνεται ιδιαιτέρως σ [...]

    22. This book met all my requirements for a good thriller:1) It kept me on the edge of my seat for much of the time, AND the loads of suspects and false leads kept me guessing.2) There were interesting characters with not too much backstory on each.3) The suspenseful and bloody buildup led to a satisfying conclusion.Strange, that what chilled me most about the book was not the creepy serial killer, but the thought of someone working diligently in my yard, making a snowman that stares not out onto th [...]

    23. Nesbø creates his best novel in the series to date, placing Harry Hole and the larger cast of characters in a fast-paced race to discover Norway's first serial killer. Hole is investigating a number of murders in and around the Oslo area, after previous detectives could not find tangible clues to tie them together or offer any insight. Hole discovers that all the slain women are married mothers and that a snowman stands outside their residence, a beacon of sorts. Using the apt moniker "The Snow [...]

    24. It's been a so-so reading year for me. Thank God I chose to end it by stalking Lena, Alona, and Sofia. This is one hell of a book. It works on just about every level a good book should. I can't recommend it highly enough. If you like scares or thrills or just a good character study give these books a go.Editing to say the movie is really, really, really bad.

    25. “Did you know that darkness has a taste?”Beware of the snowman in your front yard. It may not be as innocent as it seems!Well, the snowmen in this book are not. Or rather the person who makes them.A well written, suspenseful and atmospheric novel, with morbid storyline, abundant suspects and ample twists and turns. This is my second Jo Nesbo, the 7th in Harry Hole series and definitely not my last.

    26. In this sixth book in the series Police Inspector Harry Hole investigates a number of disappearances/murders in Norway - which he suspects is the work of a serial killer. Over about twenty years a number of women have disappeared, and one is known dead. In each case the woman is married and a mother. In a bizarre twist, a snowman has been left at the site of each disappearance, in one case wearing the pink scarf and containing the cell phone of the victim. This and an anonymous note sent to Harr [...]

    27. Za početa da kažem da sam prvo gledao film. I to je bilo dosta loše iskustvo a pošto svi hvale ovu knjigu odnosno priču morao sam odma da sperem opori ukus pa trkno do Lagune da uzmem svoj primerak. I opet smo u situaciji di je originalno delo daleko kvalitetnije nego njene obrade.Ovo mi je prva knjiga od Nesba tako da nisam bio siguran šta da očekujem ali ono što sam dobio je stvrano opravdalo velika očekivanja. Naravno kao i svaki triler ili misterija početak je konfuzan, ima puno li [...]

    28. I had a little trouble getting into this book but once I did it was gripping and very creepy in places. However, I found it overly long and felt that the complex plot could have been simplified a tad to keep the tension high between killings. As usual for Jo Nesbo the writing was strong and the plot had sufficient false leads and red herrings to make it difficult to identify the killer (although there are early clues pointing in the right direction if you're watching carefully).In the Snowman, H [...]

    29. Χάρι Χόλε. Κυνικός, ευφυέστατος, πολύπλοκος. Ένα συμπαγές άκαμπτο υλικό με ραγίσματα εδώ και εκεί. Με τις αδυναμίες του (το τσιγάρο, την Ράκελ και τον Jim Beam). O αναγνώστης χάρη στη θαυματουργή πένα του Nesbo διεισδύει στον ψυχισμό του ντετέκτιβ που προσπαθεί πάλι να ξετυλίξει το [...]

    30. Πολύ καλά σχεδιασμένο αστυνομικό μυθιστόρημα. Ατμοσφαιρικό, με τρομερή αγωνία για την εξέλιξη της ιστορίας και ως συνήθως η απίστευτη ανατροπή στο τέλος. Όπως και τα προηγούμενα βιβλία του Νέσμπο που διάβασα είναι πολυδιάστατο, αρκετά ψαγμένο και μέσα απ το όλο μυστήριο σ [...]

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