The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist

The Rite The Making of a Modern Exorcist Is demonic possession real Father Gary Thomas was a sceptic until he was sent on a Vatican run course for the training of modern day exorcists What he learned there and his subsequent experiences bat

  • Title: The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist
  • Author: Matt Baglio
  • ISBN: 9781847393555
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback
  • Is demonic possession real Father Gary Thomas was a sceptic until he was sent on a Vatican run course for the training of modern day exorcists What he learned there, and his subsequent experiences battling evil in contemporary exorcisms, changed his mind.Writer Matt Baglio, who met Father Gary on the course, accompanied him on the journey that transformed him from doubIs demonic possession real Father Gary Thomas was a sceptic until he was sent on a Vatican run course for the training of modern day exorcists What he learned there, and his subsequent experiences battling evil in contemporary exorcisms, changed his mind.Writer Matt Baglio, who met Father Gary on the course, accompanied him on the journey that transformed him from doubter into believer, participating in exorcisms and culminating in Father Gary s own fearsome confrontation with the Devil Woven into his story is the fascinating history of exorcism, its rites and rituals, and the ways and reasons that people become possessed Matt Baglio speaks to psychologists and detectives, as well as Vatican clergy and reveals that the truth about demonic possession is not only stranger than fiction, but far chilling.

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    1. Matt Baglio

      Matt Baglio was born and raised in San Diego, California In 1996, he graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a B.A in English Literature After a stint working as an intern and editorial assistant for TransWorld SNOWboarding magazine, Baglio moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a freelancer.In 2000, in an effort to expand his horizons, Baglio took a trip to Europe where he met his future wife in Rome Over the years, he has worked for a variety of news organizations and magazines, including The Associated Press, The American Magazine, The Snowboard Journal, COLORS, Bene, and Homeland Security Today, as well as a host of others.Baglio s interests are varied, and his work has exposed him to topics as diverse as Vatican politics, anti mafia police, the Olympics, and satanic cults Currently, he divides his time between Italy and California The Rite The Making of a Modern Exorcist is his first book.

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    1. This book is SOOOOO Catholic. Not a bad thing if you're reading, for example, something heavy like Pope Benedict's Introduction to Christianity. But with The Rite, what you're getting is something along the lines of an EWTN production. I'm somewhat surprised that this book is gathering so many positive reviews, since its focus is so narrow, pretty much excluding non-Catholic Christians, and non-Christians (demonic possession is a phenomena that goes beyond Christianity). From the get-go the book [...]

    2. Demonic possession is the most stigmatized and stereotyped of all border phenomena. And I say border as I refer to the line between what we consider normal and experiences we can't explain. Perhaps the movies are to blame for our idea of what an exorcism consists of, a little girl screams when splashed with holy water, or a deep evil voice manifests. Neuroscience and psychology associate demonic possession with a call for attention or a misinterpretation of a modern disease like schizophrenia. T [...]

    3. one of my oldest ideas about this is to fill a squirtgun with holy water. another idea is if they have a demon in their head maybe you can make them sleep with their head inside a bag of potatoes and the demon will get lost in one of the potatoes.

    4. This is my third non-fiction book on exorcisms I've read this year, and this one is by far the best. I liked how this book followed a priest from San Jose to Italy so that he could receive the training to become an exorcist. He was ignorant and skeptical to begin with, but once he witnessed real life exorcisms, his views changed dramatically.I learned lots of interesting facts and not surprisingly, demon possession is nothing like the Hollywood portrayal of it. Yes, there are some extreme episod [...]

    5. The most unusual feature about this book, given its subject matter, is that it is absolutely devoid of any of the dramatic excess one usually finds in a book on this topic. It could have been subtitled "Exorcism 101," because the author traces the progress of an American priest in Rome on his journey to becoming an exorcist. Along the way, the book examines the history of exorcism, the importance of doing a psychiatric examination and how symptoms of various psych disorders may resemble demonic [...]

