Skandal w wielkim mieście: Skrzynka mejlowa Holly 2

Skandal w wielkim mie cie Skrzynka mejlowa Holly Praise for Holly s Inbox The next Bridget Jones Entertainment Weekly Funny captivating and completely addictive Jill Mansell Email tastic OK Magazine Dear Holly isn t it shocking Things are finally

  • Title: Skandal w wielkim mieście: Skrzynka mejlowa Holly 2
  • Author: Holly Denham
  • ISBN: 9788376481616
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Praise for Holly s Inbox The next Bridget Jones Entertainment Weekly Funny, captivating, and completely addictive Jill Mansell Email tastic OK Magazine Dear Holly, isn t it shocking Things are finally going Holly Denham s way she s in love, she s getting the recognition she deserves at work, and her friends and family have graciously opte Praise for Holly s Inbox The next Bridget Jones Entertainment Weekly Funny, captivating, and completely addictive Jill Mansell Email tastic OK Magazine Dear Holly, isn t it shocking Things are finally going Holly Denham s way she s in love, she s getting the recognition she deserves at work, and her friends and family have graciously opted to avoid disaster for the moment Just when Holly is starting to settle into her new life, scandal erupts and Holly finds herself and her in box at the center of a gossip whirlwind that threatens everything she s worked so hard for Written entirely in emails, this follow up to the UK smash hit Holly s Inbox will keep you glued to its pages as the scandal running rampant in the city threatens to ruin Holly s hard earned and long awaited happiness A very funny read with a marvelous twist at the end Romantic Times What a hoot I started this book on a Sunday morning and by evening I had finished it I couldn t put it down Cheryl s Book Nook A winner from first page to last The Romance Studio

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    1. Holly Denham

      Holly Denham is a fictional author created by Bill Hutton Surie.From chicklitclub 1 How did the idea for Holly come about The character Holly isn t based on anyone in particular, however I think a lot of her quirkiness has come from my wife she s very quirky The idea for the site came one day when we had to trawl through an ex employee s work email account The woman in question was single, extremely flirtatious and had always loved us to bits We discovered she was married with four children, and couldn t stand the sight of us The life she was leading was so full of mystery, intrigue, romance and many many lies that it made me wonder what it would be like to read a story told in this way.2 What has been the response to people finding out that Holly s creator is actually a man Nothing yet, it s a fairly new revelation the book is about to be launched on June 1 in the USA and at the last minute they decided they didn t mind everyone knowing I d written it So if any of your readers have read it and now want to comment they ll be the first to let me know aaaaggh.3 What would you say to people who claim that men can t write chick lit Maybe they can t, or maybe Marian Keyes is a balding rugby player from Bath I hope they can t it makes me happier that I ve achieved something then I loved writing it I think my sense of humour is much in line with women s and I totally stink at writing like a man I ve been trying to get something published my whole life as a man and failed miserably.

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    1. Holly doesn't have the job her parents expect her to have, she's a receptionist. Her love life is chugging along slowly with her boyfriend, Toby. She has a few office nemeses, but her friendships with Jason and Aisha keep her afloat. When she unexpectedly gets a promotion, even more backstabbing starts. And the worst thing is that Toby hasn't even noticed she has a new job!The format of the book, being entirely told through emails, made the 525 pages fly by! I wouldn't have thought that a book w [...]

    2. Nice, quick and fun read. Exactly what I expected from it. It is a emailbook, a medium used back then (this book is from 2008) like we use WhatsApp now, but it is still fun to read this way. For lovers of Sex and the City and Bridget Jones - so like everybody? :)

    3. **Short "End of the month" Review**I liked this one a little better than the first book. I hate Holly and Toby's relationship. Nothing really there. Then (view spoiler)[ She gets preggo and refuses to tell him, hello, you should say something instead of yelling and kicking him out.(hide spoiler)]I liked that Holly got a promotion, it seem to put a better head on her shoulders.There needs to be a 3rd book. I need to know what happens to Holly's debts. Toby mentions she hides bills in her freezer. [...]

    4. A spectacularly fun read! I honestly couldn't put it down (finished in less than 24hrs!!) It was a nice break from description and narrative. It's more like reading a film-script but this has more layers and depth to characters as we jump into their heads through their penmanship (emails, really). Absolutely enjoyed reading it ~ what's there not to enjoy? Fun, caring coworkers who are constantly there to the rescue; evil rivalry; an awkward love story; and London!!It reminds me of clumsy Bridget [...]

