The Beach House

The Beach House Beautiful model and actor Mason Adams rents a beach house for the summer in a seaside town to get away from his fast paced partying lifestyle in Los Angeles After Mason nearly died from a drug overdo

  • Title: The Beach House
  • Author: Shawn Lane
  • ISBN: 9781602727588
  • Page: 419
  • Format: ebook
  • Beautiful model and actor Mason Adams rents a beach house for the summer in a seaside town to get away from his fast paced, partying lifestyle in Los Angeles After Mason nearly died from a drug overdose and served time in rehab, his agent is convinced the quiet life is the perfect way to get Mason s life and career back on track Mason, however, isn t sure the sedate lifeBeautiful model and actor Mason Adams rents a beach house for the summer in a seaside town to get away from his fast paced, partying lifestyle in Los Angeles After Mason nearly died from a drug overdose and served time in rehab, his agent is convinced the quiet life is the perfect way to get Mason s life and career back on track Mason, however, isn t sure the sedate life is for him until he meets his neighbor, crime fiction author John Harding Forced to retire from the fire department after a career ending injury, John has found a new life in a modest beach house as a best selling novelist Life is good, but quiet and not exactly exciting, until Mason comes to stay next door for the summer Unable to resist the allure they feel for each other, Mason and John begin a torrid affair But once the summer comes to an end, Mason knows he ll have to face a monumental decision choosing between exciting new career opportunities and his new life with the man who has stolen his heart.

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      Shawn Lane writes erotic gay romances and believes love and passion know no boundaries Happily Ever After is for everyone.In the past she has written heterosexual romances see her backlist but is now concentrating on gay romances Shawn lives in California and holds down a boring day job in a legal department of a giant corporation dreaming of the nights and weekends when she can create new stories.Shawn loves to hear from readers, is happy to answer any questions, and has been known to send free books to fans just because.

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    1. The Beach House by Shawn Lane was a deeply moving, sexy book about two men, who probably under normal circumstances would never find their way to each other. Mason is a well sought out model that has just come out of rehab. Since the model industry has a reputation of being attached with drugs and booze, he is taken by his friend and agent to stay at a beach house in Morro Bay, so he can continue his recovery.Bored and alone, Mason fills his time running on the beach and exploring his new tempor [...]

    2. The Beach House is Fabulous! Jack and I have been anxiously waiting its release for WEEKS! So you can imagine our complete happiness when we finally got to read it.Mason is one of my favorite heroes. That says a lot because we all know that I'm crazy about Kevin from Car Wash (He'll always be my ultimate favorite) but there is something very sweet and humanly flawed about Mason that made me adore him. He's recovering from substance abuse and has been told to stay in this gorgeous beach house in [...]

    3. Sweet, good m/m romance about a model who overdosed and was sent to rehab. Post-rehab, his agent rents him a quiet house on the beach for the summer, to get him away from bad influences and help him figure out how to have a more normal life.

    4. Mason, a model and small time actor had a scary drug overdose, so his agent has set him up in a house out of the way, no Internet, TV, car.His neighbor John is sexy and they hit it off, lots of sex and eventually love ensues, but Mason's career is waiting for him.This is a quick, easy read, since it's pretty short so there isn't a lot of relationship development, or issues dealt with, none of Mason's thoughts of his drug use to any kind of follow up treatment, but it was cute and a nice 'snack' [...]

    5. This well written short romance really did it for me. Totally character driven, John and Mason were developed slowly as if the author was adding a bit at a time. The sex scenes were fair. It was the relationship that grew between John and Mason that made this such a feel good read.

    6. If I were to rate this technically, I'd probably go for 2 stars, but I really liked Mason and John, so they get an extra star.I liked that Mason was a difficult character to root for. I liked that about him, that he's really messed up doesn't have a lot of flattering qualities, except for his model beauty. But with influence of John, that slutty addict persona dropped out of the way and the motivation behind that lifestyle Mason was so much a part of was easy to see. He's very down-trodden in wa [...]

    7. Pretty good novella about Mason and John. Mason is a model/actor who is laying low in a beach rental secured by his agent after he has left rehab for the second time after a drug overdose. John is a firefighter turned author after an on-the-job injury to his leg. They just happen to be neighbors and both gay. Although they jump into bed pretty quickly, the real heart of the story is the development of their relationship after they have already had sex. John recognizes Mason's vulnerability and g [...]

    8. Mason got too big for his britches! He had to find love for himself and change his selfish ways before he could actually have a relationship. Once he got his priorities figured out, the rest was easy!