    6. A solid work and reasonable presentation of actual information regarding a Christian perspective on Satan, demons, and exorcism (from the Roman Catholic angle).There is so much trash written and practiced concerning this subject; it is extremely difficult to find real information presented in a rational, theologically sound manner. I read this book in its entirety as an open-minded skeptic, fully expecting to be disappointed but willing to give it a shot. I don't regret it. It is a subject that [...]

    7. I honestly can't make heads or tails of this book. Yes, it was an incredibly interesting read, but a lot of it was very hard to swallow, even for someone like me who unreservedly believes in the existence of demonic spirits. I have no idea how much of the book was factual, and how much was blatant exaggeration. Baglio's no-frills journalistic writing style certainly lends the book an air of credibility, and the exorcists he writes about seem to take great care in ferreting out more naturalistic [...]

    8. The book was awful and extremely boring. I regret wasting so much time on it. I only started reading it, because it seemed interesting, but it is true that you can`t judge a book by its covers. A waste of time and money, if you ask me.

    9. This book follows a Catholic priest from California on his sabbatical in Rome, where he attends a course about exorcism and apprentices with an experienced Italian exorcist. Starting this journey with little more than a Hollywood understanding of demons and exorcism, Fr. Gary experiences just how mundane and boring, as well as frightening and supernatural exorcisms can be as he witnesses over 80 of them. The reader gets to learn about the history, theology, and practicalities of exorcism, curses [...]

    10. While this book has moments of true creep factor, it is not a sensationalist view of exorcism. If you are looking for screaming material go pick up a copy of The Exorcist. The book does contain some interesting facts such as more women than men seek exorcism, and Italy has more exorcism than just about anywhere else. Make what you want out of that, but for my part I do believe that demons exist. I just think the less said about them, the better.That said, I can say the book is written with a jou [...]

    11. Muy buen libro ayuda a profundizar en la realidad del exorcismo desde los ojos de un sacerdote que recién si inicia en esta vida. Profundizar en las materializaciones del mal de los demonios, para muchos puede ser escandaloso e incluso creer que es morboso. Mas la experiencia de entender que no vivimos solo en un mundo material y que hay fuerzas malignas reales, ayuda a aumentar nuestra fe en Cristo por sabemos que el nos protege y el mas fuerte. Y como decía un exorcista en el libro, no hay q [...]

    12. Exorcisms are not a thing of the past. The Catholic clergy of today are studying and applying how to rid someone of demonic possession. “The Rite” walks us through Father Gary’s training in Rome on how to identify a possessed person and perform exorcisms where necessary.The author is clearly passionate about the topic and this comes through in his writing, which he does well. Baglio does spend some time on scientific reasoning and possible explanations, which I greatly appreciated. If you [...]

    13. The Rite: The Making of a Modern Exorcist by Matt Baglio is a fascinating, thorough, and thought-provoking look at exorcism through the perspective of a Catholic priest, Father Gary, reluctantly sent to the Vatican to learn how to become an exorcist. He goes to actual classes and witnesses exorcisms performed by a grizzled Italian priest, Father Carmine. "[W]hen a demon 'possesses' a person, he is merely acting on that person'During a possession the demon is not present; it is connected like a p [...]

    14. This is a strange book in that on the one hand it unquestioningly endorses the need for exorcism within the Roman Catholic religion, and on the other hand, is written as if to appeal to the wow-factor for modern-day 'possession' by demons. In the latter sense the book follows the 'making' of a modern exorcist priest as he gradually becomes inducted into a fellowship of exorcists. The individual stories met along the way range from the mere puzzling to more hair-raising narratives. Overall, howev [...]

    15. I found this book to be a real surprise. I had preconceived ideas that though based on true stories, the book might still get sensational and it did not. The author had a style that was genuine and humble. The story followed the journey of , Father Gary, an American Priest,who was in Rome to become an Exorcist for his diocese in the U.S. He introduced us to the culture of the Vatican campus, the kindly priests and the sad victims who suffer from possession. Some of these stories broke my heart. [...]

