Day of Confession

Day of Confession After the phenomenal success of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW Allan Folsom has created another dazzling thriller of heart stopping action involving a chillingly credible int l conspiracy The Addison brother

  • Title: Day of Confession
  • Author: Allan Folsom
  • ISBN: 9780751520194
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • After the phenomenal success of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, Allan Folsom has created another dazzling thriller of heart stopping action involving a chillingly credible int l conspiracy The Addison brothers, Harry Danny, have been estranged for many years, but when Danny calls from Rome pleading for Harry to get in touch, his brother doesn t ignore him Except it seems hAfter the phenomenal success of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, Allan Folsom has created another dazzling thriller of heart stopping action involving a chillingly credible int l conspiracy The Addison brothers, Harry Danny, have been estranged for many years, but when Danny calls from Rome pleading for Harry to get in touch, his brother doesn t ignore him Except it seems he is too late, as Danny was on board a tourist bus which was blown apart by a bomb But when Harry arrives in Italy he is plunged into a Kafka esque nightmare, discovering that his brother is accused of assassinating the Cardinal Vicar of Rome and when he dares to suggest that Danny is still alive he finds that someone is willing to frame him for murder before he can start to clear Danny s name Alone and vulnerable in a foreign country, Harry is sucked into the maelstrom of a conspiracy in the heart of the Vatican, where men of God are using the devil s hand to further the influence of the Catholic Church A tense and absorbing thriller.

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    1. Allan Folsom

      Until the international success of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, Allan Folsom was a jobbing screen writer, contributing to such series as Hart to Hart He lived in Santa Barbara with his wife, an artist, and their young daughter Mr Folsom died of complications of melanoma.

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    1. Where's a good editor when you need one? Because one was really needed. Days of Confession just lags; the characters are not that well-developed or convincing. On top of that, the inaccuracy about the water being poisoned as an act of sabotage was just plain hilarious. Any idiot whose lived or even visited China knows that the surest way to experience bowel contractions is to drink the water straight from the tap. That's why they boil it if they drink it! But why should that inaccuracy stop you? [...]

    2. This was my first time reading Allan Folsom so I had no previous exposure to him or reviews by others. When I started to write this review at , I was very surprised to see that the reviews were almost evenly spaced on each of the five star ratings. I found myself questioning how to write a fair review but here goes.I found the story to be interesting right from the start but then I enjoy stories about the sins of the Catholic church. I found the book to be a page turner. I really did not want to [...]

    3. Държащ в напрежение роман, интересна история с Ватиканско-интригантски привкус.Малко досадно ми стана по едно време цялото това бягане, можеше да се поограничи малко, но и така става. Идеален роман за лятото.

    4. Folsom’s short chapters (probably due to his television and screenwriting background) make for an amazingly fast read, fortunate for wrangling this overlong (566pp), overbaked thriller involving another wildly convoluted scramble for world domination. This time the bad guy is the Vatican’s second-in-command, one Cardinal Palestrina, who (get this) believes he’s the reincarnation of Alexander the Great, without the gay aspect of course. If that’s not woo-woo enough, the good cardinal plan [...]

    5. Starts out twisty with too many points of view from different characters, but ties up into a nice neat plot calculated to keep you on the edge of your seat turning pages to see how they all get out of trouble

    6. First book I've read by this authorG! What a book! Spellbinding, fantastic plot, twists and turns, compassion, it all.And a twist at the end.

    7. As a first time reader of Allan Folsom, I found there was much mystery and questions related to the characters. I would have preferred Elena to fall for Daniel instead of Harry, the womanizer. Also, I found that Thomas was way to good at eluding certain security details. But, then again, look at who hired him. Lastly, the rattled truck with the people inside; why were they not detained or arrested. Elena was too good undercover. Perhaps, she could have been "Thomas" instead.No matter, really, as [...]

    8. Leuke thriller. Opgejaagde passages, een non die kap over de haag gooit, complot theorie in 't Vaticaan, maffia praktijken, moord, kommer en kwel, Eens een leuke afwisseling :-)

    9. Allan Folsom es un escritor norteamericano que se hizo un nombre en el apartado de los thrillers con su novela The day After Tomorrow, la cual dicen los conocedores que es excelente, yo no la he leído aun. Pero conociendo esa “garra” que tienen algunos escritores no tuve mas remedio que comprar este libro que prometía mucho y que es el segundo de este escritor. Day of Confession (Warner Vision, 1998, 667pp, $8.00USD). Definitivamente es un placer leer en inglés por lo barato que sale, ¿q [...]

    10. Giorno di confessione, in originale "Day of confession", è un libro del 2007, dello scrittore e sceneggiatore americano Allan Folsom. Ha scritto cinque libri: Il giorno dopo domani (1994), Giorno di Confessione (1998), L'esule (2004), La regola Machiavelli (2006) e il dossier Hadrian (2009). Il suo primo romanzo, Il giorno dopo domani, ha debuttato al terzo postp sul New York Times dei bestseller e ha venduto oltre 1,2 milioni di copie.La trama del romanzo in sintesi: Harry Addison, avvocato di [...]

    11. Folsom is a very talented writer. He causes a wide range of emotions to surge in the reader, from fear, to concern, to that spine-tingling feeling of suspense when you really have no idea what will happen. Most of all I felt a lot of sympathy and empathy for many of the characters, especially those innocent folks who are dragged into this horrible conspiratorial web and who you wish the best outcome for, but know that not everyone can be saved. Perhaps that is what I find different about Folsom [...]