    5. This sequel, not normally available in the United States, was definitely worth purchasing used! I thought it was even funnier than the first book, and I laughed out loud throughout the book.It was also heart-breaking and heart-warming. Good stuff. Highly recommend to fans of chick-lit or humor. :)

    6. Holly ist zurück – und wie!Holly Denham schafft es auch im zweiten Band, die Leser in ihren Bann zu ziehen.Die Charaktere sind so ziemlich die gleichen geblieben, wie auch im ersten Band. Hinzu kommen noch zwei weitere Kolleginnen, die von nun an an der Rezeption arbeiten. Maria und Claire werden jedoch gut ins Team integriert, sodass man sich dort auf ein paar spaßige Emails freuen kann.Jedoch muss sich Holly auch in diesem Band mit einer Konkurrentin herumschlagen: Tanya, die Managerin der [...]

    7. Holly's Inbox was a smash, and the sequel is just as great! Holly Denham is now living with her love, Toby, and working as a receptionist at DKHuerst. She spends her days emailing her best friends, Jason and Aisha, as well as co-worker Trisha. William from another department is always flirting via email with Holly, but she always stops him cold, she's in love with Toby. Holly's family emails her all the time as well, and they are an eccentric bunch! Jason is wanting to break it off with his live [...]

    8. I'm reading the original now and I really like it. Hope this one is as goodUpdate - loved the original and loved the follow-up! I picked this book up from the library on Tuesday and finished it on Wednesday; probably the fastest read ever!! It's written entirely in emails and is completely addictive and fun.Holly Denham is actually the pen name for a man named Bill Surie who runs a placement service for receptionists and secretaries in London.

    9. Hilariously Funny! I liked this one even more than the first. I got giggling so hard at some parts I woke my husband from a sound sleep.

    10. Ich fand das Buch so witzig. Ich musste ein paar Mal echt laut loslachen. Vorallem das Ende mit den Aufzügen :D OH MEIN GOTT. Wenn man sich das nur bildlich vorstellt hahahahaha War einfach super :D

    11. This one was actually better than the first one, which is a surprise. Typically the first in a series is the best. Was kind of predictable though.

    12. Hollys E-Mail-Postfach wird zum 2ten Mal zum großen Tummelplatz. Eigentlich läuft alles perfekt: Holly ist mit ihrem Traummann Toby liiert, hat die besten Freunde, die man sich denken kann, und auch beruflich geht es für Holly steil nach oben. Von der normalen Rezepzionistin steigt sie die Karriereleiter zur Rezeptionsmanagerin in der Londoner Bank hinauf. Es könnte nicht besser laufen, doch schon bald treffen wieder etliche Skandalnachrichten, Hiobsbotschaften und ominöse anonyme E-Mails i [...]

    13. Life seems to be looking up for Holly Denham. Her adorable boyfriend, Toby, is suave and attentive; her receptionist position at a high-powered bank in London keeps her busy while also providing ample opportunity to socialize. But when Holly (finally!) earns a promotion, there’s someone eager to tear her down: Tanya, a snobby fellow manager with her sights set on Toby. And she’s ready to tackle Holly’s confidence to the ground just when her other relationships become tenuous. Can she hold [...]

    14. Like the most sinful of decadent desserts, Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City is simply addictive, delectable and savory. One taste and you will be aching for more.Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City, is the delightful follow-up to Holly's Inbox, published in June of 2009. In this installment, readers are treated to the same hilarious and sigh-worthy antics of Holly and her friends as before, however in Scandal, there is a bit more pressure and a tinge of seriousness and depth to Holly. Working h [...]

    15. Would've been 5 stars but a surprise that came out of left field knocked it down for me.I loved this book just as much if not more than the first one. With the huge exception of one thing (okay, maybe two, since one seems to effectively end the need for another installment in this series).Though it had been a long time since I’d read the first on and at times I found myself saying, “Who the hell is this?” or wondering what the heck happened before, it didn’t take me super long to get pre [...]

    16. Quick read. Cute and predictable for the most part. Continuation of Holly's ups and downs as read through her emails and the emails of others.

    17. The wildly successful Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham brought the 21st century to the epistolary novel, being written entirely in emails. The follow-up novel Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City brings back Holly and her friends Jason, Aisha, and Trisha in all their gossipy, in-joke glory.Although I did not read the first Holly's Inbox, I immediately felt that I knew the distinct personalities of Holly and her pals, living the fun, young London life. Holly and Trish work in Reception at a major bank [...]