    9. This was a sweet and spicy read. I loved John and Mason. They were so sweet together. They were perfect for each other!!

    10. Loved this book!Nice and tender love story and I almost teared up over the few angsty pages ))) Heartwarming story!

    11. 2.5 stars. What you read in the blurb is what you'll get. Nothing much more. A very weak offering from an auto-buy. I'm disappointed.

    12. The Beach House was originally published in 2010. It has a new cover and has been reedited from the original but is essentially the same.Mason Adams is beautiful…on the outside. On the inside…not so much. He’s young, pampered and spoiled and is used to acting like a child in a grown-up world. Being exiled for three months to a beach house that doesn’t even have a television set, seems like hell to him. The only one around to keep him company is himself, and with the amount of self-loathi [...]

    13. A Joyfully Jay review. 4.25 starsThis quick, light read is really enjoyable. Both men have kind of lost their way. Mason’s life has been easy, with people wanting to give him everything simply because of his looks or because of what they could get out of it. John has built a new life for himself after the accident, but he doesn’t realize it’s just existing. These guys really provide something for each other that they didn’t know they needed, and their chemistry works really well.Despite [...]

    14. 3 StarsThis was a short and sweet read about Mason, a model/actor who was sent to a beach house by his agent to continue his recovery from a drug overdose. While there Mason meets John, who owns a house next to his rental. John moved to the beach after a work injury forced him to retire from the fire department. John is now a successful author and spends his days writing and playing with his dog Mandy.Although John is older than Mason, the two are immediately attracted to each other and strike u [...]

    15. This was a pretty good book. I really enjoyed watching Mason realize that all could be well in his world. It was heartbreaking to see such a young, troubled kid and to know that it is realistic in the real world sucks. I still have some trepidation over the character of John. You can see he really cares about Mason but it seemed weird in the beginning and I felt like perhaps his feelings could have been better explored to give me an understanding of where he was coming from. It seemed like "yeah [...]

    16. Mason and John were a strange couple for me. Mason is recovering from a drugs overdose and, although he knows he's beautiful, has a very low sense of his own self-worth and John is still coming to terms with the big changes he has experienced in his life. The two men begin to become friends as well as lovers and I enjoyed this portion of the book. Mason finally had someone who cared about him and valued him for more than the services he could provide. Then, it seemed like a part of the story was [...]

    17. I found this story very enjoyable. I loved that John was able to see through to the real Mason and figure out his prior wounds and issues. He showed Mason what it really means to be a friend and lover you can count on. It wrenched my heart to hear John's plea for Mason to stay at the end of the summer and the difficulty of the decision Mason had to make. I'm glad they got their happy ending! My only critique would be about the rushed feeling throughout much of the book. I realize it was a novell [...]

    18. 3.5 stars--This was a step up from the previous books I've read by Shawn Lane. They've all been short, although this one was a bit longer, and they've all been hot but with little emotion. For the first time, I actually felt something for the MCs. For me, Lane's writing still has a way to go because I'm looking for more than just erotic scenes. After this one however, I'm willing to try another one or two to see if they continue to get better. There's definitely potential.

    19. Sweet story about a gorgeous model trying to get his life back together post-rehab and the man he falls for. I liked both of the protags and enjoyed reading their story. On the plus side the writing is solid and the characters are likable and interesting. On the down side it's feels a bit rushed and I would have liked to see a bit of their relationship after they finally come together.

    20. This was an enjoyable read, if really short. I would have liked to hear more about what went on in Mason's mind when he left or get to see some of the interaction between June and August. But even being so short, it still drew me in and made me care what happened to the characters. 3.5 stars.

    21. Nice and sweet, first love, uncertainty. The dog Mandy is so cute. I think it would have been nice for her to have a bit more of a charactor. The charactors blend well together, but I thought that there could have been a bit more background one the charactors.All in all though a good read.

    22. I couldn’t connect with the MCs, the development of their relationship felt forced and the dialogue at times didn’t flow naturally.I did like the last 20%, but that was maybe because by that point I was used to the writing style and got a little invested in the characters and story.

    23. What a sweet story. Mason is a gorgeous model but he is so insecure. When he meets John he discovers that he is a beautiful person on the inside as well. I loved Mason. I loved John. A wonderful story.

    24. Ok.Wrapped up in a nice little package parading as a gay romance, this is definitely more erotica with a touch of story.

    25. Hot, beach readMason and John are unlikely lovers but fate puts them together. There's initial tension in the love story that later builds to a happy ending.

    26. Mason out of rehab is told to recover in a beach house for a few months there he meet John and they hit it off and a love that is hard to stop

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