    16. I picked this one up mostly out of curiosity, and I think it's actually dulled that curiosity, rather than quenching it (or leaving it in place). Start with some life history of a modern-day Californian Catholic parish priest, Father Gary, who goes to Rome to learn to become an exorcist. Run through lots of examples of possessions in their myriad forms, mostly of folks who line up outside the door of an Italian exorcist who helps train Father Gary. Add various details which seem to prove the ver [...]

    17. This book was an eye-opener about the seriousness with which the Catholic Church takes the rite of exorcism in the world today. The author, Matt Baglio follows a reluctant exorcism candidate, nominated by his American bishop, to Rome, where he enrolls in exorcism school. The training and mindset required to become an exorcist was low-key and pragmatic. I was impressed with the respect that people suffering from demonic influences are treated. There was no inclusion of Stephen King-type "Carrie" [...]

    18. OMG!!! I could not put this book down. It is by far THE BEST book I have ever read on exorcisms. The book is true life, modern day and follows a priest named Father Gary as he is called to attend exorcism school in Rome, Italy. He receives both classroom and hands-on training in how to exorcise demons that have possessed people. It is amazing how hush-hush the whole topic of possession is, and that most people do not believe in it. However, it is very real and very scary. I rented this book from [...]

    19. This was a very interesting, factual book on a particular priest's journey as an exorcist. Although a little heavy on Roman Catholicism, it was mostly just very interesting. I didn't find it particularly creepy or sensationalized. Just as Father Gary felt comfortable walking at night following a series of exorcisms, I had no trouble sleeping at night after reading some of the accounts. In contrast to the book, I disliked the movie - I'd be surprised if you would like both. I think the major cont [...]

    20. A pretty decent overview of modern day exorcism in the catholic faith. I found it most interesting that the majority of priests do not come into the study of exorcism believing in demons or the devil in a real sense but more as an allegorical tale. I also loved that many tools of discernment are used including fake holy water, psychologists, and reading Aristotle in Latin in lieu of the Holy Text. For instance if someone reacts to the Aristotle or tap water then the priest knows they are faking [...]

    21. I listened to this book on audiotape on which the author read the book. I kind of wished that he had hired a professional as his voice could be a little dull at times, but overall he did pretty good. I found the content very interesting and informative. After seeing the hollywood version it was interesting to find out that there are variations of the intensity of possession and that getting rid of a demon often requires more than one exorcism along with homework for the possessed to become more [...]

    22. not a page turner but informative. actually a bit eye opening. made me think about the prescence of demons in this world and the real reason for all the evil in the world.

    23. Síce bola kniha skvelá, som rada, že som ju dočítala, pretože som sa bála pri nej. Naozaj veľmi, hlavne z dôvodu, že v nej boli skutočne udalosti a mňa z toho mrazilo.

    24. Although this book reads somewhat like a textbook, it is fascinating. I am only on page 57 and I find it so interesting, that I don't want to put it down.

    25. Very good book. Read it if you have any interest in how exorcism is really practiced here and now, today, in the real world. It's more realistic and less supernatural and sensational than the movie, which itself was less supernatural and sensational than "The Exorcist". (RIP William Blaty). Whereas the movie focuses mainly on the mentor/student exorcist and one case, in this book the author quotes many other exorcists from either talking with them or from what they wrote of their experiences etc [...]

    26. This book covered a great deal in a short page count. Those looking for more general info on possession in different faith traditions will be dissapointed as this book is quite Catholic in its focus. The author, who is a Catholic revert, seems to display a soft bias in favor of the reality of genuine possession; but does attempt to balance this with skeptical testimony from medical experts. I particularly enjoyed the story of Fr. Gray's vocation and recovery from debilitating injury. As a Cathol [...]

    27. With a plethora of exorcism movies available for viewing consumption, the subject itself has always been viewed as either an archaic act of old world superstitious wizardry or a scream feast with friends while watching one of those said movies. Matt Baglio's The Rite was a very enlightening and informative read that demystified preconceived perceptions that I, as a reader, had, primarily that the rite is the last step taken in a long medical odyssey. When all options, psychiatric and otherwise f [...]

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