    18. Summer is almost over (maybe for some it is already over) but I always think of the end of summer as Labor Day weekendd we have a couple of weeks to go before then. So, if you need a last summer reading book, or even two, consider Holly's Inbox and its sequel, Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City. Both are very fast, light reads thanks to their inventive email format. Scandal in the City picks up a few months after the events of the first book. Holly is doing well at work, despite the presence of [...]

    19. In much the same style as Helen Fielding's Bridget Jones's Diary, Holly is a bit of a character who always seems to be getting herself into some trouble. Her letters to her best friend Jason, felt fun and whimsical, and topped my list for emails I most wanted to read. Jason was sweet and caring, but a real crack up most of the time, mocking Holly for her insecurities and egging her on to push her relationship with Toby a bit farther. This relationship aside, I couldn't help but wonder if people [...]

    20. Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City is unlike anything I have ever read before, it is made up of emails to and from Holly. Reading Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City takes a little getting used to since it jumps around a little from email to email, but over all I found it to be a very interesting novel.Holly's Inbox: Scandal in the City consist of personal emails and work emails. Holly works as a receptionist in an investment bank, and is in a relationship with her childhood sweetheart Toby. Holl [...]

    21. Firstly I want to say that after reading 'Holly's Inbox' I actually belived that it was real. When I read things or if I'm told them, I tend to belive them. Not becuase as some people seem to belive, that I'm gullible but becuase I trust people to tell me the truth. However I may stop this becuase it seems as if the world is full of big liers and after reading a couple of reviews on , it seems that Holly is in fact a MAN! And she's not a boring 9-5 receptionist, she has a penis. I felt like abit [...]

    22. 1. Words to describe the book: saucy, hilarious, fun, cheeky, page-turner2. Location or characters you met: * Holly: What is not to like about Holly? She's got it together, well mostly, except for the bad habit of putting her bills in the freezer and pretending they don't exist. But look past that to her big heart and how loyal she is to her friends. I love this character. She's someone I could easily call a friend. * Jason : He's the best best-friend a girl could ask for. I like his personality [...]

    23. I read Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham just a short time ago and I really loved it so it was no surprise that I felt the same about this installment of Holly's life. The book is again told through email format which I find delightfully sinful! Holly's life is both fun and complicated. She seems to have it all together in the beginning of the book with a new job promotion and a great boyfriend, but as Holly's life goes we know it won't be that way for long. Chaos soon rears it's ugly head and life [...]

    24. I loved HOLLY'S INBOX, so I couldn't wait for this sequel, HOLLY'S INBOX: SCANDAL IN THE CITY. Despite a bit of a slow start, it really picked up and became a cracking read. All the best characters you remember from the first book are still there: Jason, Aisha, Trisha, etc. In this volume, we have new additions to the receptionist staff and a truly contemptible enemy for Holly to contend with. All of this is written in the form of emails between Holly and her co-workers, and in some cases from h [...]

    25. It took me just a little while to get use to the email format. I kept reading the names and everything, then I just skipped most of the names after I seen who the conversation was between, instead of every email. This story helped me keep the drama alive that I crave since I stopped watching my Guiding Light (no longer air) and As The World Turns. ( My two favorite soaps, they are very addicting and hard to get away from). So now I crave drama like crazy, I will watch the Kardashians to get some [...]

    26. 3.5 StarsHolly and her friends are back for this entertaining follow-up to Holly’s Inbox. Told entirely in emails and text messages, the reader gets a glimpse into both Holly’s professional and personal life.Life seems to be pretty good for Holly at the start of the book. Work is work… the usual responsibilities of scheduling rooms, showing clients where to go and providing excellent customer service. Her love life is at a high too. She’s living with her boyfriend and is thinking about w [...]

    27. Holly Denham has finally gotten the hang of things as a receptionist at DKHuerst. In addition, Holly has a good looking boyfriend, Toby. Holly is applying for the Front of House Manager position. It won’t be easy. What with overbooking of meeting rooms, not ordering enough food, and the higher management wanting to make trouble for Holly. Also, what is up with Toby? Lately, he has been acting distant towards Holly. Luckily for Holly, she has her friends to distract her.Holly’s Inbox: Scandal [...]

    28. I started out with Holly by getting the daily emails from the web site which was soon followed by the actual book, Holly's Inbox and now the latest installment Scandal in the City. You will really feel like you stumbled upon someone laptop and you immediately start scrolling through their inbox. And you can't help yourself. The story unfolds through these emails and detail Holly's group of friends, including Jason, Trisha, Aisha, Marie, and Claire, her questionable boyfriend, Toby and her bosses [...]

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