    12. Allan Folsom- Day of Confession 3.75 StarsThe Cardinal Vicar of Rome has just been assassinated and Harry Addison’s brother has been listed as the number one suspect. Harry Addison in Los Angeles, got a concerning message on his answering machine from his brother whom he hasn’t spoken to in many years, right before finding out that his brother was killed in a bus explosion. Rushing to Italy to bring his brother’s body home, he finds himself being treated as a suspect in the whole plot. Thr [...]

    13. I was slow to read this one because come on, Allan Folsom writes some big meaty books and being a senior doesn't give too much time for books like that. Overall, I liked it because there's always something along the way to surprise you, but at the same time I felt like a lot of things Folsom did in "Day of Confession" mirrored "The Exile." There's a national, professional serial killer who happens to be fluent in several languages, a master a disguise and also native to Spain (I'm talking about [...]

    14. First of all, I was saddened to learn of Mr. Folsom's passing in 2014. He wrote five very long, action-packed thrillers.In this one, Harry Addison is called from Los Angeles to Italy to identify the remains of his brother, Danny, who supposedly died in a fiery bus crash. Unfortunately, the plot gets complicated from there and he learns that not only is his brother wanted for the murder of a Vatican priest, but his brother's body is not the one that was pulled from the wreck! And so we go on a 60 [...]

    15. Este libro me recordó mucho la novela de Thomas Gifford, Assassini. Sin embargo el ritmo que lleva ésta novela de Allan Folsom es mucho más vertiginoso lo cual hace la lectura mucho más emocionante. En ésta novela Harry Addison, abogado Norte Americano viaja a Italia después de recibir una extraña llamada de su hermano Daniel, sacerdote del Vaticano, y enterarse de que está muerto. Al viajar a Italia para recuperar el cuerpo de su hermano y debido a diversas circunstancias se descubre in [...]

    16. Lots of intrigue and well developed characters. Most of the action takes place in Rome and I enjoyed the reminders of places I had been, especially in the Vatican. Not certain that all the places described actually exist, they are interesting however and add to the story. It's a great 'who done it' with a lot of twists and turns that will keep you connected and engaged.I like the story within the story and think being reminded that realtionships are one of the most important things in life only [...]

    17. Day of Confession is a tale of duty, brotherhood, courage and misguided ambition. A confession from a senior member of Holy See shatters the life of Father Danny Addison in Vatican. A panicked phone call from his brother has the same effect of Harry Addison in L.A. A disgruntled employee in Eastern China is about to set into motion a sequence of events that have the potential to impact the balance of power around the world. An interesting read with vivid detail about Italian countryside and Vati [...]

    18. Day of Confession is another one of the inside-the-Catholic-church conspiracy thrillers. I liked the book overall, particularly how layered its plot is, but I'm not sure it's one that I would have chosen to read had it been in traditional book form.The one thing that I found most interesting is that the two biggest villains both suffered from some sort of mental illness. I'm not sure if Folsom is using that instability to justify their actions. Is he trying to imply that people can't be evil by [...]

    19. I found this to be a quick read due, in large part, to the short chapters(163) and the exciting plot and writing style. The only draw back is the large number of characters that are conveniently listed in the front and a source I had to constantly check to know who was who. BUT, that did not really detract from a very good story with a lot of twists and turns. If you like a good fast-paced mystry, "Day of Confession" is for you.

    20. Interesting concept, but falls short in a couple of aspects. The settings (mostly Italy) are described in detail and are well-done. You get a real sense of place. The main characters fall short however. What are they really like? The two main characters are really never fully fleshed outither are any of the other characters really. Just shells. The story (although completely unrealistic) is still told well.

    21. While marginally better than other books I've read by Folsom, this can best be described by telling you that in the midst of being hunted by an internationally renowned assassin, a nun meant to be nursing the main character's brother suddenly decides she no longer likes being a nun. Then they have sex.

    22. This was an edge of your seat thriller. I've read several books on Vatican conspiracies, but this is at the top of the list. If you've been to Italy, you'll relish in all your favorite haunts in Rome as well as Assissi, Milan, and Lake Como. I really enjoyed reading this and will look for another book by Folsom. I couldn't put it down!

    23. This was a good read - in the thriller/mystery/intrigue category. I hadn't heard of Folsom before, but picked up this book because of its NYT bestseller status. Not the sort of book that teaches life lessons or provides deep insights, but a fun and involving read. I'll seek out other books by this author.

    24. I liked the plot. Two brothers, one a priest and one a Hollywood lawyer reunite during a episode of mystery and intrigue at the Vatican. The plot was good and the book was a page turner but the ending was SO gruesome. I wish mysteries had some kind of labeling so we would know the level of gore!

    25. This is the first of Allan Folsom books I have read (Just happened to be next on the shelf). I really enjoyed the book; style is similar to that of Robert Ludlum. Although it stretches the realm of feasibility in places has enough suspense to hold your attention. I will definitely be looking for more of his books.

    26. I was very disappointed with this book. The story line was great and the writing was great to but there was so much sex and language that I couldn't see around all of that to enjoy the book like I wanted to. I was hoping I had found another author that I could enjoy as much as Clive Cussler but alas not this one

    27. Quite a good thriller of its type. The intrigue is not very complex. A real error of physics 'in the cave sequence' where water has to be defying gravity! And the Chinese stuff is totally inaccurate - but ok it's a story, but the national role of the water inspector is wrong, he'd be provincial only. Worth reading if you're into thee political, conspiracy genre.

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